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Red Pepper and Turmeric is Xiangling's Default Character Outfit.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Red Pepper and Turmeric
Jiāo hóng jiānghuáng
Red Pepper and Turmeric
Jiāo hóng jiānghuáng
Japanese 赤唐辛子と黄生姜
Akatoukarashi to ki shouga
Red Pepper and Yellow Ginger
Korean 홍고추와 황생강
Honggochu-wa Hwangsaenggang
Red Pepper and Yellow Ginger
Spanish Especias picantes Spicy Spices
French Poivre rouge et curcuma Red Pepper and Turmeric
Russian Острый перец и куркума
Ostryy perets i kurkuma
Hot Pepper and Turmeric
Thai เชฟผู้ร้อนแรง
Chef phu ronraeng
Chef of Spiciness
Vietnamese Đỏ Tiêu Vàng Nghệ Red Pepper and Yellow Turmeric
German Peperoni und Kurkuma Red Pepper and Turmeric
Indonesian Red Pepper and Turmeric
Portuguese Pimenta Vermelho-Cúrcuma Turmeric-Red Pepper

Change History

Released in Version 1.0