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Ritou Escape Plan is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.


  1. Try to leave Ritou
  2. Go to the Kanjou Commissioner's Office to ask about a way to leave Ritou
  3. Talk to Shinsuke of the Kanjou Commission
  4. Leave the Kanjou Commissioner's Office
  5. Meet Ms. Hiiragi at the appointed time (18:00 - 24:00)
  6. Meet Hiiragi Chisato
  7. Go to Ritou's borders to carry out Chisato's plan
    • Co-Op Mode is locked until the escort is successful.
  8. Escort the goods and leave Ritou




(Approach Kobayashi)
Kobayashi: Stop there! Present your Travel Permits!
Paimon: Sorry, but we've really gotta get to Narukami Island, it's kinda urgent...
Kobayashi: If you don't have a Travel Permit, this is as far as you'll get. Those are the rules.
Paimon: Huh... as expected.
Paimon: Traveler, you gotta think of something. How do we get out of Ritou?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png If the Yashiro Commission has heard of us...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I wonder if the Kanjou Commission has heard of us...
Paimon: Are you saying... we should go and meet with the Kanjou Commissioner?
Paimon: ...Guess it can't hurt to try. Even if Paimon has a few choice words to say about his subordinates...
Paimon: Who knows — maybe he's our biggest fan! Hee-hee.

(Upon arriving at the Kanjou Commission's entrance)
Yokoyama: Halt! This is the Kanjou Commissioner's Office. No trespassers!
Paimon: We're here to see, uh... y'know, um... the Kanjou Commissioner!
Yokoyama: The Kanjou Commissioner seldom entertains outlanders. Leave, now or we'll be forced to—
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Ah... Wait, wait, wait...
Yokoyama: Oh! Commissioner!
Hiiragi Shinsuke: These two are honored guests from afar, no need to give them the usual spiel.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Come on in, let's see what we can do for you.
Paimon: Hmph! Did you get all that, mister!?
Yokoyama: M—My sincere apologies.

(Talk to Hiiragi Shinsuke)
Hiiragi Shinsuke: I am Hiiragi Shinsuke, Kanjou Commissioner and head of the Hiiragi Clan. It's an honor to meet you both.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I, too, am honored to meet you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hey there.
Paimon: Nice to meet you, Sir!
Paimon: So, the reason we wanted to come and see you was because—
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Alright, alright, all in good time. Two travelers renowned far and wide have shown up to see me, and I should very much like to make their acquaintance! Let's not limit this to business only.
Paimon: Hee-hee, so what you're saying is, we really are pretty famous, huh?
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Absolutely. How many other people in the world have what it takes to knock the wind out of Stormterror's sails and put the Overlord of the Vortex back under the sea, eh?
Paimon: Exactly! Paimon thinks you make an excellent point.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: And... I hear you also foiled a Fatui plot in Liyue Harbor, even beat one of their harbingers in a duel. Is that true?
Paimon: Whoa! You heard about that, too? Yup, it's true, alright!
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Hmm... As I thought.
Paimon: Something wrong?
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Hehe, no, no, no. I'm simply awestruck by you both, is all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're too kind.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ultimately, they still got their way.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: ...Ritou is greatly honored to have you visit us.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: One other thing I heard about you is your great zeal for helping other people. This makes me wonder... whether you might be so kind as to render your assistance to the Kanjou Commission?
Paimon: Sure, no problem! Whatever you need — right, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Time to run some errands again?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is my forte.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Excellent. Well, then...
Hiiragi Shinsuke: You must know the Qingxin? A flower, grows on the mountaintops in Liyue.
Paimon: Yup, we've picked a few of those before. So, uh... you want us to go back to Liyue?
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Yes. Bring me 300 Qingxin, would you? Freshly picked, I mean.
Paimon: ...Uh, did Paimon hear that wrong?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think you might be a couple orders of magnitude off?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They don't stay fresh after they're picked.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Hmm? Too much trouble, is it? Hmm... I see.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Then how about this: We have a few items that need delivering, perhaps you could help with that?
Paimon: That sounds much more like it.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: 709 letters, to be precise.
Paimon: Hey! What gives? How come you don't have people to do that already!?
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Terribly sorry, we're just a little short on people lately...
Paimon: What sort of an explanation is that!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
(As you speak to Hiiragi Shinsuke, an unfamiliar lady appears not far behind Shinsuke. She carefully exchanges glances with you...)
Paimon: Traveler, what're we gonna do? Should we really help this guy?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll consider it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll need to look into it more first.
Hiiragi Shinsuke: That's the spirit! Don't keep me waiting too long, now, hehe...
Paimon: You're seriously considering taking this job? The terms are ridiculous...
(Talk to Hiiragi Shinsuke again)
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Have you finished the work that we spoke about?
Hiiragi Shinsuke: Report back to me once you've finished.

