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A fluorescent greatsword with no sharp edge that crushes enemies with brute force and raw power.

Rainslasher (Chinese: 雨裁) is a Liyue claymore.

Ascensions and Stats

Level Base
2nd Stat
(Elemental Mastery)
0✦ 1/20 42 36
20/20 109 64
Ascension Cost (0 → 1)
Item Mora.png 5,000 Mora
1✦ 20/40 135 64
40/40 205 93
Ascension Cost (1 → 2)
Item Mora.png 15,000 Mora
2✦ 40/50 231 93
50/50 266 107
Ascension Cost (2 → 3)
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
3✦ 50/60 292 107
60/60 327 122
Ascension Cost (3 → 4)
Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora
4✦ 60/70 353 122
70/70 388 136
Ascension Cost (4 → 5)
Item Mora.png 35,000 Mora
5✦ 70/80 414 136
80/80 449 151
Ascension Cost (5 → 6)
Item Mora.png 45,000 Mora
6✦ 80/90 475 151
90/90 510 165

Total Cost (0 → 6)

Item Mora.png 150,000 Mora


A dimly fluorescent greatsword with no sharp edge.
Years ago it was known as the "Beacon of the Nether" by the mountain bandits.
Seeing it meant there was no way back.
The only way was forward, towards the end of one's life.

"Formless, like the rain that cuts through rain. Weightless, like the light that pierces light."
"Untouchable, moving like a snake. Inescapable, as sword's stare and polearm's glance."

The Rainslasher was named out of reverence for its master. Originally it had no name.
The blade's first and final master was a martial nomad who went by the name of Guhua.

It is said that he was an adeptus. While Guhua lived, bandits dared not act and the wilderness knew a peace like that of the city.
Allegedly, at the end of his journey he ascended in a purple haze and became a star.[Note 1]

One to whom Guhua had shown kindness founded what is now known as the Guhua School in his honor. But no school is destined to last forever.



Event Wishes

Rainslasher was promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 4 Event Wishes:

Wish Featured Duration
Wish Epitome Invocation 2020-11-11.jpg
Epitome Invocation 2020-11-11
Weapon Rainslasher.pngRainslasher
Weapon Rust.pngRust
November 11, 2020 – December 1, 2020
Wish Epitome Invocation 2021-05-18.png
Epitome Invocation 2021-05-18
Weapon Rainslasher.pngRainslasher
Weapon Rust.pngRust
May 18, 2021 – June 8, 2021
Wish Epitome Invocation 2021-08-10.png
Epitome Invocation 2021-08-10
Weapon Rainslasher.pngRainslasher
August 10, 2021 – August 31, 2021
Wish Epitome Invocation 2021-11-02.png
Epitome Invocation 2021-11-02
Weapon Rainslasher.pngRainslasher
November 2, 2021 – November 23, 2021

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Rainslasher
Yǔ cái
Rain Cutter
Yǔ cái
Japanese 雨裁
Rain Cutter
Korean 빗물 베기
Bitmul Begi
Rainwater Cutting
Spanish Segadora de la LluviaRain Reaper
French FluorescenceFluorescence
Russian Дождерез
Rain Cutter
Thai Rainslasher
Vietnamese Vũ TàiRain Reaper
German RegenschnitterRain Reaper
Indonesian Rainslasher
Portuguese Segadeira da ChuvaRain Reaper


  1. In the Chinese version of this line, it specifies that he ascended at Huaguang Stone Forest. Furthermore, the term purple haze (Chinese: 紫气 zǐqì, "purple cloud, purple qi") has some additional context in Chinese; it is believed to be an auspicious sign and the symbol of a person with profound wisdom and spiritual energy.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0