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The Ragnvindr Family is an influential and affluent noble house in Mondstadt. Currently, it is most well known for running the Dawn Winery, Mondstadt's premier winery.

Its name is derived from the Dawn Knight Ragnvindr, who participated in Vennessa's rebellion one thousand years ago. Alongside the Gunnhildr Clan, it is one of the two known noble families that were not exiled from Mondstadt following the fall of the aristocracy.


Decarabian's Era

How long the Ragnvindr Family has existed is unclear. However, during The Boy and the Whirlwind cutscene in Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land, the "knight" of the group that rebelled against Decarabian[1] bears a resemblance to Crepus and Diluc, two known descendants of the Ragnvindr Family.

Vennessa's Rebellion

Ragnvindr, whom the Clan would later be named after, served as a knight's squire during the aristocratic period, after the Lawrence Clan and many other noble houses grew corrupt. Unable to ignore the suffering of the people, but also bound to his duties, he suffered in silence until he chanced upon the enslaved Dawnlight Swordswoman of the Wanderer's Troupe, which had tried and failed to overthrow the aristocracy.[2] Despite their failure and the subsequent deaths of most its members, she continued to sing of freedom and inspired him to take a stand. After she was slain in the arena, Ragnvindr took on the name "Dawn Knight" after her own epithet.[3]

When Vennessa, with the help of Barbatos, raised the flag of rebellion, Ragnvindr was among those who sided with her. After the aristocracy was defeated and the offending noble houses exiled, Ragnvindr transformed the aristocracy's public baths into the Mondstadt Library.[4]


At some point in time, either Ragnvindr or one of his predecessors or ancestors founded the Dawn Winery,[5] which remains in operation to this day.

Known Members

2600 years ago

1000 years ago

Present Day

  • Crepus (former head, deceased)
    • Diluc (current head)
    • Kaeya (adopted into the clan,[8] status unknown after his falling out with Diluc four years ago)[Note 1]


  1. Kaeya seems to have distanced himself from the Ragnvindr name, but it is unknown what Kaeya's official relationship with the Ragnvindr name or family is in present day.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ragnvindr Family
Ragnvindr Family
Japanese ラグヴィンド家
Ragnvindr House
Korean 라겐펜더 가문
Ragenpendeo Gamun
Ragnvindr Family
Spanish Familia RagnvindrRagnvindr Family
French Famille RagnvindrRagnvindr Family
Russian Клан Рагнвиндр
Klan Ragnvindr
Ragnvindr Clan
Thai Ragnvindr
Vietnamese Nhà RagnvindrRagnvindr House
German Familie RagnvindrRagnvindr Family
Indonesian Keluarga RagnvindrRagnvindr Family
Portuguese Família RagnvindrRagnvindr Family


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