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The daily reset occurs at 04:00 (4 AM), based on your server's time zone. The weekly reset occurs each Monday, also at 04:00 (4 AM).

Server Reset
Daily Reset Weekly Reset

Daily Reset

On daily reset, the player will receive:

Also affected by daily reset:

Most shops refresh their stock at daily reset every day, every two days or every three days; this reset can vary from vendor to vendor but also from item to item, even if they are sold by the same vendor.

Weekly Reset

Affected by weekly reset:

Other Resets

Not all resets are bound to server reset times; most items and common enemies in the overworld appear to respawn based on the time you harvested or defeated them.

Respawns 12 hours after harvest

  • All animals and insects considered as Wildlife. Weasel Thieves are an exception and do not seem to respawn at all after they are defeated once.
  • Common Enemies that are not part of an Elite Enemy's group. Common Enemies that are part of such a group will respawn along with the Elite Enemy at daily reset instead.

Respawns 24 hours (1 day) after harvest

Respawns 48 hours (2 days) after harvest

Respawns 72 hours (3 days) after harvest


Chests do not respawn, and they do not 'spawn in' with AR/WL increase either. The illusion of that happening is usually created by certain chests being 'phased out' by various quests, one-time or repeatable ones; some chests have also been found to randomly not spawn on some days without any apparent reason, though possibly depending on the day of the week. That said, all chests exist in the game at the point of character creation.


Normal Bosses like Pyro Regisvine and Anemo Hypostasis will respawn 3 minutes after the rewards are collected from the Ley Line Blossom. The player must also leave the area where the boss was fought. The simplest way is to teleport to the nearest Waypoint or Statue of The Seven and walk back to the boss's location. Logging out of the game also works.