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The Ritou Bulletin Board is a message board located near the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Ritou. The messages randomly cycle through every time you interact with it. The first set of messages is replaced once Sangonomiya Kokomi's Story Quest, Warriors' Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing is completed.

The Ritou Harbor Bulletin Board is a different message board also located in Ritou, found next to Kageyama. Several messages are shared between these two message boards, particularly Arrest Warrants and notices from the Tri-Commission.

Messages (1st Set)

Ritou Bulletin Board: This Ritou bulletin board was set up by the Shogunate. Notices regarding all kinds of matters will be posted here. Do not post without authorization.

Arataki Itto vs. Kujou Tengu

Arataki "The Supreme" Itto: "Kujou Tengu! I've arrived at Ritou! Stop harassing outlanders all the time!"
Arataki "The Supreme" Itto: "Don't you ever forget the beating that you gave me!"
Arataki "The Supreme" Itto: "You cannot escape our rematch, you hear me?"
Reply: Ugh! Can you stop vandalizing these boards everywhere you go? You keep talking about the same thing every time, too!
Reply: If you want your rematch so much, come at me, then! Forget appearances or whatever... once this war is over, I will grant you your wish!
Reply: So just knock it off already! If I wasn't an officer of the Kujou Clan, I would have sued you for harassment already!

Arrest Warrant: Midorikawa Shirou

Arrest Warrant: Bounty: Midorikawa Shirou
Arrest Warrant: Crimes committed: Absconding, riotous assembly, piracy, robbing officials, ambushing samurai, holding family members as hostages in an attempt to rebel against the Shogunate.
Arrest Warrant: This person and his accomplices are wanted dead or alive with a generous bounty!

Arrest Warrant: The Yoshinos

Arrest Warrant: Bounty: Yoshino Koheiji, Yoshino Koheita
Arrest Warrant: Crimes committed: Absconding, robbery, night-time assaults, conspiring against officials, distributing belongings to innocent villagers to incite rebellion.
Arrest Warrant: Wanted dead or alive with a generous bounty!

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice I

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: With the permission of Guuji Yae Miko, the Grand Narukami Shrine will provide help to those businesses and families affected by the war in the form of aid loans and food aid.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: We ask that those in need of help please visit the Kamisato Clan to file the required paperwork.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: (Outlanders with valid documentation will also receive some form of subsidy.)
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: As the war continues and public funds become more tight, food aid will be reduced by half. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Message: "I'd like to thank Lady Yae Miko and the Yashiro Commissioner for their good intentions. The problem is that the documentation approval process takes way too long..."
Message: "By the time the documentation is approved, all of the food aid will have been given out... this is really inconvenient for us outlanders."
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: We are sorry to hear that. We will take your feedback into careful consideration.

Hiratsuka's Message

Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "Though this is not a serious matter, I still hope that it will become more common knowledge."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "The other day, I accidentally lost the only extant copy of the famous 'Toki Alley Tales,' written by Takizawa Kyouden."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "Though it's nothing major, Lady Yae still insisted that I post a lost book notice to look for it. Ah, what a headache..."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "That poor book has probably had its pages scattered to the winds by now... I don't suppose it would be possible to find it at this point."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "It really is nothing of note, but if anyone could help recover it, you will have the Yae Publishing House's thanks."

In Support of War

Message: "Although we truly hope the war will end soon..."
Message: "At the same time, the dock at Ritou has become a lot more active thanks to this war."
Message: "Although our workload has increased by a lot, so have our wages."
Message: "Seeing my wife working so hard at the dock, seeing my kids looking forward to another good meal..."
Message: "I suppose I should support the continuation of this war after all."

International Trade Association Notice

International Trade Association Notice: "Outlander merchants, if you are facing any issues or difficulties in Ritou,"
International Trade Association Notice: "Come find Mr. Kurisu at the International Trade Association. We will do our best to help you!"
International Trade Association Notice: "If there is anything that you don't understand or that troubles you, come look for us."
International Trade Association Notice: "The International Trade Association's doors are always open to outlanders from any nation."

