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The Resurgent Cryo Regisvine - Extracted some extraordinary life force... is a special event boss for Act IV of The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.


During Act IV: Uninvited Guest, Reckless Pallad was found by Sucrose, Albedo, and the Traveler while discussing Festering Desire. While the group was attacked by the Fatui, he developed hypothermia and afterwards stumbled towards the sword, thinking it to be a heat source. He knocked the sword onto the ground, resulting in its restorative powers being transferred to the stump of a dead Cryo Regisvine, transforming it into the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine.

This boss has two different versions of its fight: the first, during the Uninvited Guests story quest, can only be fought once; and the second, fought during Frostborn Miracle, has slightly different mechanics. Both fights are located south of the waypoint at Entombed City - Outskirts.

The second fight can be repeated indefinitely and upon completion, gives the player 100-150 Miraculous Essence, depending on World Level.


Phase Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
Base 130% 110% 110% 110% 170% 110% 110%
Stunned 30% 10% 10% 10% 70% 10% 10%

The following table describes the level scaling. Note that values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

1 802 152 505
5 1,805 255 525
10 3,153 407 550
15 5,616 643 575
20 9,737 1,004 600
25 12,596 1,371 625
30 16,201 1,639 650
35 22,975 1,974 675
40 29,643 2,450 700
45 39,525 3,049 725
50 54,961 3,779 750
55 67,616 4,477 775
60 92,194 5,322 800
65 109,812 6,284 825
70 143,572 7,346 850
75 164,129 8,376 875
80 204,223 9,452 900
85 224,668 10,279 925
90 267,895 11,419 950
95 305,237 13,099 975
100 404,416 14,773 1,000


During the fight, the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine's power will erupt. Seeds of Winter will be generated, and the player needs to break them to generate shields that protect against this eruption. Breaking the seeds generally takes 1-2 Normal Attacks. Otherwise, the player will continuously take large amounts of Cryo DMG.

This boss is unique to The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event. While retaining most of its Normal Attacks, it also has new attacks up its sleeve:

First Phase

In the first phase, the boss cannot be attacked directly and is protected by a shield made out of Frost Thorns. The player must use Scarlet Quartz-imbued attacks to destroy three of the Frost Thorns.

  • Minor threats such as Cryo Slimes (or Large Cryo Slimes and Cryo Whopperflowers if playing in Co-Op) will continuously spawn during this phase. The player must defeat these minor threats in order to obtain Scarlet Quartz used to break the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine's shield.
  • Ice rain will leave patches of Cryo, dealing additional Cryo DMG when walking within its AoE.
  • When the Frost Thorn shield is broken, the Regisvine reawaken, behaving like its original incarnation. Simply attack its weak spots to stun it, leaving it vulnerable to subsequent combo attacks.
    • A Snowstorm will also be summoned at the beginning of the reawakening phase.

Second Phase

After recovering, a Seed of Winter will periodically spawn near Ruin Braziers (Strangely, the navigation shows a Commission icon). This is a clear warning that the boss will soon spawn a powerful attack that can almost guarantee a team wipe out if not avoided.

  • The boss will erupt its powers to summon a deadly snowstorm that puts the whole stage into a huge patch of Cryo, dealing tremendous damage per second. Usually 3 ticks will be enough to kill a character.
    • Afterwards, it will perform its usual three-smash combo in which trails of icicles will erupt on the ground and then will erupt again. Both attacks will be done three times.
  • The Seed of Winter will generate a Cryo shield that shields the player(s) against the eruption but not its three-smash attacks.
  • Three Scarlet Quartzes will spawn periodically during this phase.

Final Phase

Upon spending all of its power, the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine will blast ice to the inner ring to create a path of damaging ice before it rises up to conjure a blizzard, raining down ice shards to the player characters. After this, the cycle of phases will repeat again.


During Uninvited Guests

  • This version of the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine can be fought like a regular Cryo Regisvine.
  • You will still have to break Seeds of Winter to protect against the power eruption of the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine.

During Frostborn Miracle

  • This version can be fought in co-op, which will reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a run and is useful for farming.
  • Note that in co-op, the enemies spawned alongside the boss (typically small Slimes) are upgraded to Whopperflowers and large slimes, making it harder to obtain crystal agate. Therefore, the boss is arguably more challenging on co-op mode without the right teammates.

General Tips

  • Unlike most other bosses, accessing the inventory does not pause the battle. If you want to revive or heal, be sure to do so quickly or while protected by Seed of Winter shields.
  • The use of Barbara as a healer is risky, just like the fight with Andrius, as you might get frozen while dodging.
  • The use of the event weapon Festering Desire is highly recommended. Complete the previous 3 Acts to unlock the weapon's event-exclusive abilities and equip it onto your strongest sword-using character. The event abilities effectively double the sword's DPS.
  • Bring 2 Pyro characters if obtained, as this not only boosts your attack by 25% via the Elemental Resonance, but it also allows you to take down the root shield efficiently using Pyro Elemental Skills and Bursts.

