Prank-prone rascals with a slim and agile form. These weasels are red from head to toe and are highly proficient in hunting bugs and lizards. Red-Tailed Weasels are very visible, but many predators who fear fire keep their distance due to the similarity between the weasels' coloration and the flames of Pyro.

in-game description from the Archive, Living Beings Weasel Section.


Upon killing a Red-Tailed Weasel you will get one piece of Raw Meat.

If it is your first kill you will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


  • This creature is non-aggressive. After you eliminate it's hiding place (which is the large amber rocks that it is encased in on Mt. Hulao) it will immediately run and eventually de-spawn out of the world until you revisit the area later on.


  • This enemy can be found encased in any of the Large Amber rocks on or near Mt. Hulao. It will spawn randomly within any of these rocks. Upon breaking the large amber rock, It will immediately start to run away if your attack did not hit it. It is recommended to use an AoE skill or attack. Using Noelle's charged claymore spin attack will increase your odds of hitting the weasel. If you are successful in hitting it you will see a raw meat drop and it will be added to your in-game archive. The in-game archive allows you to view the 3D model of the creature and in the case of enemies a kill count will be displayed on the bottom left.



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