Job Hunting: Higi Kai

Message: "Higi Kai, former technician at Tatarasuna, technically certified, experienced in management, healthy."
Message: "Looking for a job to feed my family. Salary and benefits negotiable."

Job Hunting: Nonomura Yuuya

Message: "Nonomura Yuuya, former worker at Tatarasuna, healthy, hard-working, suitable for high risk positions!"
Message: "Looking to have a stable job until the war ends."
Message: "Salary and benefits negotiable. Would like to have regular rest time!"

Job Hunting: The Chibas

Message: "Chiba Hanako, Chiba Ryuuichi, former workers at the Jakotsu Mine, technically certified, healthy, hard-working."
Message: "Looking for a job to pay for daily family expenses. We hope to work in the same place together."
Message: "Salary and benefits negotiable!"

Kanjou Notice: Job Hunting

Kanjou Notice: Many workers have come to Ritou to look for employment after Tatarasuna was shut down.
Kanjou Notice: The Kanjou Commissioner will help everyone find a job. Please do not post any advertisements, as they will affect the image of the city.
Kanjou Notice: Note that all job hunting advertisements will soon be taken down throughout Ritou.

Kanjou Notice: Job Hunting Follow-Up

Kanjou Notice: The shutdown problem was taken care of recently. Most workers have found re-employment at the harbor.
Kanjou Notice: To prevent crime, those who refuse to accept job placements will be transferred to a central temporary holding location and prohibited from going outside.

Kanjou Notice: Outlander Documents

Kanjou Notice: Retail Space Rental Fee

Kanjou Notice: As the war continues and public funds become more tight, we hope the outlander merchants will be generous enough to donate and help the authorities out.
Kanjou Notice: To this effect, the Kanjou Commission has decided to increase the retail space rental fee five-fold. Thank you for your understanding.
Message: "Hmph, we've helped the authorities out alright, but who will help us?"

Kanjou Notice: Snezhnayan Ships

Kanjou Notice: There might be another round of merchant ships arriving in Ritou from Snezhnaya soon. Everyone at the harbor, please prepare for their arrival.
Kanjou Notice: As a gesture of support, merchants from Snezhnaya may enjoy partial tariff reduction or exemptions.
Kanjou Notice: As for Snezhnayan merchants currently residing in Ritou, please renew your documentation at the Kanjou Commission headquarters at your first convenience,
Kanjou Notice: So as to avoid any inconvenience in your residential, travel, or business affairs.

Shogunate Notice: Suspicious Outlanders

Shogunate Notice: A number of suspicious outlanders have entered Inazuma lately, wandering around with seemingly sinister motives.
Shogunate Notice: The Shogunate hereby notifies everyone: those who report suspicious persons will be rewarded, while those who harbor them will be punished!
Shogunate Notice: Glory to the Shogun and her everlasting reign!

Tenryou Notice: Vision Hunt Decree

Tenryou Notice: The Vision Hunt Decree operation is coming to an end, but those who conceal their Visions still remain.
Tenryou Notice: Following the orders of the Tenryou Commissioner, and in compliance with the command of Madam Kujou Sara, pursuit operations will avoid using force or disrupting the public as much as possible.
Tenryou Notice: Please don't worry. The Tenryou Commission will not use its public duties as an excuse to intrude on your daily lives.
Tenryou Notice: The Tenryou Commissioner guarantees this in his own name, and that of the Kujou Clan.

Messages (2nd Set)

Ritou Bulletin Board: This Ritou bulletin board was set up by the Shogunate. Notices regarding all kinds of matters will be posted here. Do not post without authorization.