First Phase

  • When the battle commences, icicles will rain from above. An indicator will appear on the ground before the icicle appears, leaving 1–2 seconds to dodge.
  • Stay around the Ruin Braziers if possible to enter the rest of the boss fight with minimal sheer cold, as you will not have much time to heat up in the second phase.
  • The icicles deal considerable Cryo DMG and tend to target the location of or around your character.
  • Icicles leave patches of ice that do low Cryo DMG if stepped on.
  • After 20 seconds, the icicle rain will cease. This allows you to focus on damaging the slimes to obtain crimson agates. Try to defeat enough slimes and sprint to melt the frost thorns before the icicle rain commences again

Second Phase

  • After the shield is broken, the boss will charge up like the normal Cryo Regisvine. Place down Xiangling's Guoba or Amber's Baron Bunny if you are using said characters.
  • When the HP bar for the shield appears, attack it with Pyro attacks. Anemo attacks work relatively well as they can Swirl Pyro for further damage.
  • Pick up Crimson Agates to deal Pyro DMG and melt the shield.
  • It has 4 main attacks that are identical in nature to the normal Cryo Regisvine:
    • A faceplant, which deals damage down a straight line. It can be dodged by dashing aside just before the Regisvine's corolla hits the ground.
    • A body slam, which deals damage in a large circular area around the boss. You can dodge by using the immunity frame of the dash, or simply dash out of the attack's area of effect
    • A blast of about 10 homing icicles, which deal moderate Cryo DMG if all are allowed to connect. There is no need to dodge all of them, but most can be dodged by dashing just before they hit the player
    • Two ice beams shot in an X-pattern. Dodge by dashing directly left or right, or towards the boss.
  • After the shield is down, the boss is stunned just like the normal Regisvine for 15 seconds.
  • Hit the boss with your strongest attacks. The Overloaded reaction works well as it deals Pyro DMG, and the contributing Pyro and Electro elements both deal bonus damage to the Cryo boss. However, the boss cannot be frozen by Hydro attacks at any point.
  • You can pick up Crimson Agates for additional Pyro DMG - if a decently leveled Festering Desire with abilities unlocked is used, it can take out up to a third of the boss's HP in one hit.
  • If you cannot deal more than a third of the boss's health in this entire DPS window, it is a sign that your characters and gear may be underleveled, and defeating the boss will require more time and skill.

Third Phase

  • After recovering from the first knockdown, a Seed of Winter will periodically spawn near Ruin Braziers (Strangely, the navigation shows a Commission icon). This is a clear warning that the boss will soon spawn a powerful attack (indicated by its "power erupting") that can almost guarantee a team wipeout if not avoided.
  • After the initial location of the Seed of Winter is indicated, you have 5 seconds to rush there and attack the seed (which should break in 1-2 hits) to activate the shield. The shield will protect you from the full duration of the attack once activated.
  • The eruption destroys any remaining Crimson Agates on the battlefield.
  • While protected, you have a 10-second window to revive and heal any fallen characters. Alternatively, use Amber's Charged Attack to hit the boss's shield, which is now on its corolla.
  • After the attack ends, the shield will dissipate and the boss will carry out 3 successive faceplant attacks. It is recommended that you focus on dodging them instead of breaking the boss's shield as you will soon need to break the next Seed of Winter and shield yourself from the power eruption. If knocked down by the faceplants, you might not make it to the seed in time.

Final Phase

  • This sequence (power eruption, then faceplant) happens thrice assuming you do not break the corolla shield. After the third power eruption, the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine will blast ice to the inner ring to create a path of damaging ice before it rises up to conjure a blizzard, raining down ice shards to the player characters. This hinders visibility somewhat and the shield shifts back to the roots.
  • Take down the shield with the same strategy that you did before while dodging the raining icicles, except that your approach needs to be more offensive. Save the Elemental Bursts of your Pyro characters for this phase as it is challenging to deal consistent damage to the shield while dodging the nonstop attacks.
  • If you do not defeat the boss in this DPS window, the cycle repeats with Seeds of Winter respawning around Ruin Braziers.

Known Bugs

Certain bugs can be encountered in Co-op mode:

  • When starting the match, the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine may be seen idling.[1]
  • The Resurgent Cryo Regisvine may unusually also perform its Blizzard attack despite it only does this in the final phase.[2]
    • Aside from this, it may also keep on performing its spin attack where it fills the surrounding ground with patches of Cryo.
  • Sometimes the shield provided by Seeds of Winter will disappear during the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine's eruption, thus resulting in a wipe out.[3]
    • Strangely, one of the player characters in the team will be left unharmed.
  • In the First Phase, when the Cryo shield that encases the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine is broken, sometimes it will not be awakened at all.[4]

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Resurgent Cryo Regisvine
Fùshēng de Jí Dòng Shù
Resurrected Cryo Regisvine
Fùshēng de Jí Dòng Shù
Japanese 復活した急凍樹
Korean 부활한 얼음 나무
Buhwalhan Eol'eum Namu
Revived Ice Tree
Spanish Regisvid Cryo resucitadaResurrected Cryo Regisvine
French Arbre congelé ressuscitéResurrected Frozen Tree
Russian Оживающий Крио папоротник
Ozhivayushchiy Krio paporotnik
Thai Resurgent Cryo Regisvine
Vietnamese Cây Cấp Đông Hồi Sinh
German Wiederauferstehender FluxeisbaumResurrected Flux Ice Tree
Indonesian Resurgent Cryo Regisvine
Portuguese Cryo Regisvine RessuscitadoResurrected Cryo Regisvine

Change History

Released in Version 1.2