Reputation (AKA City Reputation) is a progression system tied to each nation. Reputation can be obtained from completing bounties, requests, world exploration, and quests. Rewards include Recipes, Forging Blueprints, Crafting Blueprints, Namecards, and Wind Gliders. Unlike the Frostbearing Tree, Reputation tasks can still be done even when Reputation has been maxed.

Unlocking the Reputation system is per nation and requires the player to clear World Quests which become available after reaching a certain Adventure Rank and clearing specific Archon Quests:

When Reputation Level 8 has been reached for a city, no more Reputation EXP can be obtained. Bounties and Requests can still be completed to obtain Mora.

Reputation EXP Sources

Weekly Bounties

Bounties are completed by accepting a bounty from Hertha (Mondstadt) or Ms. Yu (Liyue), going to the specified location(s), using Elemental Sight to find the enemy, defeating the enemy, and claiming the bounty reward from the Reputation NPC.

A total of 3 bounties can be completed each week, this limit is shared between nations. It should be noted that the bounties available reset after completing one so the highest bounty can be completed 3 times.

Weekly Requests

Requests are completed by accepting a quest from the Reputation NPC. After accepting a request, they are treated as World Quests and can be navigated to from the Quests menu. Requests are completed by submitting the requested item(s) to NPCs that put out the Requests.

A total of 3 requests across all nations can be completed each week.

Request Reputation Mora
Mondstadt Requests 40 20,000
Liyue Requests

World Exploration

World Exploration is progressed by solving puzzles, opening Chests, and making offerings to Statues of The Seven.

Exploration Progress Reputation Mora
20% 100 20,000
40% 100 20,000
60% 100 20,000


Quest Type Reputation
Archon Quest Act 100
World Quests 20
Quest Type Archon Quest Act World Quest Total Reputation
Count Reputation Count Reputation
Mondstadt 3 300 19 380 680
Liyue 3 300 37 680 1,040

Reputation Levels

Level Next Lv Total EXP
1 400 0
2 420 400
3 440 820
4 460 1,260
5 480 1,720
6 500 2,200
7 520 2,700
8 - 3,220

Reputation Level Rewards


Level Reward Feature
2 Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search
4 Mondstadt Merchant Discounts
(Good Hunter & Mondstadt General Goods)
8 The Achievement "Megastar in Mondstadt" is obtained.


Level Reward Feature
2 Liyue Mining Outcrop Search
4 Liyue Merchant Discounts
(Wanmin Restaurant & Second Life)
8 The Achievement "Legend in Liyue" is obtained.


Change History

Released in Version 1.1


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