Arataki Itto vs. Kujou Tengu II

Arataki "Burning Passion for Battle" Itto: "Kujou Tengu! Didn't we agree to have a sumo duel? Where've you run off to!?"
Arataki "Burning Passion for Battle" Itto: "Bet you lost a fight and can't show your face outside anymore, eh? Hope you're not crying in some corner with your bald wings wrapped around yourself or anything!"
Arataki "Burning Passion for Battle" Itto: "Come on, don't worry about it! You win some and you lose some, am I right?"
Arataki "Burning Passion for Battle" Itto: "Seriously though, I've got no time for your moping. We've got a duel to settle!"
Reply: Madam Kujou has never been defeated in battle and remains triumphant today. Please do not slander her, you knave!

Artificial Onikabuto Tournament

"Artificial Onikabuto" Announcement: "The Artificial Onikabuto Tournament is taking in applicants now!"
"Artificial Onikabuto" Announcement: Tough youngsters, hale old folks, depressed uncles, and alcoholic aunties! Everyone is free to participate!
"Artificial Onikabuto" Announcement: "Experience endless proxy battles here! The upcoming match is:"
"Artificial Onikabuto" Announcement: "Village Shophouse Sharptongue versus Baron Vishap Tamagoyaki! Battling it out in a high-stakes, winner-take-all, no-holds-barred brawl!"
Reply: "The trends nowadays among youngsters are... getting harder and harder to wrap one's head around."

Farewell Message

Message: "Farewell, Ritou."
Message: "Many matters await me in my homeland, so please forgive my abrupt and early departure."
Message: "I have heard that Yashiori Island has been handed over to the management of Sangonomiya and that the once-bustling mines will no longer open..."
Message: "It pleases me little to see my hometown change hands... But at least now I have hope to return at all."
Message: "I hope that the Shogunate will take this as a lesson. Such a great 'loss' must never happen again..."

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice II

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: With Lady Miko's permission, the Grand Shrine will soon host a large-scale event.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: This is a rare opportunity, so we encourage all shrine maidens, clergy, and commission staff to make preparations soon!
Fire Brigade Message: Lady Miko, Lord Commissioner, we beseech you both to please exercise some control over Naganohara Fireworks!
Fire Brigade Message: We of the Fire Brigade are always stretched to breaking point every time Yoimiya takes part in a festival...
Fire Brigade Message: Please, we implore you, take pity on us!
Grand Narukami Shrine Reply: We would like to express our deepest apologies as well. We will be sure to keep Yoimiya in check in the future.

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Yae Publishing House

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: The Yae Publishing House's reader's forum will proceed as planned. Our outlander readers from Ritou are also welcome to make the trip here to the Publishing House!
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Lady Yae Miko welcomes the attendance of passionate readers everywhere!

International Trade Association Notice

International Trade Association Notice: "Outlander merchants, if you are facing any issues or difficulties in Ritou,"
International Trade Association Notice: "Come find Mr. Kurisu at the International Trade Association. We will do our best to help you!"
International Trade Association Notice: "If there is anything that you don't understand or that troubles you, come look for us."
International Trade Association Notice: "The International Trade Association's doors are always open to outlanders from any nation."

Jakotsu Mine

Port Affairs Announcement: Yashiori Island's Jakotsu Mine has been closed temporarily, with representatives from the Shogunate and Sangonomiya discussing future development. It will be reopened soon after an agreement has been reached.
Port Affairs Announcement: Former miners from Jakotsu may claim job loss compensation from the Yashiro Commission estates and may also take the occasion to indicate preferred avenues of future employment.

Kanjou Notice: Commissioner Detainment

Kanjou Notice: Former Kanjou Commissioner Hiiragi Shinsuke now awaits the Almighty Shogun's judgment regarding his crimes of high treason. Owing to his age and in acknowledgment of his past contributions, he is presently indefinitely detained without bail.
Kanjou Notice: However, should he commit any more acts of treason during this detention, he will be branded a public enemy of the Inazuman state and his judgment shall be enacted with extreme prejudice and without any mercy.
Kanjou Notice: While the Kanjou Commission debates the matter of his successor, the Commission's duties shall be performed by a personal deputy of Her Excellency.
Kanjou Notice: The duties of Kanjou Commission staff will not be adjusted. We urge all staff to remain calm and follow any arrangements sent from your superiors.

