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A muscular hilichurl that uses a rock as a shield.
Fighting and eating meat are the two most important things to hilichurls, because those are what make them grow stronger.
All young hilichurls dream of growing up to become a big and strong mitachurl, because that way they can eat more meat, fight more battles, and wield those (almost) impregnable giant rock shields.

Rock Shieldwall Mitachurls are Mitachurls equipped with a Geo shield.


Item Mora.pngMora
Item Stained Mask.png Lv.40+ Stained Mask
Item Ominous Mask.png Lv.60+ Ominous Mask
Item Heavy Horn.png Lv.1+ Heavy Horn
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
30% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%

The following table describes the level scaling. Note that values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains (such as the Spiral Abyss). The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

1 219 61 505
5 492 102 525
10 860 163 550
15 1,532 257 575
20 2,656 401 600
25 3,435 548 625
30 4,418 656 650
35 6,266 790 675
40 8,085 980 700
45 10,779 1,220 725
50 14,989 1,512 750
55 18,441 1,791 775
60 25,144 2,129 800
65 29,949 2,514 825
70 39,156 2,938 850
75 44,762 3,350 875
80 55,697 3,781 900
85 61,273 4,112 925
90 73,062 4,568 950
95 83,247 5,239 975
100 110,295 5,909 1,000

Abilities and Attacks

  • Shield Charge: Charges towards the player with its shield, dealing rapid Physical DMG to players in its path. At the end of the charge, swings its shield at the player, dealing additional Physical DMG.
  • Charge: When without its shield, charges towards the player character with brute force, dealing rapid Physical DMG to players in its path.
  • Smack: If the player strays too close, swings it shield or delivers a punch with its fist, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Geo Slime Throw: If the player is at a different elevation, digs a Geo Slime out of the ground and throws it at the player, dealing Geo DMG.



The Mitachurl's shield is considered a Geo Construct, so Blunt Attacks (Claymore attacks, Geo attacks, Plunging Attacks, and explosions) can help break them effectively.


They usually appear in Liyue. They are also found in Inazuma.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Yán Dùn Qiūqiū Bàotú
Geo Shield Hilichurl Thug
Yán Dùn Qiūqiū Bàotú
Japanese ヒルチャール暴徒・岩盾
Korean 돌방패 츄츄 폭도
Spanish Mitachurl con Escudo de Piedra
French Brutoviandu avec bouclier de pierreStoneshield Hilimita
Russian Митачурл с каменным щитом
Mitachurl s kamennym shchitom
Mitachurl With a Rock Shield
Thai Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Vietnamese Bạo Đồ Hilichurl Khiên Đá
German Mitachurl mit SteinschildMitachurl with Rock Shield
Indonesian Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Portuguese Mitachurl de Escudo de Pedra

Change History

Released in Version 1.0