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Red Dead of Night Discount.png
Duration: July 13, 2022 11:00:00 AM GMT+8 – August 22, 2022 03:59:59 AM
(Asia) Ends in: 5d 11h 56m 33s (Update)
(EU) Ends in: 5d 18h 56m 33s (Update)
(NA) Ends in: 6d 0h 56m 33s (Update)

Diluc's outfit "Red Dead of Night" is available at a limited-time discount in the Shop!

Discount Period

After the Version 2.8 update – 2022/08/22 03:59:59

Outfit Details

  • Diluc's outfit "Red Dead of Night" will be permanently available in the Shop after the Version 2.8 update.
  • Diluc's outfit "Red Dead of Night" will also feature additional idle animations, combat special effects, combat voice lines, and chat voicelines.
  • The price of the outfit after discount is 1,980 Genesis Crystals. The price will revert to 2,480 Genesis Crystals after the limited-time discount ends. The outfit can only be purchased once.
  • The outfit can be viewed in Character > Dressing Room > Outfit after purchase.
  • Travelers who do not have Diluc can still purchase the outfit, which can be viewed in the Character Archive after purchase.

Change History

Released in Version 2.8