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Refinement Materials are Character Development Items used to increase the Refinement Rank of specific Weapons. They can be obtained from Events or Fishing Associations.

List of Refinement Materials[]

There are 19 Refinement Materials:

Item Weapon Source
Festering Dragon Marrow Festering Dragon Marrow Festering Desire Festering Desire The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Event
"The Visible Winds" "The Visible Winds" Windblume Ode Windblume Ode Invitation of Windblume Event
"Fragments of Innocence" "Fragments of Innocence" Dodoco Tales Dodoco Tales Midsummer Island Adventure Event
Emperor's Balsam Emperor's Balsam Luxurious Sea-Lord Luxurious Sea-Lord Moonlight Merriment Event
Ako's Sake Vessel Ako's Sake Vessel "The Catch" "The Catch" Inazuma Fishing Association
Alkahest Alkahest Cinnabar Spindle Cinnabar Spindle Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event
Ointment of Sight Ointment of Sight Oathsworn Eye Oathsworn Eye Three Realms Gateway Offering Event
Glowing Gem Glowing Gem Fading Twilight Fading Twilight Perilous Trail Event
Original Fish Ointment Original Fish Ointment End of the Line End of the Line Sumeru Fishing Association
Plume of the Changing Winds Plume of the Changing Winds Missive Windspear Missive Windspear Of Ballads and Brews Event
Parasol Talcum Parasol Talcum Toukabou Shigure Toukabou Shigure Akitsu Kimodameshi Event
Unfading Silky Grace Unfading Silky Grace Mailed Flower Mailed Flower Windblume's Breath Event
Congealed Pupa Wax Congealed Pupa Wax Ibis Piercer Ibis Piercer Duel! The Summoners' Summit! Event
Martens' Omni-Fix Martens' Omni-Fix Fleuve Cendre Ferryman Fleuve Cendre Ferryman Fontaine Fishing Association
Dandelion Bookmark Dandelion Bookmark Ballad of the Boundless Blue Ballad of the Boundless Blue Waterborne Poetry Event
Surging Sacred Chalice Surging Sacred Chalice Sword of Narzissenkreuz Sword of Narzissenkreuz Converted from Drained Conch Cup at the "Little Fountain" in Annapausis
Super-Duper Invincible Shining Sparkly Magic Crystal Super-Duper Invincible Shining Sparkly Magic Crystal Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword Roses and Muskets Event
"Exalted Earth" "Exalted Earth" Dialogues of the Desert Sages Dialogues of the Desert Sages Alchemical Ascension Event
Cam and Cables of Law Cam and Cables of Law Cloudforged Cloudforged Mutual Security Enhancing Simulation Event


  • When using a Refinement Material to refine a Weapon, multiple can be used at once into increase multiple Refinement Ranks by pressing the "Refine" button very quickly.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial Name
EnglishRefinement Material
Jīngliàn Sùcái
Jīngliàn Sùcái
Seiren Sozai
Korean재련 재료
Jaeryeon Jaeryo
SpanishMaterial de refinamiento
FrenchMatériau de raffinement
RussianМатериал пробуждения
Material probuzhdeniya
VietnameseNguyên Liệu Tinh Luyện
IndonesianMaterial Refinement
PortugueseMaterial de Refinamento
TurkishSaflaştırma Malzemesi
ItalianMateriale di miglioramento

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