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A petal that has fallen from the Grand Narukami Shrine's Sacred Sakura. They float in mid-air due to the effect of Electro energies.
Legend holds that the roots of Thunder Sakura are linked deep beneath the earth. Should you trace these roots, you will always come back to this sacred sakura tree that stands guard over Inazuma. Some other legends have it that the Thunder Sakura are part of the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, the result of her splitting her divine form into parts, all the better to defend those under her rule with.

Sakura Blooms (Japanese: 緋櫻毬 Hiou-kyuu[1]) are a Local Specialty of Inazuma found in the wild on Narukami Island.

How to Obtain

Sakura Blooms initially appear as clusters of floating petals which are found throughout Narukami Island; many can notably be found around Mt. Yougou and the Grand Narukami Shrine. In order to agglomerate and harvest them, the player must strike them with an Electro attack.

See the gallery or the Teyvat Interactive Map for specific locations.

Shop Availability

No Shops sell Sakura Bloom.

Craft Usage

There are 7 items that can be crafted using Sakura Bloom:

Item Craft Type Recipe
"Snow on the Hearth" "Snow on the Hearth" Cooking Rice Rice ×4
Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×1
Sugar Sugar ×2
Fake Fly Bait Fake Fly Bait ×10 Crafting Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×1
Horsetail Horsetail ×1
Sakura Mochi Sakura Mochi Cooking Rice Rice ×4
Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×1
Sugar Sugar ×2
Sakura Tempura Sakura Tempura Cooking Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×2
Shrimp Meat Shrimp Meat ×4
Flour Flour ×1
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×2
Summer Festival Fish Summer Festival Fish Cooking Rice Rice ×1
Snapdragon Snapdragon ×2
Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×2
Milk Milk ×2
Tricolor Dango Tricolor Dango Cooking Rice Rice ×1
Snapdragon Snapdragon ×2
Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×2
Milk Milk ×2
Electroculus Resonance Stone Electroculus Resonance Stone Crafting Mora Mora ×500
Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×5
Amethyst Lump Amethyst Lump ×1
Naku Weed Naku Weed ×5

Ascension Usage

1 Characters use Sakura Bloom for ascension:

No Weapons use Sakura Bloom for ascension.


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  • In Japanese, the name of this item is spelled with the kyuujitai (traditional character set) or jinmeiyou Chinese character 櫻, rather than the standard modern equivalent 桜 (sakura).
  • Electrograna can be used to harvest Sakura Blooms by taking an Electrograna and attacking the Sakura Bloom cluster via Normal Attack.
  • The following birthday mails included Sakura Blooms:

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


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