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  1. Start the quest by talking to Kun
  2. Talk to Jifang
  3. Talk to Qingzhou
  4. Give a serving of Delicious Triple-Layered Consommé to Qingzhou
  5. Talk to Qingzhou
  6. Talk to Master Lu
  7. Chase the boars away
  8. Report back to Master Lu
  9. Report back to Baiwen


  • The Meadow of Gems quest item will disappear with the completion of the quest and is not recorded in the Archive.


(Talk to Kun)
Kun: These items are really hard to find...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is something wrong?
Kun: Oh, it's you. Do you still remember the affair with the Jade Chamber? Baiwen came over some days ago, saying that a schedule's already been drawn up for its reconstruction.
Kun: While it's impossible to finish the building so quickly, there are some small matters that can be prepared beforehand.
Kun: She gave me a checklist and told me to look through the items and see what I can easily get hold of, but also that I needn't go out of my way to get them all.
Kun: To be honest, though, I couldn't leave my post even if I wanted to. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is getting busier by the day, so I really don't know...
Kun: It would be great if you had the time to help me make the trip. Baiwen did look like she was rather anxious for this to get done...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me.
Kun: Thanks for the help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're really rebuilding the Jade Chamber?
Kun: I've heard Baiwen say that the schedule's already been sent out. But given how large that building is, I think that it will take some time to rebuild it...
Kun: They're just preparing some small items at the moment. Things will really get busy once they officially start the rebuilding process.
Kun: Let me see... Hmm, they first want a book called "Meadow of Gems," and some small bamboo ornaments.
Kun: You can ask Jifang about the book. As for the bamboo ornaments, I believe that Master Lu of Fanmu Carpenter's makes them.
Kun: I'm sorry, but I'll have to leave this matter in your hands. Hmm, but it would indeed be good if the Jade Chamber could be rebuilt...

(Talk to Jifang)
Jifang: Hi. Would you like to buy anything?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We'd like a copy of "Meadow of Gems."
Jifang: "Meadow of Gems"? We don't have it in stock here. Do you need it in a hurry?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, they're rebuilding the Jade Chamber...
Jifang: Are they really? Well, that would require proper preparation, yes. Let me think...
Jifang: Perhaps you can look for Qingzhou instead. He is extremely well-read — perhaps he might know where a copy of "Meadow of Gems" might be found.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Got it.
Jifang: If my memory serves, Qingzhou often lodges at the Wangshu Inn. You can try looking for him there.

(Talk to Qingzhou)
Qingzhou: A conundrum. Most vexing, indeed...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, uh, do you know anything about the "Meadow of Gems"?
Qingzhou: The "Meadow of Gems," you say? Yes, I do recall that book.
Qingzhou: I once went hither and thither in search of material with which to write a poem about merchants and happened upon this book in the process.
Qingzhou: I did not fully comprehend the book's contents, but some of its anecdotes proved most inspirational nonetheless.
Qingzhou: Let me try to recall the name of that poem. Pray, give me a moment...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do you remember where I can find that book?
Qingzhou: As, so you wish to locate that book? I must confess that no such place comes to mind...
Qingzhou: However, if you need it urgently, I could just write you out a copy of it myself.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Write it out?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg From memory?
Qingzhou: Ah, it was hardly a lengthy text. Memorizing it was no tall order.
Qingzhou: More to the point, the book collector wouldn't let me loan it out.
Qingzhou: And since poetry is not something that one can rush, I decided I'd simply write out a copy for my continued perusal... The book's contents were not very long, either, so I have it more or less memorized now.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's seriously impressive work...
Qingzhou: Ah, it is but a trifling matter, my liege. Still, perhaps you could do me a favor in exchange for the hand-written text.
Qingzhou: As embarrassing as this is... I have been so focused on gathering inspiration here that only now do I realize: I have completely forgotten to eat today. Suddenly, I feel rather ravenous.
Qingzhou: Could you help me get a serving of Triple-Layered Consommé? In exchange, I shall write you a copy of "Meadow of Gems."
Qingzhou: I believe that I should just about be done by the time you return.
(Talk to Qingzhou again)
Qingzhou: The "Meadow of Gems," how does it start... Ah yes, "Commerce and trade, like springs and streams, begin with the mountains and end with the seas..."

