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Quests are the story content in Genshin Impact.

Types of Quests

Archon Quests

Archon Quests tell the main story of the Traveler and Paimon, as they travel the world of Teyvat in search of the Traveler's missing twin sibling by proxy of visiting all of The Seven. They are voiced.

Story Quests

Story Quests consist primarily of chapters related to the background and personalities of each playable character or alternatively Event Quest lines. Hangout Events belong to this category of quests. They are voiced.

World Quests

World Quests are unlocked by speaking to NPCs throughout Teyvat. They give insight into the various locations and stories of the world. They are usually unvoiced.


Commissions are daily quests players can complete for rewards, but some have a unique story tied to them and have specific requirements. They are unvoiced.


Example of a character and location being busy at the same time.

In some cases, it will not be possible to join a quest due to a character and/or location being involved in another quest. The player can go to the quest menu to find out which one must be cleared so that the target character/location will be "free" for the original quest. This mechanic is mentioned in a Loading Screen.


  • The "Navigate" feature in the quest menu will pinpoint the quest objective on the player's map and signal it with a yellow beam in the overworld. The beam will only appear when the player's distance is 50m or more from the objective.
  • It is possible for another player to join a world while the host player is in a real-time rendered cutscene. The joining player's active character will appear in the scene and the cutscene will not be interrupted.
    • Once the host ends Co-Op Mode, they will have to watch the cutscene again.
  • Ellin, the Wannabe Knight is the only Commission to have voice-over. It has three voiced lines.

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