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The sacred tree that protects Inazuma towers proudly over the Grand Narukami Shrine. Its offshoots can be found all over the land.
In the past, the Inazumans be believed that the Sacred Sakura would cleanse the land of its impurity through the Thunder Sakura, defending the safety of earth and water alike.
The Sacred Sakura bestows Electrograna as its envoys to travelers that it favors, helping them to conquer adversity.

The Sacred Sakura (Japanese: 神櫻 Shin'ou[1]) is a tree located at the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma. All of the Sakura Blooms around Inazuma have fallen from the Sacred Sakura.

Offering Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura's Favor will increase the level to provide rewards and upgrade Electrograna. Every 25 Electro Sigils will raise the level by one. If the Traveler has sufficient Electro Sigils for multiple levels, they will be automatically used to reach the corresponding level.


The Sacred Sakura tree grew sometime before the Archon War started.[2] In the Raiden Shogun's Voice-Overs, she states "Her body may have perished, but she became the Sacred Sakura." It is unknown who this person who became the Sacred Sakura may be.

The roots of the Sacred Sakura have spread extensively throughout the land, and from these roots grow side-branches known as Thunder Sakura. The Sacred Sakura and the Thunder Sakura remove evil and purify the land together by absorbing filth into its roots. However, the accumulated filth in the roots does not dissipate on its own, so it is necessary to routinely perform a Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual to purify the filth.


  • In the Version 2.0 Special Program, Xiao Luohao, Head of the Creative Concept and Writing Team, explains that the design of the Sakura tree is based on Himorogi (Japanese: 神籬) beliefs and symbolizes Baal's protection over Inazuma. Moreover, the design took inspiration from the quaking aspen tree, namely how the roots of many trees are interconnected and are actually part of one giant tree.[3]
  • It is possible that the Sacred Sakura is sentient.
    • Kazari mentions the tree is telling her of its agony and that the Sacred Sakura can tell the one performing the Cleansing Ritual apart from other things and help the performer by creating opportunities for them to attack the tumor.[4]

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Released in Version 2.0