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An ancient humanoid war machine.
Their form is similar to that of Ruin Guards, but it is more distorted and more powerful. Energy cores have been installed in both its legs, as though to power its overly heavy form.

The Ruin Grader is an Elite Enemy that belongs to the Automaton class of enemies. Although it resembles a Ruin Guard, it is much larger than its brethren, even bigger than a Lawachurl.


Item Chaos Core.png Lv.60+ Chaos Core
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

Abilities and Attacks

Names are not official. Many of the attacks are similar to that of a Ruin Guard.

When performing certain attacks, some of the cores will be briefly exposed. Attacking exposed cores will interrupt the Ruin Grader's current attack. Attacking the cores enough times will temporarily disable that core for around 20 seconds, after which it will become operational again. Additionally, the Ruin Grader cannot perform certain attacks if the associated cores it exposes for those attacks are down.

  • Clap: Performs a clapping motion dealing Physical DMG to nearby players, then fires a laser beam in front of it at a fixed angle which deals physical DMG. The core in its head is exposed for as long as it fires the beam.
  • Stomp: Stomps one of their feet, dealing AoE Physical DMG to close by players. This is then followed up with a shockwave from the same foot, dealing greater Physical DMG in a larger AoE. The cores in both feet are briefly exposed before the follow-up shockwave attack.
  • Spinning Attack: Spins the upper half of their body and marches towards the player, dealing severe Physical DMG over a period of time. The cores in both feet are briefly exposed right before and after the attack.
  • Charge Attack: If the player stays too far, the Ruin Grader will charge in one direction towards the player, dealing massive Physical DMG. This briefly exposes the cores in both feet right before and after the attack.
  • Focused Laser: Fires a laser beam directly at the current character, dealing physical DMG. It will adjust the firing angle if its current target moves and will preemptively cancel the attack if the target is outside of its firing arc. The core in its head is exposed before the attack and for as long as if fires the beam. Additionally, it may perform this attack if the cores both feet are disabled, but not the core in its head.
  • Orb Attack: Fires three orbs which will try to land in a triangle formation around you. These orbs stay on the ground for about 9 seconds and deal AoE Physical DMG. This exposes the core in its head for the duration of this attack.
  • Brush-Off Attack: Extends both arms out toward the ground and energizes its laser beam, quickly spinning and firing its beam in a moderate AoE around itself, dealing Physical DMG. This attack is only performed if all of its cores are disabled at once.


  • Elemental: 10%.
  • Physical: 70%.
  • Other: None.


Although slow in speed, Ruin Graders are even stronger than Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters.

In order to fully paralyze the Ruin Grader, wait for the core in its feet to light up. Strike the core twice with skills or Normal Attacks to bring it down on one knee, then hit the eye when it opens up to attack. Hitting the eye is easily done with Aimed Shots with a bow, but any damage that can target or hit the eye directly will work. If both of the cores of its legs were paralyzed, it will attempt to use its laser attacks instead.

The Ruin Grader's orb attack has a minimum range, and cannot hit the player if close to them. Additionally, the Ruin Grader's laser can only be aimed in a cone in front of it, so the laser can be dodged completely by moving to the side, or even by approaching it. On another hand, if the player is very close to the Ruin Grader, its clap attack can be completely avoided by just moving a little to the side. The laser follow up afterword is aimed far too high to be of any danger, unless the player is far away.

Taunting talents such as Amber's Elemental Skill, Explosive Puppet, are able to taunt the Ruin Grader and change its target. As with the other automatons, elemental damage should be more of a priority due to its extremely high physical damage resistance, even if using Superconduct reactions.

As most Ruin Graders are found in Dragonspine, Sheer Cold is another factor to worry about against the Ruin Grader. This should not usually be a concern as the non-respawnable Graders are in close proximity to heat sources. On the other hand, the respawnable Grader is too far from the nearest heat source, so it should be destroyed quickly before Sheer Cold can set in.


The Ruin Grader can be found in several places throughout Dragonspine and Inazuma, including:

Note that the Ruin Grader in southeast Dragonspine and the Ruin Grader in Araumi are the only two that respawn.


  • Stunning a Ruin Grader by destroying all of its weak points in succession will grant players the achievement "David and Goliath".
  • Ruin Graders sometimes go by names like Ra-41816, beginning with the prefix Ra and ending in a numeric code. This is demonstrated in certain boss fights like the ones around Starglow Cavern.
    • Possible names include Ra-11235, Ra-25844, Ra-33377, Ra-34558, Ra-36875, Ra-41816, Ra-61098, Ra-65746, Ra-71128, Ra-71597, Ra-76510, Ra-81321, Ra-91142, and Ra-94617.
  • Ruin Graders are currently the rarest respawnable Elite Enemies outside the Spiral Abyss, with one spawn in Dragonspine and another in Araumi.


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