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Rite of Descension is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act I - Of the Land Amidst Monoliths.


  1. Go to Liyue Harbor
  2. Talk to the locals (0/3)
  3. Go to Yujing Terrace
  4. Pray and make a wish at Yujing Terrace (0/2)
  5. Join the crowd and wait for the Rite to begin
  6. Talk to Paimon
  7. Escape from the Millelith
    • This will involve another Stealth mission where the objective is to avoid being spotted by the NPCs.
  8. Talk to Childe at the Northland Bank



(At Liyue Harbor)
Paimon: If you wanna find the Geo Archon, this is the only chance you'll get all year.
Paimon: Guess it's a good thing Venti brought it up earlier, otherwise we definitely would've missed this year's Rite of Descension.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you know when it is?
Paimon: Uhh... might be today, might also be tomorrow...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you know where it is?
Paimon: Well, Venti brought up the time, but Paimon... knows nothing about where it is... Ehe.
Paimon: Look, we're already in Liyue so let's go ask some of the locals.
Paimon: Oh, right. About the Geo Archon, "Morax"...
Paimon: Did you know? The Mora that we use is named after this god.
Paimon: But it's seen as impolite for people from outside Liyue to refer to the Geo Archon by that name.
Paimon: So we should refer to the Geo Archon by the name Rex Lapis, like the people of Liyue do.

(Talk to Linlang)
Linlang: Rite of Descension... Oh yeah, that reminds me, isn't that today?
Linlang: Once a year, Rex Lapis bestows upon us his divine prediction, guiding us on how to run Liyue for the coming year.
Linlang: Last year it was the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing that was given the honor of asking for the divine prediction.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Liyue Qixing?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yuheng?
Paimon: Ooh! Paimon knows this one!
Paimon: Mondstadt is to freedom as Liyue is to contracts. Liyue has a strong focus on business and trade.
Paimon: The Liyue Qixing — the seven leaders of the seven enterprises of Liyue — hold true control over Liyue
Linlang: That's what outlanders always say.
Linlang: But true control over Liyue will always be held by Rex Lapis.
Linlang: The Qixing is comprised of mere mortals. Rex Lapis is a god. Mondstadt's god is nowhere to be seen, whilst our god is forever with us.
Linlang: Stay in Liyue long enough and you'll see...
Linlang: Given that you just left your godless city, it's time you experienced what it's like to be in a city whose god has walked with it through all of history.
(If you talk to Linlang last)
Paimon: Great! Then we can start our experience off with the Rite of Descension.
Linlang: Good choice. Then get going. To the high ground.
(Talk to Linlang again)
Linlang: Rex Lapis is like a father who takes care of everything for you.
Linlang: I guess Mondstadters are more like orphans in that sense — no father or mother to look after them... They must get lonely sometimes?
(Talk to Gentry De'an, next to Linlang)
Gentry De'an: Another year, another Rite of Descension... Good news for some, gloom and doom for others...
Gentry De'an: Huh... Nothing to do with me.

(Talk to Guanhai)
Guanhai: Oh! Are you also visitors here for the Rite of Descension?
Guanhai: To think I've lived in Liyue all these years and never come to see this before.
Guanhai: I guess it's like they say. Locals never visit the tourist spots.
Guanhai: I wish you well on your travels! Liyue always welcomes you!
(If you talk to Guanhai last)
Paimon: Thanks! So we wanna know where to go if we wanna see the Rite of Descension?
Guanhai: Hmm... You're not at all close. Not to mention that if I gave you directions, as outlanders, you'd get lost along the way.
Guanhai: So better to head to Yujing Terrace, to the high ground.
Guanhai: It's the highest place in the harbor — sounds like the best place for trying to communicate with deities, no?
(Talk to Guanhai again)
Guanhai: Whatever goes on in the Rite of Descension makes no difference to a commoner like me.
Guanhai: To be honest, I don't think I can be bothered going this year.