(Upon leaving the Kanjou Commissioner's Office)
Shinnojou: Halt, you two.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just as I expected.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Saw this coming.
Paimon: Huh? What did we do?
Shinnojou: Miss Hiiragi has a letter for you. She insists that you read it immediately.
Paimon: A letter? Quick, let Paimon see!
Lightly-Perfumed Letter:
Dear Traveler,
Would that I could convey this message to you in person.
I apologize for the hasty means by which this letter has come to you, and I hope that it hasn't left you feeling perplexed or perturbed in any way.
This is my first time extending an invitation to an unknown outlander, after all.
It is no mere coincidence that our paths have crossed.
I hope that you would be so courteous as to meet me tonight, under the glow of resplendent moonlight.
Please do not fret about retainers and bodyguards, I will ensure that their attention shall be elsewhere.
I look forward to the pleasure of your company.
Paimon: So this means... she wants you to secretly meet her at night?
Paimon: But you didn't seem surprised at all by this... What's going on?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We shared a glance.
Paimon: Huh? Have you been up to something behind Paimon's back?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Shinsuke has no intention of letting us leave.
Paimon: Paimon knew something just didn't seem right about him!
Paimon: Hmm... let's ask her tonight and see what she has to say.

(Approach the meeting area)
Hiiragi Chisato: Ah, you've finally arrived... Allow me to introduce myself, I am Hiiragi Chisato.
Hiiragi Chisato: This is... technically the second time we have met. It's a pleasure to see you again.
Paimon: Wow, she's the daughter of the Hiiragi Clan alright...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The pleasure is mine.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm delighted to see you again.
Hiiragi Chisato: N—No need to be so formal — I've long marveled at your accomplishments... and at last we have the chance to meet.
Paimon: Is it Paimon, or does something seem a bit off here?
Hiiragi Chisato: The reason why I wanted to secretly meet you here is... Well, I feared that I might never have another opportunity to discuss this with you...
Paimon: D—Discuss what?
Hiiragi Chisato: Ahem... I should like to ask for your help with... delivering a letter.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm leaving.
Paimon: Ugh, like father, like daughter! Couldn't you be more original?
Hiiragi Chisato: N—No! You misunderstand me — please... allow me to explain.
Hiiragi Chisato: I was hoping that you could deliver a letter to Narukami Island in my stead. It is to be given to Kujou Kamaji of the Tenryou Commission.
Hiiragi Chisato: My father has always forbidden me from communicating with him. He knows that there are prospects for my marriage that would better serve him politically. But my heart is with Kamaji.
Hiiragi Chisato: There is no one who would dare defy my father's will on Ritou, but you are outlanders — outlanders seeking to get to Narukami Island. It would be regrettable to let such an opportunity pass...
Paimon: Ah, Paimon gets the whole picture now...
Hiiragi Chisato: Of course, in doing so, I will also do everything in my power to help you leave Ritou. That is my promise.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hmm, seems like a reasonable deal.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seeing as we don't have any other options...
Hiiragi Chisato: To be perfectly honest... as long as you remain in Inazuma, my father will have no intention of letting you leave Ritou.
Paimon: Yeah, we figured as much. It was pretty obvious he was just trying to hold us up here.
Hiiragi Chisato: I secretly overheard a conversation between my father and a very arrogant-sounding woman just a few days ago.
Hiiragi Chisato: They seemed to be discussing how to keep you here on Ritou. In fact, it was the first time I had ever heard my father speak so respectfully to someone who wasn't the shogun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png An arrogant-sounding woman...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seems we need to get off Ritou as fast as we can.
Hiiragi Chisato: We don't have much time. I'll tell you my plans to help you off the island. It just so happens that a shipment of goods is...
(Hiiragi Chisato tells the Traveler her plans.)
Hiiragi Chisato: Very well, I'll be waiting for you at the border. I'm counting on you to deliver my letter.
(Obtain A Love Letter(?))

