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The Sakoku Decree (Japanese: 鎖国令 Sakoku-rei),[1] was an order issued by Ei's puppet, the Shogun, to shut down the borders of Inazuma as part of the Vision Hunt Decree.[2]

People who want to leave or enter Inazuma legally must pass the strict assessments conducted by the Kanjou Commission to obtain permission. Those who are not Inazuman cannot leave Ritou without a Travel Permit as a result. However, such restrictions did not initially apply to the Fatui and Snezhnayan merchants due to their diplomatic ties.

The Tenryou Commission also enforces the Sakoku Decree.[3]

To enforce the Sakoku Decree, the Shogun surrounded Inazuma with a storm barrier, resulting in very few ships being able or willing to navigate them and harm Inazuma's economy. The storm barrier is encountered in-game as A Nation Closed by Thunder and prevents players from entering Inazuma before the quest Setting Sail (Archon Quest Chapter II Act I: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia) as well as traveling to and from Inazuma without teleportation, such as with Teleport Waypoints.

When the Vision Hunt Decree was abolished, the Sakoku Decree had not immediately followed suit.[4] However, the restrictions placed upon foreigners were relaxed and the decree was expected to be lifted soon after. After her duel against the Shogun in Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act II: Transient Dreams, Ei abolishes the Sakoku Decree, resulting in an influx of visitors and foreign trade returning to normal.


  • "Sakoku" (Japanese: 鎖国) means "the locking up of a country" in Japanese, and has been translated as "closed" or "state of lockdown."
  • The name of this decree is a reference to Sakoku and the Sakoku Edicts of Japan.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSakoku Decree
Country-Locking Decree[※]
Country-Locking Decree
Country-Locking Decree[※]
SpanishDecreto de cierre de fronteras
FrenchDécret de confinementConfinement Decree
RussianУказ Сакоку
Ukaz Sakoku
Thaiกฎ Sakoku
Kot Sakoku
Sakoku Rule
VietnameseLệnh Bế Quan Tỏa CảngCountry-Locking Decree[• 1]
GermanSakoku-DekretSakoku Decree
IndonesianDekrit SakokuSakoku Decree
PortugueseDecreto SakokuSakoku Decree
  1. Vietnamese: Derived from the Chinese idiom 闭关锁港 bìguānsuǒgǎng, "country-locking", lit. "to cut off a country from the outside world"


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