Kanjou Notice: Outlander Affairs Agency

Kanjou Notice: The Outlander Affairs Agency is presently doing away with past unfair taxes and duties to lessen the burden on merchants in Ritou.
Kanjou Notice: We will seek deeper cooperation with the International Trade Association going forward in order to better serve local and outlander merchants alike.
Kanjou Notice: Additionally, emigres from other regions seeking work here can submit documentation indicating their employment preferences at the Kamisato Clan estates.

Kanjou Notice: Snezhnayan Merchants

Kanjou Notice: The special privileges granted to Snezhnayan merchants in trade and in port affairs have been revoked. Any accumulated arrears must be paid within 2 weeks, or Ritou will not extend further protection to your goods and cargo.
Kanjou Notice: We ask all shipments of military equipment and materiel to leave the borders of Inazuma and Sangonomiya immediately. The Fatui and all related personnel are included in this order.
Message: "You should've done this a long time ago! We barely had any breathing room with all these Snezhnayan merchants eating up all the privileges and getting special treatment!"
Message: "Especially those Fatui loansharks! Now they'll get what's coming to them, hah!"

Missing Person Poster

Missing Person Poster: I'm searching for my husband, Inaba Tousaburou Kyuuzou. He is a tall man without any facial hair and has a scar on the side of his forehead. He has yet to return home despite the ceasefire.
Missing Person Poster: If any returning samurai or old friends and acquaintances know of his whereabouts, please inform me. You will be duly thanked for your help!
Missing Person Poster: Yours Respectfully, Inaba Shizuko.

Ritou Port

Message: "We can expect the various commercial routes between us and the other nations to open up one after the other. Better days are coming soon, indeed."
Message: "Many thanks to our friends and competitors here in Ritou for helping us to make it this far."
Another Person's Message: "You're too kind. I think everyone believes that we'll make it as long as there's business to be done."
Message: "Haha, that's right! But don't get too chummy or lose your edge now — don't forget that we're rivals out there in the mercantile world!"

Ritou Revival

Message: "I haven't seen Ritou quite as busy as it has been recently with all these guests from Sangonomiya coming ashore."
Message: "Well, that said, it was their protests toward the Shogun that got those corrupt Commissions knocked down a peg or ten..."
Message: "It's thanks to them that we outlanders can now look forward to better days."

Shogunate Announcement

Shogunate Announcement: Their Excellencies, the Almighty Ogosho and Watatsumi's Divine Priestess, both express their deep grief at the many tragedies that occurred at Tatarasuna and on Yashiori Island.
Shogunate Announcement: From this day forth, the Shogunate and Sangonomiya will begin reconstruction and redevelopment work in these lands in partnership with one another.
Shogunate Announcement: Together, we will pacify this war-torn land, bring the guilty to justice, and restore Inazuma's prosperity.
Shogunate Announcement: All the more must we follow the divine wisdom of Her Excellency the Shogun, acting as one to accomplish the great cause of Eternity.


Message: "Fresh Dandelion Wine from Mondstadt! Osmanthus Tea from Liyue! High-grade Cor Lapis!"
Message: "Don't ask how it got here — but ask us anything about the quality!"
Reply: Citizens, please take note! Do not in any wise be taken in by the lying words of smugglers!

Tenryou Youngster

Message: "There's been a youngster in Tenryou Commission garb going about recently. Is this some result of the Almighty Shogun's latest decrees?"
Message: "I mean, seeing Commission members go about official business in public is not uncommon, exactly, but this kid just looks way too young."
Message: "I mean, I swear this kid looks younger than Lord Commissioner Ayato. I just can't convince myself that this is official business, you know?"

Watatsumi Imports

Port Affairs Announcement: As we are presently in a state of ceasefire and peace, imports to Watatsumi Island will resume.
Port Affairs Announcement: Once the matter of trade route security is agreed upon by both the Shogunate and Sangonomiya, the commercial port to Watatsumi Island will be opened shortly.


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