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Rhodeia's Rage is the boss variant of Rhodeia of Loch during the event Wishful Drops.

Boss Description

The Oceanid of Qingce has become unusually boisterous and filled with rage. She shall unleash the power that she once possessed as the foremost of Oceanid spies, which will make her more difficult to face than ever before.

In-game description

Abilities and Attacks

Unlike in the Regular Oceanid bossfight, Rhodeia can now be attacked directly, although defeating her Hydro Mimics Ferret and Boars will still deal slight damage to her HP.

Rhodeia will use powerful new attacks during this event. Some of her stronger attacks can be avoided via use of the Fitful Rapids that periodically appear in the arena, which will also allow Bow characters to safely target Rhodeia. However, Rhodeia herself cannot be Frozen by Cryo damage.

  • Fin Slash: Rhodeia slashes at the player with her fins in either a vertical or horizontal motion. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Tail Slam: Rhodeia slams her tail down on the ground, sometimes generating three Hydro explosions in front of her. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Dash: Rhodeia lowers herself to the surface and rushes towards the player. Can use this attack three times in a row. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Vortex: Rhodeia creates whirlpools on random spots on the arena that act as obstacles, limiting the player's movements and dealing Hydro damage over time.
  • Hydro Missiles: Rhodeia fires 2-4 missiles that home in on the player similar to a Ruin Guard's missiles. Can be avoided by keeping distance from Rhodeia, or can be destroyed by bow users.
  • Hydro Bombs: Rhodeia creates 1-2 orbs of water that chase after the player before exploding in a short time, dealing AoE Hydro damage. Can be avoided by simply keeping away from the bombs, or can be destroyed by a bow user. The AoE is shorter than the Water Bombs in the normal Oceanid fight.
  • Hydro Mimics: After taking damage (~75% health left), Rhodeia retreats from the battlefield and summons Hydro Mimics to attack the player. Unlike the normal Oceanid fight, Rhodeia will only summon Boars, Ferrets, and Crabs. The constant rain in the arena will periodically heal the Boars. Defeating the Boars and Ferrets will decrease Rhodeia's HP.
    • Boars will charge at the player (can change direction unlike normal) and fire blasts of Hydro.
    • Ferrets will lash out at the player with their tails, fire blades of Hydro from their tails, and perform a divebomb attack in which it launches itself upwards and then pounces forward.
    • Crabs will strafe around the player, spitting bubbles that deal Hydro damage over time. Defeating these will not affect Rhodeia's HP and mainly serve as distractions. They have far less HP than normal Oceanid creatures and can be defeated easily.
  • Surge of Vengeance: Rhodeia will move to the center of the arena and conjure a large ball of Hydro that she will throw to the ground, dealing massive Hydro damage throughout the arena. Can be avoided by either using the Fitful Rapids or by diving into the water around the arena.
  • River-Carving Rapids: Rhodeia targets the player with a lock-on before firing a massive stream of water from her eye. Can be avoided using the Fitful Rapids or can be withstood using Shields. Using I-frames can grant a few moments of invulnerability. Note that in Co-op, Rhodeia only targets one player, so the others should stay away from the target.


Like the original bossfight, Rhodeia is weak to the same characters as before; even more so thanks to her larger hitbox. However, there are a few differences: Shielding characters like Zhongli, Noelle, Xinyan, Diona, and Beidou's shield abilities will be able to nullify or remove all damage that may be created by Fitful Rapids, Vortex, and Surge of Vengeance, which are primarily what you should worry about. Their abilities are useful throughout the entire battle.

  • However, some of these characters have an awkwardly long cooldown time between shields, so do not hesitate to equip a Sacrificial weapon (Greatsword is currently the only useful variant for shield characters) if you find the cooldown of their special abilities too long. Zhongli, however, is the only character that does not have this problem, as his shield duration lasts 20 seconds, higher than his cooldown (12s).

Electro characters are incredibly useful here, as they are capable of creating the Electro-Charged effect, with good characters like Razor and Keqing. On the other hand, Catalyst users like Ningguang and Klee are useful for the Raptors, but Lisa is even better at destroying them, as she has Electro typing. Keep in mind that in general, casters are very squishy without Artifacts, so do not hesitate to equip and upgrade them. This is practically required at higher world levels, so either play cautious or kill quickly. Furthermore, as the battlefield is technically in very shallow water, Electro attacks can electrify the water itself, causing you to take large amounts of damage if not helpful, so a healer may be necessary. Otherwise, this can be avoided by moving away from the electrified area.

Kaeya and Chongyun are very good at freezing all types of water creatures the Oceanid summons, excluding the Hydro Mimic Raptor. Likewise, all other Cryo characters are useful here in the same way; Diona can freeze the birds and create a shield with Icy Paws. Qiqi is even more helpful here, as she is able to mark targets and heal your team; and keep note that whenever a target is marked, you have the effective health of four characters; allowing your team to heal regardless of who hits. Ganyu is incredible due to her area of effect burst and high damage. Do note that she cannot taunt enemies with her ability Trail of The Qilin, so only use her for area denial.

Should you find the cooldown of your Cryo characters to be too long, you could equip one of the Sacrificial weapons onto them. Admittedly, the base 40% chance is unreliable, so do not hesitate to refine your weapon. Otherwise, as mentioned previously, use a shield character for protection.

For obvious reasons, Hydro characters are useless here.

Sidestep to dodge Hydro Mimic Boar's charge attack. This is the same with the Hydro Mimic Ferrets.

As usual, the AoE radius of any shown damage indicator area in the ground cannot be trusted. You need to dodge farther away than shown.

Beware random water bombs and Rhoedia's Vortex- they effect a huge AoE, and if you are not sufficiently levelled, you may not survive it. Move quickly; else try to follow the options below, should you have the needed characters.

  • Invincible frames from certain Elemental Bursts can help avoid the damage.
  • Vertical movement (e.g. Venti's Skyward Sonnet, Keqing's Stellar Restoration) paired with a glide will get you over the blast wave.
  • A well-timed plunge attack into the water at the edges of the platform can allow characters to avoid the damage.


  • Rhodeia can be headshotted for critical hits.
  • Rhodeia does not count as a boss for the purposes of the Battle Pass.
  • Rhodeia needs to be beaten in your world to progress on the quest Life Flows On (II).


Rhodeia of Loch
Oceanid of Qingce
Battle Start An assassin from our homeland? Or a fool who trespasses upon the waters of Qingce?
Attacking Guh! (Tail Slam)
Gyah! (Tail Slam)
Hyah! (Fin Slash)
Dash The rising flood!
Hydro Bomb Contamination must be washed away!
Hydro Missiles There is no escape!
Summoning Hydro Mimics In the image of the wilderness.
Vortex Let the torrent surge forth!
River-Carving Rapids River-carving rapids!
Surge of Vengeance Surge of vengeance!


Change History

Released in Version 1.4