(Upon arriving at Ritou's border)
Hiiragi Chisato: Hold on please... These goods are being sent to... Watatsumi Island?
Shinnojou: My lady! This is an unexpected honor. You are correct, these goods have been repeatedly requested by the Kanjou Commissioner. We must be certain that they reach Watatsumi Island intact.
Kenzaburou: Is there something wrong, Lady Hiiragi?
Hiiragi Chisato: No, as you were. My father simply has some concerns of the shipment's safety, and has ordered that myself and an additional qualified escort be dispatched to ensure safe transport of the goods.
Kenzaburou: My lady, you aren't suggesting that you intend to escort the shipment personally, are you? There's certainly no need for you to trouble yourself with such a matter, and as for this "qualified escort"...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I look forward to working with you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You dare question my abilities?
Hiiragi Chisato: Please, do not cause us any further delay. If memory serves me right, my father has already asserted that this shipment must arrive on time. I'm certain punishment will be duly dispensed if it fails to do so.
Kenzaburou: Yes, of course my lady. I—It's just that... Well, we don't know who this—
Hiiragi Chisato: Now, need I remind you of the penalty if anything were to happen to me en route? I'm sure you are all quite familiar with my father's temperament.
Hiiragi Chisato: Do you really presume that you can fully guarantee my safety on your own?
Paimon: Boy, Chisato can talk the talk, they don't stand a chance...
Shinnojou: A—Ah, yes my lady. Very well then... I—It's an honor to have you accompanying us. Your safety is our highest priority.
Kenzaburou: Shinnojou! You can't really be agreeing to this!?
Shinnojou: Well, the request is from Lady Hiiragi herself. It is our duty to serve her in the utmost capacity.
Kenzaburou: Yes, but... that's not the problem here...
Hiiragi Chisato: Well then, if we're through here, I suggest we set off at once. Dawdling will only allow potential thieves more time to prepare, no?
Kenzaburou: Y—Yes, my lady. You heard her, there's no time to lose!

(En route, Treasure Hoarders appear)
Shinnojou: My lady, please stay back! We'll handle it...
Paimon: Not as well as we'll handle it!
(After defeating the Treasure Hoarders)
Kenzaburou: Monsters sighted! Prepare to counterattack!
Shinnojou: Protect Lady Hiiragi at all costs!
Paimon: We'll take care of this. Stay with Chisato!
(More Treasure Hoarders appear)
Kenzaburou: Watch out! More monsters inbound!
Shinnojou: Lady Hiiragi, stay close.
(If the transport balloon is destroyed or you stray too far from it)
Transport failed, the cargo was intercepted...
(Return to the start of this step)
(After successfully escorting the transport balloon)
Shinnojou: Whew, we can take refuge in the village up ahead. How are you faring, my lady?
Hiiragi Chisato: I'm perfectly alright. You may stop here. The road to Narukami Island is just over there.
Hiiragi Chisato: In my letter, I've requested Kamaji to grant you a special Travel Permit from the Tenryou Commission. Consider it a token of my appreciation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you, Chisato.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Please be careful.
Shinnojou: My lady...?
Kenzaburou: Huh! So that's how it is. I had a feeling something was amiss, but Shinnojou, you...
Shinnojou: No, Lady Hiiragi would never hide anything from us, I'm sure of it. But who is this "Kamaji" you speak of, my lady?
Hiiragi Chisato: I'm not afraid to say that... he's the one I love.
Shinnojou: The one... you love?
Kenzaburou: Shinnojou... Did you honestly think that...?
Shinnojou: What!? N—No, I uh... ahem! I was clarifying, that's all. I would never in my wildest dreams, uh... ahem!
Hiiragi Chisato: You two needn't worry. Please, forget that this ever happened. If my father catches word of it, I alone will be held accountable.
Kenzaburou: Yes, of course. As you wish, my lady.
Paimon: But what will happen if your actions here are discovered, Chisato?
Hiiragi Chisato: Don't fret, my father has always been one to spoil me. The worst he'd do is sentence me to half a day without food, or something to that effect.
Paimon: Huh, Paimon never suspected a guy like him could have a soft side...
Hiiragi Chisato: I wish you a safe journey. I'm sure we will meet again.
Paimon: Bye Chisato!
Kenzaburou: Come now! Quit your staring and let's get moving. We've got goods to shift.
Shinnojou: *whimpers* Al—Alright... *sobs*
(Unlocks the Teleport Waypoint just outside of Ritou)
(Unlocks Sacred Sakura's Favor — Offer the Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura of the Grand Narukami Shrine in exchange for its favor.)
Paimon: Whew, we're finally on our own way again!
Paimon: I suppose it's time we find Thoma. Now where did he say he would meet us again... Right, Komore Teahouse!

Unsorted voice-over

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishRitou Escape Plan
Lídǎo Táolí Jìhuà
Ritou Escape Plan
Lídǎo Táolí Jìhuà
Ritou Dasshutsu Keikaku
Ritou Escape Plan
Korean이도 탈출 계획
Ido Talchul Gyehoek
Ritou Escape Plan
SpanishEl plan de huida de Ritou
FrenchPlan d'évasion de RitouRitou Escape Plan
RussianПобег с острова Рито
Pobeg s ostrova Rito
Escape From Ritou Island
Thaiแผนหลบหนีออกจาก Ritou
Ritou Escape Plan
VietnameseKế Hoạch Thoát Khỏi Đảo RitouRitou Escape Plan
GermanDie Flucht von RitouThe Escape from Ritou
IndonesianOperasi Meninggalkan RitouRitou Escape Operation
PortuguesePlano de Fuga de RitouRitou Escape Plan

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Released in Version 2.0