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Ruu is a quest-exclusive NPC that appears in the World Quest series Through the Mists.


Ruu is a young boy who lived thousands of years ago on Tsurumi Island. The son of a priest, Ruu enjoyed spending time with the other villagers. He was also fond of singing, although he was somewhat embarrassed about it and often went off into the fog to sing alone. His singing captivated the local deity, the Thunderbird, who originally paid no mind to the island's people. However, Ruu was not intimidated by the god, and they talked briefly, with Ruu giving her the name Kanna Kapatcir. They promised to meet each other again in the future.

However, the situation on Tsurumi Island had gotten worse, and some of Ruu's friends began leaving the island into the "Sea of Darkness". Hoping to bring them back, Ruu offered himself as a sacrifice to please Kapatcir. Later, when Kapatcir returned to check on Ruu, it found him dead and his blood in a chalice. The god was enraged as it saw his sacrifice as the murder of an innocent and breaking a promise, destroying the entire village and killing everyone. She also cursed the island to relive these destruction events for eternity.

Ruu was unaffected by the curse that affected the other villagers, as he could see and hear everything around him. Ruu initially went along with the events, but time was reset after the thunder struck. He had tried to leave the island but was unable to. Likewise, he had also noticed the presence of hilichurls and rifthounds, both of whom were not present on the island in his time.

The mysteries of Tsurumi Island caught the attention of both the Bantan Sango Detective Agency and Adventurers' Guild, with Sumida commissioning them to obtain a Maushiro from the island. Ruu met with Ryuuji and Roald but worried for their safety when they left the island and didn't return. Sumida eventually commissioned the Traveler to obtain one on her behalf, and they met Ruu. Ruu was surprised to see new people and explained the island's properties to them and to help set up the ceremony, which they did. When the Traveler obtained the Maushiro and left, Ruu wondered where they had gone.

The Traveler and Paimon eventually returned as the Maushiro they got disappeared. Ruu was relieved to see them again as he thought they had died in the "Sea of Darkness". He helped them find a real Maushiro before leaving.

Still intrigued by the mysteries surrounding the island, the Traveler spoke with Kama and learned of the truth of the ordeal. The Traveller returned to the island and destroyed the Thunderbird perches to stop the ceremony, which caused fierce storms to strike the island. When they returned to check on Ruu, he was upset by their actions, as he explained that he felt something had gone wrong during the ceremony and he had sought outside aid. He left crying, feeling betrayed by the Traveler.

The Traveler eventually returned with Kama to restore Tsurumi Island before another time loop would take place. Ruu was surprised to see the Traveler and Paimon again before noticing Kama. He was informed that Kama's ancestor had lived a long and happy life, with his only regret not coming back for Ruu. He was also surprised to learn that Kapatcir was upset with the ceremony and cursed the land due to the sacrifice and would only lift the curse if she heard his song once more. However, as Kapatcir was killed by the Shogun later (albeit revived as the Thunder Manifestation), the Traveler and Paimon bluffed that she had moved to Seirai Island. Ruu was initially unable to leave the island. However, by using a leftover feather that contained her power, they were able to bring him to Seirai Island, where he sang for her.

Returning to Tsurumi Island, the land was cleansed of the "curse", as Kapatcir's grief had vanished. Ruu expressed gratitude to the Traveler and apologized for his error. He was enthusiastic about the outside world and looked forward to exploring it in the future. He decides, however, to stay on the island for the time being to rest.


Ruu was a young boy who enjoyed spending time with his friends and living on Tsurumi Island. While his tribe performed human sacrifices to please their deity, Ruu did not fear for his own safety, as he believed that they would please her. However, when his friends began leaving the island to other lands, Ruu became fearful of their safety and voluntarily chose to sacrifice himself so that they could return. Thousands of years later, he still maintained this belief until he saw Kapatcir's memories. As a bright young child, he is naturally curious about the outside world and enjoys sweet-tasting foods. After reawakening as a self-conscious ghost, he sought assistance from the outside to determine what went wrong and discovered that both he and Kapatcir had died long ago based on his experience on Seirai Island.


Ruu shares a similar appearance to Chouji, although he wears blue clothes and has blue and white leg wraps.

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  • The Thundering Fury set of artifacts' lore details the downfall of Tsurumi and the sacrifice of Ruu. Most notably, the "Omen of Thunderstorm" goblet is said to have held Ruu's blood after his sacrifice to the Thunderbird.

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