Rice is a Cooking Ingredient item used in recipes to create Food items.

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Crystal Shrimp Item Crystal Shrimp.png Cooking 3
Come and Get It Item Come and Get It.png Cooking 3
All-Delicacy Parcels Item All-Delicacy Parcels.png Cooking 3
No Tomorrow Item No Tomorrow.png Cooking 3
Stir-Fried Fish Noodles Item Stir-Fried Fish Noodles.png Cooking 2
Rice Buns Item Rice Buns.png Cooking 1
Universal Peace Item Universal Peace.png Cooking 4
Jueyun Guoba Item Jueyun Guoba.png Cooking 2
Prosperous Peace Item Prosperous Peace.png Cooking 4

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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