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While their masks are made with the intent of instilling fear in their enemies, their designs come across as more charming than frightening.

Jacob Musk

Samachurls are shamans and spiritual leaders of Hilichurl tribes.

There are six types of Samachurls, and all of them have a base 50% Resistance to their respective element (meaning 50% damage reduction to the corresponding elemental damage). Besides ranged attacks, they can also strike the player at extended melee range using their large staves. While slow and clunky, they usually deal more damage than other smaller hilichurls.



Item Mora.pngMora
Item Stained Mask.png Lv.40+ Stained Mask
Item Ominous Mask.png Lv.60+ Ominous Mask

Base Resistance

  • Elemental: 10%.
  • Physical: 10%.
  • Other: +40% Elemental RES to corresponding element.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0