(Talk to Bolai)
Bolai: You too wish to bear witness to the Rite of Descension? Me, too! We all do!
Bolai: As a businessman myself, how could I not take interest in Liyue's most important business trends?
Bolai: The seventeen predictions given last year made more than a few ripples throughout the industry.
Bolai: What's more, there has been a rumor going around that the Tianquan herself, Ningguang, has been acting secretly in the shadows...
Bolai: She wants the rocks created by Geo Vision holders to be exempt from taxation.
Paimon: Wow... that's some super professional legal stuff that is!
Bolai: Haha. To be on the pulse of the predictions and the market is what makes this harbor what it is.
Bolai: Among The Seven, Rex Lapis is the oldest deity.
Bolai: His keen sense of strategy is well trusted among his people.
Bolai: Understanding the predictions as soon as possible can make all the difference in making your fortune!
(If you talk to Bolai last)
Paimon: F—Fortune! So where can we see this Rite of Descension anyway?
Bolai: Hmm... You're not at all close. Not to mention that if I gave you directions, as outlanders, you'd get lost along the way.
Bolai: So better to head to Yujing Terrace, to the high ground.
Bolai: It's the highest place in the harbor — sounds like the best place for trying to communicate with deities, no?
(Talk to Bolai again)
Bolai: Wonder if I should continue with the retail business for another year...
Bolai: I should be able to make an informed decision once the results of the Rite of Descension are out...
(Talk to Fan Er'ye, next to Bolai)
Fan Er'ye: Today is an important day in Liyue! You should get yourself up to Yujing Terrace and get involved.
(Talk to Jifang, next to Bolai)
Jifang: My husband's gone to take part, too. Says he wants to bear witness to this year in history...
Jifang: How come he gets to go and have fun while I have to watch the shop?

(At Yujing Terrace)
Paimon: Paimon heard that the best time to make a wish is today, during the Rite of Descension. (Traveler), wanna give it a try?
(Approach the altar)
Assistant of the Tianquan/Millelith Guard: Halt. Those not involved in the proceedings are not permitted to go any further!
Paimon: Pfft... Killjoy...
(You reappear behind the crowd)
(Make a wish at the southwest censer)
Ivanovich: Your first time in Liyue? Actually, it's my first time to see the Rite of Descension too.
Ivanovich: Ah, look! That's Ms. Ningguang of the Liyue Qixing!
Ivanovich: Only those who have control in Liyue can preside over the Rite of Descension.
Ivanovich: Oh yeah, not sure if you knew, but most of the adepti appear in the form of various beasts.
Ivanovich: I heard that when attending these kinds of formal occasions, Rex Lapis himself appears as a celestial cross between two of Liyue's ancient mythical creatures.
Ivanovich: ...Sorry, I shouldn't interrupt your wish. Please, take this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I wish I could get some leads from the Geo Archon.
(Talk to Ivanovich after making a wish)
Ivanovich: Even for outsiders, the grandeur and solemnity of the proceedings and ceremony leave a deep impression.
(Make a wish at the east censer)
Changshun: Oh, you also want a little adepti luck too?
Changshun: Haha, seems you know a lot! Making a wish during this time is sure to get you the blessings of both the Adepti and Rex Lapis himself.
Changshun: I've already made my wish, so you can take this.
Paimon: Great, thanks!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I wish I could find my (sister/brother) soon...
(Talk to Changshun after making a wish)
Changshun: May your wealth multiply in the year ahead!
(After both wishes have been made)
Paimon: Great! Now that we're all done with the wishing, guess we can just wait here for things to get started.
Paimon: Hmm, who knows how long that Ms. Ningguang lady is gonna take.

