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Ragnvindr, also known as the Dawn Knight,[1] was a historical figure who lived during Mondstadt's Aristocratic period one thousand years ago. Originally one of the knights that obeyed the aristocrats, a chance encounter with the Sword Dancer of the Wanderer's Troupe and subsequent befriending of her led him to eventually join Vennessa's rebellion.

The Ragnvindr Clan, the owners of the Dawn Winery, are his descendants.


Ragnvindr was born into the upper echelons of Mondstadt society during the Aristocratic period, which saw large social stratification. However, he grew dissatisfied with the way the city was run, a feeling that only intensified after meeting the Sword Dancer.[2] He decided to turn his back on his former way of life, devoting himself to Vennessa's cause when she raised the flag of rebellion.

Ballads of the Squire are said to be songs written by Ragnvindr himself.


Vennessa's Rebellion

As a knight for the aristocracy, Ragnvindr grew disillusioned by their apathy towards the suffering of the common people. When the Wanderer's Troupe's rebellion was crushed by the aristocracy, the Sword Dancer was enslaved and turned into a gladiator. Despite losing all her hope and her friends, she continued to sing of freedom, and her words strengthened Ragnvindr's resolve to fight against the aristocracy.

Ragnvindr bore witness to her final battle and, after her death, chose the title of "Dawn Knight" for himself after her own "Dawnlight."[1] He then gave Vennessa his assistance after she raised the flag of rebellion. He may have worked with Kreuzlied, the sole surviving member of the Wanderer's Troupe and a traitor to the reigning Lawrence Clan who aided in the rebellion as well.[3]

After the rebellion succeeded, Ragnvindr transformed the aristocrats' indoor baths into the Mondstadt Library.[4] It is unknown whether he joined the Knights of Favonius after its establishment.


At some point in time, either Ragnvindr or one of his predecessors or ancestors founded the Dawn Winery,[5] which has been passed down through generations of the Ragnvindr Clan.

Two of his known descendants are Crepus and Diluc.