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A giant alien war machine.
They are said to be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Apparently, the creators opted to forgo the low-performing humanoid-design in pursuit of improved combat effectiveness. They are extremely dangerous both in melee and ranged combat. Considering these mere relics possess such extraordinary power, one cannot help but wonder — what must the civilization that produced them have looked like at its height?


Item Chaos Core.png Lv.60+ Chaos Core
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile


  • Blade Slash: They transform their left arm into a blade and raise it up, then quickly slashes once in front of them.
  • Slash Combo: They transform and raise their right arm, then attacks twice forward, followed by a spinning slash, ended by one final slash.
    • Whirling Slash: On occasions where they end Slash Combo, they have a chance to perform a far-reaching sideways spin at the end of Slash Combo, dealing heavy damage.
  • Drill Thrust: If the player roams too far, they will change their right hand to a drill and prepare to strike, after 2 seconds they will instantly charge towards the player, covering tons of distance in the process, dealing immense physical damage.
  • The Ruin Hunter may occasionally enter "Bombardment Mode" by detaching its limbs which then serve as its propulsion, pushing all nearby players away, and becoming airborne for a while or until its core is hit. They will immediately enter this mode of attack if their current target is too high or low in elevation. While parked in the air, its core weak spot is exposed, and may perform one of the four following attacks:
    • Bombardment: All thrusters point skyward and fire a barrage of 8 missiles into the air which shortly after, strike the ground randomly in a grid-like fashion. These missiles deal medium physical damage but have quite a large AoE. This attack can be performed up to 10 times.
    • Rapid Fire: If the player roams too far, the Ruins Hunter will fire 4 quick volleys of bullets toward its target.
    • Focused Beam: If the player roams too far, the Ruins Hunter will shoot multiple missiles that can follow the player. This attack is followed up with the Ruin Hunter charging up for a few seconds to unleash a focused beam attack, dealing immense Pyro damage.
    • Quad Lasers: All four thrusters face downward and quickly spin before unleashing four simultaneous laser blasts, directly below itself. After this attack is performed, it will exit Bombardment Mode and return to the ground.

Base Resistance

  • Elemental: 10%.
  • Physical: 50%.
  • Other: None.


Ruin Hunter locations can be pinpointed on the map by using the Adventurer Handbook.


Ruin Hunters are similar to Ruin Guards in combat, but are significantly faster and pack a stronger punch. To make up for this, they possess lower physical resistance, but it is still recommended to use elemental attacks against them. Note that while they are hovering on the ground, they cannot be disabled at all.

If too much time has passed or the player is at a higher elevation than it on ground level, the Ruin Hunter will enter Bombardment mode. This includes being airborne (e.g Venti's held Skyward Sonnet), gliding, climbing, or being on drastically higher ground (or a Geo Construct). In this state, the Ruin Hunter's eye will glow brightly, turning it into a weak spot. Because it flies up even higher in this state, Bow and Catalyst users are the only ones capable of damaging it. The Ruin Hunter remains in this state unless struck in the eye or it uses its Quad Lasers attack, the latter signifying the end of Bombardment Mode.

Only one successful strike on the glowing eye is needed to bring it crashing down - a follow-up hit is not required as with the Ruin Guards. The Ruin Hunter will be disabled in a manner similar to Ruin Guards, but no protective rune appears after it recovers, meaning that Bombardment Mode can be abused to greatly weaken its offense.

When the Ruin Hunter is preparing to use its move Blade Slash, be aware that it only strikes at the last moment because it is aiming for a target, which means it can be dashed through easily. Drill Slash is particularly dangerous and must be dodged as it deals very high, if not outright fatal damage.

Ruin Hunters can be Frozen, so teams that can repeatedly apply Frozen (also known as permafreeze teams) can be very effective.

Video Guides

Ability Preview



  • Ruin Hunters sometimes go by names like Fo-62012, beginning with the prefix Fo and ending in a numeric code. This is demonstrated in certain boss fights like the ones in the quest "Where is the Unseen Razor?".
    • Possible names include Fo-11226, Fo-11711, Fo-12062, Fo-14258, Fo-19101, Fo-20118, Fo-21226, Fo-22019, Fo-23232, Fo-24742, Fo-31124, Fo-33007, Fo-36108, Fo-38518, Fo-41125, Fo-44232, Fo-49101, Fo-54221, Fo-62012, Fo-66931, Fo-69320, Fo-74931, Fo-78469, Fo-89128, Fo-89211, Fo-92681, Fo-93777, Fo-94553, Fo-98435, and Fo-99411.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.5
  • Fixed an issue in languages other than Simplified Chinese whereby the description for the Ruin Hunter entry in the Archive is missing.

Version 1.0

  • Ruin Hunters were released.