(Approach the crowd)
You and Paimon wait for the Rite of Descension to begin.
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Under Ningguang's direction, the Rite begins right on time, and Liyue's deity shows up as promised. But as the clouds disperse, the crowds watch in horror as the lifeless body of their lord drops onto the offering table. After inspecting the scene for a brief moment, Ningguang utters the unfathomable words: "Rex Lapis has been killed! Seal the exits!"
(A cinematic begins)
Paimon: Whoa! Look at all the people...
Paimon: We gotta get up front! We can't see squat back here!
Ningguang: The hour is upon us.
(Ningguang uses Geo to summon the Archon, but Rex Lapis falls out of the sky and appears to be dead)
Ningguang: Rex Lapis has been killed! Seal the exits!
(Millelith guards swarm the Terrace)
(After the cinematic)
Paimon: Wha... What's going on!?
Paimon: Did she just say Rex Lapis is...
Paimon: The Geo Archon... is... DEAD!?
Paimon: Oh no, the Millelith! Looks like they're nabbing suspects who got too close.
Paimon: Paimon's freaking out. The killer is amongst us!
Paimon: Wait... we got close... are we suspects!?
Paimon: Wait, where are you going?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (It was a god we faced off against when we arrived in this world too...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (We can't fall into their hands...)

(Escaping from the Millelith)
Paimon: Oh no... (Traveler), there's a whole bunch of soldiers out there too!
Paimon: Your identity... You may not be the killer, but we can't let them get you!
Paimon: But... can we even get out of here safely?
(Idle quotes)
Ivanovich: I... I know nothing, I swear...
Changshun: The smoke, it's too thick. I can't see...
Linlang: I didn't do it! Please, have mercy!
Jifang: The smoke, it's too thick. I can't see...
Fan Er'ye: I... I know nothing, I swear...
(Approach the marked location)
(A cinematic begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
You cautiously make your way out, avoiding the watchful gaze of the Millelith, but before you make it far from the scene of the crime, one misstep alerts them to your presence. Just when it seems like there is no way out, a mystery man suddenly lands in front of you and helps you escape the Millelith for good.
(The Traveler steps on a tile and alerts a guard)
Millelith Guard: They're here!
Millelith Guard: Arrest them!
Millelith Guard: There's nowhere to run!
(The Traveler draws their sword)
???: Hey (buddy/girlie)— Hold still.
(A mysterious Hydro user defeats all the guards. Reinforcements run towards you)
???: Come with me.
(Paimon and the Traveler follow the rescuer)

(After the cinematic)
Paimon: *Panting* Phew... Paimon's exhausted...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm even more beat.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just what muscles does magical floating use exactly?
Paimon: So insensitive! You have no idea just how tiring floating arou— Wait!
Paimon: Just who are you exactly?
???: Call me Childe.
Paimon: Childe? What, so we're supposed to dote on you?
Childe: Haha, no no, not at all. It's an alias of sorts.
Childe: In Mondstadt, I don't suppose you came across a "Signora" by any chance?
Paimon: Signora... Childe...
Paimon: You're Fatui! One of the Harbingers!
Childe: Oh, no. Don't worry, I'm not looking for a fight.
Childe: Signora gave you quite the bad impression huh? Tsk, that woman... Can't say I'm a fan either.
Childe: Right, let's forget all about her, shall we? I'm here to help you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Help?
Childe: Yes. Help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't need help from the Fatui.
Childe: Come now, don't be like that.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Go. Leave.
Childe: Sure, I may be one of the Harbingers, but hear me out.
Childe: I'm not a bad guy... Okay perhaps I'm kind of a bad guy, but I'm not here to give you any trouble.
Childe: Would it be too much to ask for you to keep the sword sheathed?
Childe: Haha, I thank you for your knightly nobility, Traveler.
Childe: I heard of your deeds in Mondstadt, so I couldn't help but notice you during the proceedings back there.
Childe: And because I had my eye on you the whole time, I know it wasn't you. Someone else was clearly behind it.
Childe: But... regrettably, given I'm a Fatui envoy from Snezhnaya... there's no way I'd be trusted after something of this magnitude.
Childe: The ruling Qixing of Liyue has always been overly suspicious of us.
Paimon: Well can you honestly blame them?
Childe: Hahaha. Guess I shouldn't try to deny that.
Childe: Okay, sure. Maintaining a distance between strangers is probably a good idea. Either way, I'm already used to it at this stage.
Childe: But right now, if you want to clear yourselves of any suspicion — you need to get yourselves to Northland Bank.
Childe: Staying here isn't an option. As the old Liyue saying goes: "The walls have ears."
(Returning to the scene and interacting with Rex Lapis's corpse)
View Rex Lapis: Life has left the adeptus' great body...
View Rex Lapis: What went on out of view in that moment?
(Getting too close to the Millelith Guard on the left or right side of the corpse)
Millelith Soldier: It's the culprit! The culprit... has returned to the scene of their crime! Don't let them get away! Send reinforcements, repeat, send reinforcements!
Paimon: Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh...

