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Ritou (Japanese: 離島 Ritou, "Outlying Island") is Inazuma's port of entry. It is the area for central processing of all non-Inazuma nationals entering and leaving the nation.[1] The Alcor was once docked in Ritou.[2]

If Chisato's Letter is not completed, then the Kanjou Commission Ashigaru will stop the Traveler from leaving Ritou on foot. The Traveler can still leave Ritou via teleportation. However, if Ritou Escape Plan is also not completed, then there is no way for the Traveler to access the rest of Inazuma, as no Teleport Waypoints outside of Ritou are unlocked until the said quest is complete.

Once the Traveler obtains the Travel Permit from Kujou Kamaji in Chisato's Letter, they will finally be able to leave Ritou on foot without being stopped by Kanjou Commission guards.


Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, Lord Hiiragi Hiroshi of the Kanjou Commission miraculously built a prosperous trade center from a deserted island, and greatly impressed the Shogun. In these days when the Sakoku Decree was in force, the headquarters of the Kanjou Commission still flourished. However, the merchants from faraway nations languished, and the streets were no longer the bustling appearance of a century ago. Perhaps this is the best reflection of the business of mortals: those who become successful overnight will also lose everything in a day.



  • Outlander Affairs Agency
    • Chiba — Kanjou Commission Officer
    • Yurika — Inspector


Notable Features


Soundtrack Name Soundtrack No. Played In
The Sealed Harbor 20 Ritou
Island for Outlanders 21 Ritou
Dream of Homeland 22 Ritou; Silken Courtyard
Interwoven Nostalgia 23 Ritou



  • Ritou may be inspired by Dejima (Japanese: 出島 "Exit Island"), the artificial island of Japan which served as Portuguese and Dutch trading posts during the Sakoku (closed country) period of Japan.
  • There is a secret passageway behind one of the houses in Ritou that leads to an alcove by the beach, under the Statue of the Seven. Entering this passageway will allow the player to use a boat that leads to Narukami Island, therefore allowing the Traveler to explore Inazuma without completing Chisato's quest.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ritou
Outlying Island
Japanese とう
Outlying Island
Korean 이도(離島)
Sino-Korean reading of Japanese name
Spanish Ritou
French Ritou
Russian Остров Рито
Ostrov Rito
Ritou Island
Thai Ritou
Vietnamese Đảo RitouRitou Island
German Ritou
Indonesian Ritou
Portuguese Ritou

Change History

Released in Version 2.0