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The Real Deal Fruit Stand is a creatable Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot.

The blueprint for Real Deal Fruit Stand is obtainable from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×160.


First time creation grants Trust Trust ×60.

Icon_Creation_Small.pngCreation for 14 hours
  • Item Fir Wood.png 8 Fir Wood
  • Item Fabric.png 4 Fabric
  • Creates Real Deal Fruit Stand Real Deal Fruit Stand ×1

    Furnishing Sets

    There are 1 items that can be crafted using Real Deal Fruit Stand:

    Item Craft Type Recipe
    Furnishing Set Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart ×1
    Real Deal Fruit Stand Real Deal Fruit Stand ×1
    Fruit Seller's Caution Fruit Seller's Caution ×1
    Fruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest Bounties Fruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest Bounties ×1

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name
    English Real Deal Fruit Stand
    Japanese 掛け値なしの果物露店
    Korean 질도 좋고 값도 싼 과일 노점
    Spanish Puesto de fruta a precio de ganga
    French Étal de fruits bon marché
    Russian Прилавок с фруктами по хорошей цене
    Thai แผงขายผลไม้ของแท้ราคาถูก
    Vietnamese Sạp Trái Cây Hàng Ngon Giá Tốt
    German Preiswerter Obststand
    Indonesian Kios Buah Asli dengan Harga Bagus
    Portuguese Barraca de Frutas em Promoção

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.5