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An ancient humanoid war machine.
Their form is similar to that of Ruin Guards, but it is more distorted and more powerful. Energy cores have been installed in both its legs, as though to power its overly heavy form.

Ruin Graders are Elite Enemies that are part of the Humanoid Ruin Machines enemy group and the Automatons family.

For specific locations, see the Official interactive Map.


Item Mora.png ≤600 Mora
Item Chaos Core.png Lv.60+ Chaos Core
Item Berserker.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item The Exile.png3-4★ Set The Exile


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
70% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%

The following table describes the level scaling. Note that values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

1 656 178 505
5 1,477 297 525
10 2,579 475 550
15 4,595 750 575
20 7,967 1,171 600
25 10,306 1,600 625
30 13,255 1,912 650
35 18,797 2,303 675
40 24,254 2,859 700
45 32,338 3,557 725
50 44,968 4,409 750
55 55,322 5,223 775
60 75,431 6,208 800
65 89,846 7,332 825
70 117,468 8,570 850
75 134,287 9,772 875
80 167,092 11,027 900
85 183,819 11,992 925
90 219,187 13,322 950
95 249,740 15,282 975
100 330,886 17,235 1,000

Abilities and Attacks

Attack names are not official.

When performing certain attacks, some of the cores will be briefly exposed. Attacking exposed cores will interrupt the Ruin Grader's current attack. Attacking the cores enough times will temporarily disable that core for around 20 seconds, after which it will become operational again. Additionally, the Ruin Grader cannot perform certain attacks if the associated cores it exposes for those attacks are down.

  • Clap: Performs a clapping motion dealing 50% ATK as Physical DMG to nearby players, then fires a laser beam in front of it at a fixed angle which deals 80% ATK as Physical DMG. The core in its head is exposed for as long as it fires the beam.
  • Stomp: Stomps one of their feet, dealing 40% ATK as AoE Physical DMG to close by players. This is then followed up with a shockwave from the same foot, dealing 70% ATK as AoE Physical DMG in a larger area. The cores in both feet are briefly exposed before the follow-up shockwave attack.
  • Spin: Spins the upper half of their body and marches towards the player, rapidly dealing 60% ATK as AoE Physical DMG over a period of time. The cores in both feet are briefly exposed right before and after the attack.
  • Charge: If the player stays too far, the Ruin Grader will charge in one direction towards the player, dealing 30% ATK as Physical DMG on hit. This briefly exposes the cores in both feet right before and after the attack.
  • Focused Laser: Fires a laser beam directly at the current character, rapidly dealing 40% ATK as Physical DMG. It will adjust the firing angle if its current target moves and will preemptively cancel the attack if the target is outside of its firing arc. The core in its head is exposed before the attack and for as long as if fires the beam. Additionally, it may perform this attack if the cores both feet are disabled, but not the core in its head.
  • Orb Attack: Fires three orbs which will try to land in a triangle formation around the player. These orbs stay on the ground for about 9 seconds and deal 16% ATK as Physical DMG on contact. This exposes the core in its head for the duration of this attack.
  • Brush-Off Attack: Extends both arms out toward the ground and energizes its laser beam, quickly spinning and firing its beam in a moderate AoE around itself, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG. This attack is only performed if all of its cores are disabled at once.



Although slow in speed, Ruin Graders are even stronger than Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters.

The Ruin Grader has weak points located on its eye and its legs. These weak points are normally protected, but will light up during some attacks, indicating that they are in a vulnerable state. If a vulnerable weak point is struck, the Ruin Grader will stagger and its current attack will be interrupted.

When first struck, protective runes will appear on all of its weak points, preventing them from being destroyed. After the runes fade away, if the player strikes the same weak point a second time, it will be destroyed. The two cores on its legs are treated as a single weak point no matter which one is struck. Therefore, the player will need to strike its legs and eye weak points at least twice each in order to fully paralyze the Ruin Grader.

The Ruin Grader's orb attack has a minimum range, and cannot hit the player if close to them. Additionally, the Ruin Grader's laser can only be aimed in a cone in front of it, so the laser can be dodged completely by moving to the side, or even by approaching it. On another hand, if the player is very close to the Ruin Grader, its clap attack can be completely avoided by just moving a little to the side. The laser follow up afterward is aimed far too high to be of any danger, unless the player is far away.

Taunting talents such as Amber's Elemental Skill, Explosive Puppet, are able to taunt the Ruin Grader and change its target. As with all Ruin Machines, elemental damage is recommended against the Ruin Grader due to its extremely high Physical RES, even with Superconduct reactions.

Anomalous Model Ruin Grader


The Ruin Grader can be found in several places throughout Dragonspine and Inazuma, including:


1 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
David and Goliath Challenger: Series III Challenger: Series III Paralyze a Ruin Grader by attacking its weak point. 5


  • Ruin Graders sometimes go by names like Ra-41816, beginning with the prefix Ra and ending in a numeric code. This is demonstrated in certain boss fights like the ones around Starglow Cavern.
    • Possible names include Ra-11235, Ra-25844, Ra-33377, Ra-34558, Ra-36875, Ra-41816, Ra-61098, Ra-65746, Ra-71128, Ra-71597, Ra-76510, Ra-81321, Ra-91142, and Ra-94617.
  • Ruin Graders used to be the rarest respawnable Elite Enemies outside the Spiral Abyss, originally starting with one spawn in Dragonspine. Following the release of Inazuma, a second Ruin Grader was added in Araumi. A third Ruin Grader was added following the release of Enkanomiya, which also added two individual Abyss Heralds and Abyss Lectors, making them the second most rarest respawnable Elite Enemies outside the Spiral Abyss.
    • The Ruin Grader in Dragonspine and Araumi look out towards each other when dormant.
  • Prior to the release of the Chasm, respawnable Ruin Graders were always found in a dormant state. Unlike other Ruin machines, the grader can be attacked during its waking animation.


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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ruin Grader
Yíjì Zhòngjī
Ruin Heavy Machine
Yíjì Zhòngjī
Japanese せきじゅう
Iseki Juuki
Ruin Heavy Machinery
Korean 파멸유적 가디언
Pamyeol-ui Yujeok Gadieon
Ruin Guardian of Destruction
Spanish Demoledor de las RuinasDemolisher of the Ruins
French Colosse des ruinesRuin Colossus
Russian Руинный молотильщик
Ruinnyy molotil'shchik
Thai Ruin Grader
Vietnamese Cần Cẩu Di TíchRuin Crane
German RuinenkolossRuin Colossus
Indonesian Ruin Grader
Portuguese Colosso das RuínasColossus of the Ruins

Change History

Released in Version 1.2