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Realm Currency is used to exchange for items at the Realm Depot through Tubby and the Traveling Depot through Chubby.

Realm currency is collected from Tubby and is found at the bottom of the Trust Rank screen next to the trust rank rewards. Realm Currency generates over time at a rate between 4/hour and 30/hour depending on the amount of Adeptal Energy you have in your realm.

There is a maximum amount of realm currency Tubby can hold (2400 at Trust Rank 10). When it is maxed, there is a sidebar on the player's map stating "Maximum Realm Currency".

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Realm Currency
Japanese 洞天宝銭
Korean 선계 화폐
Spanish Intramora
French Pièces du royaumeRealm Coins
Russian Сокровища обители
Thai Realm Currency
Vietnamese Tiền Động Tiên
German Kannentaler
Indonesian Realm Currency
Portuguese Moeda do ParaísoCurrency of the Paradise[• 1]
  1. PT: Moeda can mean both "coin" and "currency"

Change History

Released in Version 1.5