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Sal Flore is the first act of Zhongli's Story Quest, the Historia Antiqua Chapter. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs a Story Key and must have completed A New Star Approaches, and reached Adventure Rank 40.

During the act, the Traveler helps Zhongli assists the two self-proclaimed archeologists in uncovering the true history of Havria, the God of Salt.

List of Quests

  1. Shadow of Yore
  2. Vortex's Wake
  3. A Ruin Under Lock and Key
  4. Farewell, Sweet Salt
  5. A Record of All Things


Arriving to the Pearl Galley, the Traveler and Paimon run into Zhongli and several Liyue archaeologists discussing about the origins and whereabouts of the first Mora. While listening in on Zhongli's request, a Fatuus named Kliment comes in. The Traveler and Paimon are naturally on high alert due to their mistrust of the Fatui, but Kliment claims that he is not like the others and that he has registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He also reveals that he hired Zhongli as a consultant for his research, with another archaeologist, Wanyan, joining in. Zhongli asks the Traveler to accompany him, much to Kilment's annoyance, but the Fatui archaeologist quickly rescinds when Zhongli tells him that they can easily find treasure.

Arriving at the Guyun Stone Forest, Kliment doubts they can find anything of importance, but Zhongli tells him that the place is perfect for learning about ancient gods, as he had sealed them there as Rex Lapis. Accompanying the Traveler, they find an old tablet and return to Kliment and Wanyan, who are arguing with each other over their lack of experience. Zhongli notes that they found a teacup and recognizes it as Ningguang's, advising Kliment not to sell it lest he get the wrath of the Liyue Qixing. Despite their arguing, Kliment chooses to head to Sal Terrae to search for more treasure. Initially upset that the area is picked clean, they find some ruins and disable the seals.

Before exploring the newly opened cavern, Zhongli gets the two into a contract in which they can claim one item from the ruins, with the next item being given to the other, and that he would leave them if they broke it. Kliment reluctantly agrees to it, while Wanyan counters back by telling him to judge the God of Salt's fate if they find the truth even if it hurts Morax's image, which he agrees to.

With a contract made, they make their way inside, first discovering a chalice which Kliment immediately claims when Zhongli tells him that it will never run out of salt. Continuing on, they soon find a ruler which automatically belongs to Wanyan per the contract. Zhongli states that the ruler can make an endless bumper harvest of salt based on how deep it is. The greed-driven Kliment then breaks the contract, forcing Zhongli to make an example out of him. Zhongli then notes that Wanyan is an expert with everything related to the God of Salt.

Wanyan concedes and reveals herself to be one of the God of Salt's followers and that she wanted to find evidence to prove that Morax was evil and killed the God of Salt. Proceeding further into the ruins, they come across a broken sword. Zhongli states that she can only claim one half of it, much to her disbelief as she believed that it was nulled when Kliment broke it. Refusing to give up, Wanyan decides to break the contract, so Zhongli punishes her by telling the truth; the sword before them was the weapon used to murder Havria.

Baffled and enraged at this thought, Wanyan runs further into the temple, with the three in close pursuit. Arriving in an open chamber, they find more salinzed statues, including one in a pose that the Traveler recognizes as the killer. Zhongli states that when Havria was betrayed by her followers, her powers were still too much for her followers to handle, resulting in many of them becoming salinzed; those who were able to escape fled to Liyue and into Morax's care. Fearful of Havria's wrath, they returned to the temple to break the sword, hoping that she would forgive them. But as Havria was such a benevolent god, it was a fruitless act. Wanyan still refuses to accept the truth and runs off once again.

Zhongli then asks the two to return to the Guyun Stone Forest with the two relics on hand. As Rex Lapis, he had written history with his own hands, but the incident that just occurred made him realize that he had to find another way to keep the truth. He reveals that he had the Traveler come along because they had traveled numerous worlds, and as such, would be able to retain Teyvat's history should something occur. He then proceeds to throw Havria's relics into the sea to resign them to their fate. With the trip concluded, Zhongli tells the Traveler that they are welcome to assist him when he wishes to preserve Liyue's past.

Change History

Released in Version 1.1
Version 1.2
  • Added missing voice-over for Paimon's dialogue.

Version 1.1

  • Sal Flore was available upon Version 1.1.


  • This is the first Story Quest Chapter name that did not derive from the owner's Constellation, which is actually Lapis Dei.
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