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Rhinedottir, also known as "Gold," is a researcher from Khaenri'ah and practitioner of the Art of Khemia. She is best known for her masterpieces, Durin and Albedo. As "Gold," she is also called the "Great Sinner."

She is linked to the cataclysm 500 years ago, which led to the fall of Khaenri'ah's Eclipse Dynasty and spawned monsters in the world of Teyvat.[1][2]


Unborn life, unfulfilled wishes,
Tragic dreams at the edge of the universal darkness that could never come true,
Indwell my body, and descend unto this world.

—Rhinedottir, in Durin's memories as narrated in Festering Desire

Rhinedottir is a proficient alchemist with mastery over the Art of Khemia, which was developed and practiced in Khaenri'ah. She is longtime friends with the adventurer Alice, though how they came to know each other or how long ago they met, given the longevity of Alice and Klee's race are currently unknown.

After discovering the Heart of Naberius with Albedo, she disappeared without a trace. However, she left Albedo with a note, a recommendation letter, and a piece of classical text. She tasked Albedo with finding the "truth and meaning of this world" as his final assignment.[3]


Based on the brief descriptions about her, it appears that Rhinedottir was an ambitious woman who sought erudition — and obtained the "apex achievement" of creating life itself.[4] She is highly skilled in alchemy and possesses a massive trove of knowledge, as both Albedo and Durin are creations that were only possible in the pinnacle of attainment and unimaginably vast learning that defies definition on a human scope.

This quality may have attracted the Abyss to her, and nurtured the "uncanny powers" that she used to wreak havoc on Teyvat.[Note 1]

According to Albedo, she was a cold and strict woman who would not hesitate to leave him if he had failed to keep up with her teachings about alchemy.


Rhinedottir was an alchemist and researcher who attained the pinnacle of both knowledge and alchemical prowess, thus coming to be known as "Gold." She was particularly proficient in the Art of Khemia and created all sorts of living beings, which she classified creations under several categories, including the "Alfisol" (Riftwolves), "Humus" (Durin), and "Cretaceus" (Albedo).

At some point, Rhinedottir created the dragon Durin, which she considered her masterpiece at the time. She also created Primordial Albedo as part of her Primordial Human Project, intended to create humans through alchemy. However, she deemed him a failure and left him within Durin's stomach.[5]

The Cataclysm

Five hundred years before the start of the game, a great disaster ravaged all of Teyvat around the same time that Khaenri'ah fell. Because of conflicting information given, it is currently uncertain whether Rhinedottir's creatures traveled to Teyvat first, thus attracting the attention of the gods in Celestia and The Seven which resulted in Khaenri'ah's destruction, or if Khaenri'ah's destruction at their hands caused Rhinedottir to send her creations to Teyvat.

From the perspective of the people of Teyvat, the fall of Khaenri'ah's Eclipse Dynasty led to a chain of disasters. Among them was the army of "shadowy monsters" created by "Gold," which then invaded Teyvat.[6] A contrasting perspective given by Durin's memories instead claim that Rhinedottir had sent him away from Khaenri'ah to "display [his] beauty,"[7] with any nefarious intentions left ambiguous, while the Riftwolves invaded Teyvat of their own volition.[8] It unknown whether she is aware of the havoc her creations caused.

Notably, both Dainsleif and Pierro, who are survivors from Khaenri'ah, have indicated that multiple figures from their nation were responsible for bringing down Celestia's wrath. Nevertheless, the role the Art of Khemia played in Khaenri'ah's downfall has put both Dainsleif and Venti on guard against it.[9][10]

After the Cataclysm

Rhinedottir apparently emerged relatively unscathed from the cataclysm. She eventually made a breakthrough in her Primordial Human Project and created the "perfect" Albedo, which she classified as "Cretaceus," and taught him everything she knew as they ventured in and out of domains. One day, they stumbled upon an item known as the Heart of Naberius. Shortly afterwards, Rhinedottir disappeared, leaving Albedo with the task of discovering the "truth and meaning of this world" and directing him to seek out help from Alice in Mondstadt.

Creations & Corruptions



The following are monsters that Rhinedottir did not actively create, and instead mutated through contact with her creations. According to Albedo, such mutated monsters can nonetheless be considered Rhinedottir's creations.[11]

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  • In the original release version of Breeze Amidst the Forest before update 1.2, Gold was referred to with (generic) male pronouns. After the release of The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event with Version 1.2, the text was updated with Gold's pronouns explicitly changed to be gender-neutral, as to not cause any confusion in regards to their unconfirmed sex.
    • The English version of Breeze Amidst the Forest characterizes Gold as "corrupted by their own greed and ambition." However, the equivalent sentence in the original Chinese text simply says that Gold was a "sinner."
  • In the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions, "Gold" is specified by a noun that means the metal "gold" in the respective language, rather than the transcription of the European surname "Gold."
    • In the Chinese version of The Snowy Past, Albedo calls her "Gold" Rhinedottir (Chinese: 「黄金」莱茵多特), indicating that "Gold" is a title.
  • In Dainsleif's character introduction, a "self-proclaimed prophet" says "Chalk pursues gold, in this time inopportune, the eclipse is swallowed by the crimson moon,"[12] which may be an allusion to Albedo, Rhinedottir, Khaenri'ah, and the cataclysm respectively.
    • "Chalk pursues gold" may be a metaphor for how Albedo, the Chalk Prince, hopes to reunite with Rhinedottir, who holds the title of "Gold," by completing his final assignment.
    • The final ruling dynasty of Khaenri'ah was the Eclipse Dynasty, while the visage of a crimson moon has been connected to the cataclysm — specifically, Celestia's role in Khaenri'ah's destruction.
    • Additionally, eclipse, chalk, crimson, and gold represent the four stages of the Magnum Opus of alchemy, each of which are represented by a color: nigredo (black), albedo (white), rubedo (red), citrinitas (yellow/gold).[Note 2]


  • Rhinedottir (Icelandic: Rhinedóttir) means "daughter of Rhine" in Icelandic and Old Norse and may be a reference to the Rhinemaidens. The Rhinemaidens, also known as Rheintöchter or Rhine daughters, are the keepers of the Rhinegold in Richard Wagner's opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen.


  1. Tartaglia's Character Stories say that the Abyss was attracted to the "burning ambition" in his heart, and he trained under the Abyssal swordswoman Skirk for three months. By the time he reemerged in Teyvat, only three days after his disappearance, he gained the ability to "stir up endless havoc" from his "trouble-mongering nature". It is likely that Rhinedottir was in a similar situation.
  2. Materials about classical alchemy differ on the order of citrinitas and rubedo. As far as Genshin is concerned, citrinitas comes after rubedo, as mentioned in Albedo's Feelings About Ascension.

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