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Remarkable Chests are special chests found on Tsurumi Island that give Furnishing Blueprints.

Some Remarkable Chests only spawn upon progressing through the Through the Mists World Quest series. Additionally, some appear to spawn (after the daily reset) at places where previous chests had been opened.

The Remarkable Chests count towards the "Lost Treasure Hunter" achievement. Though there is no achievement directly related to Remarkable Chests, the total number of Remarkable Chests found can be checked on the HoYoLAB app under "Battle Chronicle."

List of Furnishings

Furnishing Blueprints

Learning these blueprints allows players to create furnishings using the Creation system. Most Remarkable Chests for these blueprints are unlocked by defeating the surrounding enemies.

There are 39 Furnishing Blueprints:

Furnishing Set and Gift Set Blueprints

Some Remarkable Chests for these blueprints are unlocked by completing the puzzle that appears from activating Mysterious Carvings with Peculiar Pinion.

There are 7 Furnishing Set and Gift Set Blueprints:


Video Guides

All Remarkable Chest Locations

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishRemarkable Chest
Qí Kuì Bǎoxiāng
Strange Gift Treasure Chest
Qí Kuì Bǎoxiāng
Japaneseちん たからばこ
Chinki-na Takarabako[2]
Strange Treasure Chest
Sinmyo-han Bomulsangja
Mysterious Treasure Chest
SpanishCofre extraño
FrenchCoffre étrangeStrange Chest
RussianУдивительный сундук
Udivitel'nyy sunduk
Hip sombat pralat
VietnameseRương Kỳ Dị
GermanBesondere TruheSpecial Chest
IndonesianRemarkable Chest
PortugueseBaú Estranho

Change History

Released in Version 2.2