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A slender, amphibious fish that has the peculiar habit of warming itself up at the shallows or sandbanks.
Young unagi tend to be transparent throughout, and will only gain their beautiful vermillion ear-fins and red-and-yellow splotches as they mature. Apart from being used as high-end ingredients, they are also often kept as ornamental fish.

Archive Description

Red-Finned Unagi is a species of Unagi which can be in Inazuma, notably on Watatsumi Island. It normally can be found with its upper body sticking out the water. After catching one Unagi, nearby ones will normally hide and disappear.

If Sayu is in the party, her utility passive skill Yoohoo Art: Silencer's Secret can be used and it won't be startled.



Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Red-Finned Unagi
赤鳍陆鳗鳗[• 1]
Chì Qí Lù Mán-mán
赤鰭陸鰻鰻[• 1]
Chì Qí Lù Mán-mán
Japanese 赤鰭陸ウナギ
Korean 붉은 지느러미 육지 뱀장어
Spanish Anguila de aleta roja[• 2]
French Unagi à nageoires rouges
Russian Краснопёрый унаги
Krasnopyoryy unagi
Thai Red-Finned Unagi
Vietnamese Unagi Đỏ Thẫm
German Rotflossen-Unagi
Indonesian Red-Finned Unagi
Portuguese Unagi de Nadadeira Vermelha
  1. 1.0 1.1 ZH Literal Meaning: Red Fin Terrestrial Unagi-Unagi
  2. ES Literal Meaning: Red-Finned Eel

Change History

Released in Version 2.1