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Radishes are a Cooking Ingredient found in the wild in Teyvat.

How to Obtain

Radishes grow in various locations of Teyvat, mainly in Mondstadt, and most often grow alongside other Radishes and/or Carrots.

See the Video Guides section or the Teyvat Interactive Map for specific locations.

They can also be dropped by destructible crates, barrels and pots as well as Investigation points.

Shop Availability

2 Shops that sell Radish:

Item NPC Mora Cost Stock Notes
Radish Radish Chef Mao 350 10 Every 3 Days
Radish Radish Shimura Kanbei 350 10 Every 3 Days


Icon_Jade Field_Small.pngJade Field for 2 days 22 hours
  • Item Radish Seed.png 1 Radish Seed
  • Creates Radish Radish ×1

    Craft Usage

    There are 5 items that can be crafted using Radish:

    Item Craft Type Recipe
    Radish Veggie Soup Radish Veggie Soup Cooking Radish Radish ×1
    Mint Mint ×1
    Five Pickled Treasures Five Pickled Treasures Cooking Radish Radish ×2
    Carrot Carrot ×2
    Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×2
    Seagrass Seagrass ×2
    Fried Radish Balls Fried Radish Balls Cooking Flour Flour ×3
    Radish Radish ×2
    Pepper Pepper ×1
    Radish and Fish Stew Radish and Fish Stew Cooking Fish Fish ×2
    Radish Radish ×2
    Salt Salt ×1
    Sashimi Platter Sashimi Platter Cooking Fish Fish ×4
    Shrimp Meat Shrimp Meat ×4
    Crab Crab ×4
    Radish Radish ×2


    Video Guides

    Farm Guide (27 total)
    Farm Guide including Wheat

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name
    English Radish
    Japanese ダイコン
    Korean 흰 무
    Huin Mu
    Spanish Rábano
    French Radis
    Russian Редис
    Thai Radish
    Vietnamese Củ Cải Trắng
    German Rettich
    Indonesian Radish
    Portuguese Rabanete Branco

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0