(At the Northland Bank)
Paimon: Northland Bank...
Childe: Correct. This bank was opened here in Liyue by Snezhnaya.
Childe: Though everyone knows Liyue is the most enterprising in Teyvat, Snezhnaya is not short of change either.
Paimon: Yeah well, poorer nations don't seem the type to have diplomats that come around acting the way yours do towards the Knights of Favonius.
Childe: Eh-hehehehe...
Childe: Here, let me give you this.
Paimon: This is a...
Childe: I'm not sure, exactly. Sometimes, all money can buy is "things" and not a name for oneself.
Childe: All I know is that it's a sigil. A sigil to keep the "mighty and illuminated adepti" from bringing harm to you.
Paimon: Adepti?
Childe: If you head north from the harbor, then west from Guili Plains, you will eventually reach a stone forest known an Jueyun Karst.
Childe: The people of Liyue believe it to be the abode of the adepti.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They really believe that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Isn't it just a legend?
Childe: Legend or not, they believe it. As such, offerings to the adepti are made at its borders. Nobody dares venture in.
Childe: But I have no need for believing — not when I know for a fact that the adepti truly exist.
Paimon: Hate to admit it but your Fatui intel seems alright. But, why would we go looking for adepti anyway?
Childe: Ha, oh my little friend. There are plenty of reasons mortals seek the blessings of adepti.
Childe: Money, health, love... But you... you will go for justice.
Paimon: Justice?
Childe: The Qixing will already have dispatched the Millelith. They'll be seeking out the assassin from amongst the onlookers.
Childe: But how could a mere mortal kill a god that can sweep aside entire armies? Rex Lapis never gave up his power as a god.
Childe: This level of crude response is beyond what is called for. How suspicious...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You think they're trying to hide the true culprit?
Childe: Or... to hide something else. Hard to say.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You think the Qixing did it and they're trying to pin it on someone else?
Childe: Your thinking is even more radical than my own, Honorary Knight.
Childe: Even now, the Northland Bank wouldn't be able to hold the Millelith off for long, but the adepti can clear you of any wrongdoing.
Childe: Liyue was founded by the Geo Archon and the adepti — of course, it was built by force.
Childe: Look for them. And be faster than the Qixing's messengers, so you may give your version of events first.
Childe: If there is anyone that can help you in Liyue now, it can only be the mighty and illuminated adepti.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Rite of Descension
Qǐng Xiān
Summoning Adepti
Qǐng Xiān
Japanese 迎仙
Greeting Adepti
Korean 청신
Request Adepti
Spanish Rito del DescensoRite of Descension
French Rituel de la descenteRitual of the Descent
Russian Церемония Сошествия
Tseremoniya Soshestviya
Ceremony of Descent
Thai อัญเชิญเซียน
Adepti Invitation
Vietnamese Thỉnh Tiên
German AdeptenzeremonieAdepti Ceremony
Indonesian Rite of Descension
Portuguese Ritual de DescensãoRitual of Descension

Change History

Released in Version 1.0