(Talk to Qingzhou)
Qingzhou: "This grand plan charts the course that will lead us, slowly but surely, to Liyue's longevity and the people's prosperity."
Qingzhou: Ah, you've returned. One moment, I am still penning the last few lines...
Qingzhou: Hmm... There. That should do it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Here's your Triple-Layered Consommé...
Qingzhou: Ah! That can wait, though — first, please see if the book is to your satisfaction. I trust that you will find my penmanship to be quite satisfactory.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This is seriously impressive work...
Qingzhou: Hahaha, you praise me excessively, my liege. This book is for you. Don't lose it, now.
(Gain Meadow of Gems)
(Talk to Qingzhou again)
Qingzhou: "There are those who lose their jobs and have no reliable source of food, nor a roof over their heads, they toil in vain in their barren fields. All the while, the wealthy merchants' residences overflow with gold and jade. What justice and uprightness is this?"
Qingzhou: Though this passage still speaks of the mercantile way, it reveals quite a fair amount more meaning upon closer reading...

(Talk to Master Lu)
Master Lu: Hmm? Do you need anything?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd like to order some small ornaments made of bamboo...
Master Lu: Small bamboo ornaments, you say? I could do it, but may I know where this order is coming from?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's from this checklist of Baiwen's...
Master Lu: Oho... an order from Yuehai Pavilion, is it? Well then, I suppose I should complete it as quickly as I can, then.
Master Lu: There is one problem, though: the bamboo forest that I frequently gather materials from has suddenly become occupied by a great many boars, for reasons unknown to me.
Master Lu: Though it is not much of a problem, I often have to go around them to collect bamboo...
Master Lu: If you could chase those boars out, I can go and collect some bamboo now, and we can begin work right away.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me.
Master Lu: I shall wait for you here, then. Once you have chased those boars out, come back and give me a shout.
(Talk to Master Lu again)
Master Lu: Hmm, small bamboo ornaments...

(Approach the boars)
Paimon: There are so many boars here... Let's send them all packing!
(After the first few boars are gone)
Paimon: More boars over here, time to shoo them off!
(After all the boars are gone)
Paimon: Well, that should be all of them. Let's go back to Master Lu.

Master Lu: So, have you chased those boars away?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg All of 'em.
Master Lu: That will do. I shall head over to collect bamboo in a while. Once the ornaments are ready, I shall have them delivered directly to Yuehai Pavilion.
Master Lu: This order is quite large. There's quite the sum to be made here...
(After cutscene ends)
Paimon: Well, that's that settled. Let's head back to Yuehai Pavilion and inform Baiwen — and let's pass her this book in the meantime, shall we?
(Talk to Master Lu again)
Master Lu: Hmm, small bamboo ornaments...

(Talk to Baiwen)
Baiwen: Hello, can I help you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, about those preparations you've been making...
Baiwen: This is... the "Meadow of Gems"? Where did you get this book? I've searched high and low throughout Liyue, and I couldn't find it even so...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Qingzhou hand-wrote a copy for me.
Baiwen: That poet? Hmm, it seems that his reputation is well-founded...
Baiwen: Thank you for your help in preparing these objects. Once Master Lu sends those ornaments over, I will also arrange for him to receive appropriate compensation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, you're rebuilding the Jade Chamber, huh...
Baiwen: Indeed, we do have plans to do so. But with the number of things we will need to prepare, there is still much work to be done. I doubt that we can finish rebuilding it quickly.
Baiwen: Not to mention our biggest material headache, which we have yet to find a solution to...
Baiwen: Never mind, I shall not speak of it. Thanks for your help once again — and please, accept these for your aid. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my work.


  • It is likely that the material that Baiwen says "will be a headache to get" is Plausterite, the greenish mineral with anti-gravity properties that allows for floating platforms. The Lantern Rite festival of 2021 states that the shard by the Skybracer sculpture is the largest they've had in 20 years (and it is only a fraction of the size of the Jade Chamber), indicating that Plausterite is a rare and expensive material, and for the Jade Chamber to float, it will need a large amount.

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