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Ragged Records are a set of mysterious interactables in Dragonspine that are tangentially related to the world quest "A Land Entombed," but are not part of the quest itself. Finding the last Ragged Record spawns a luxurious chest with a Crimson Agate and gives the achievement "Prodigal Son's Return".

Known Locations

  • Prison — Located southeast of Entombed City — Outskirts
  • Cliff — On a cliff at Entombed City — Outskirts between the letters "C" and "i" of "City" on the map. There are elemental traces leading to this location from the prison location that can be seen with Elemental Sight.
  • Final — On a cliff cavern on the bottom right of Dragonspine, at the point triangulated by the 3 surrounding Waypoints.


Ragged Records #1

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ragged Records
Ragged Records: "The records suggest there used to be a prison here. In which case, it actually suits me well."
Ragged Records: "I have to admit, it was my own carelessness that led me to getting slashed to pieces by him... 'That's the chosen ones for you' is, I suppose, what should I say? I could feel the elemental energy burning in his blood."
Ragged Records: "Next, I guess I'll stick to the plan and follow the waterway north. I have to stick it out until I get to the spot where I hid my supplies."

Ragged Records #2

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ragged Records
Ragged Records: "The blizzard has died down, which is lucky. Hopefully it's a good sign."
Ragged Records: "Finally took Ingbert out. Wasn't able to deal with Luther under the circumstances, but with that wound, it shouldn't be a problem."
Ragged Records: "Next I'll head east to where the mountain meets the sea. If I can make it that far, I have a chance for survival..."

Ragged Records #3

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ragged Records
Ragged Records: "Both the boat and the supplies are untouched. I could not have been more fortunate."
Ragged Records: "The agreement was that if the news makes it to Mondstadt, Priscilla should light a torch at Stormbearer Point to warn me."
Ragged Records: "I hope it all goes smoothly. If this succeeds, the power to change the way things are will be mine for the taking..."


Change History

Released in Version 1.2