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Rice Buns are a food item that the player can cook. The recipe for Rice Buns is obtainable from Chef Mao for 1,125 Mora.

Depending on the quality, Rice Buns restore 8/9/10% of Max HP and an additional 800/1,000/1,200 HP to the target character. Like most foods, this can not target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Rice.png 1 Rice
  • Item Horsetail.png 1 Horsetail
  • Creates Rice Buns Rice Buns ×1


    • The Chinese name of the food translates to Rice Wowo (Chinese: 米窝窝 Mǐwōwō) and it likely refers to wotou (Chinese: 窝头 wōtóu, "nest-thing"), a type of steamed bread in the northern part of China.
      • Although today wotou is most commonly made of cornmeal, in the middle Qing period (circa 1800), it was called wowo (Chinese: 窝窝 wōwō) and primarily made of glutinous rice.[1]

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Rice Buns
    Japanese 米まんじゅう
    Kome Manjyuu
    Rice Manju
    Korean 쌀 찐빵
    Ssal Jjinppang
    Rice Steamed Buns
    Spanish Bolitas de harina de arroz
    French Boules de riz gluant Sticky Rice Balls
    Russian Рисовые пампушки
    Thai Rice Bun
    Vietnamese Bánh Gạo Rice Cake
    German Klebreisbällchen Glutinous Rice Buns
    Indonesian Rice Bun
    Portuguese Bolinha de Arroz

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.6