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Quest Items are items in Genshin Impact obtained during Quests. It is the seventh tab in the Inventory.

Most Quest Items are obtained during a quest or found in the open world and are submitted to complete an objective, but others remain in the inventory as memorabilia.

Some Quest Items are considered Event Items and expire when their corresponding Event is over.

Some can be Read in the inventory to view an image or text.

Memento Quest Items[]

Memento Quest Items are quest items that remain in the player's Inventory as a keepsake. They cannot be equipped, consumed, used, read, or given away. There are 40 Memento Quest Items:

Item Quality Source
Funerary Mask Funerary Mask 5 Stars Duel Before the Throne
Monolith Fragment Monolith Fragment 5 Stars Turning Point
Realm Dispatch Realm Dispatch 5 Stars Idle Teapot Talk
Silver Twig Silver Twig 5 Stars A Toast to Victory
Tainted Blood Tainted Blood 5 Stars A Long Shot
Tears Among the Stars Tears Among the Stars 5 Stars The Opera of Noirceur and Blancheur
"Delightful Encounter" "Delightful Encounter" 4 Stars The Truest Thing
Archaic Stone Archaic Stone 4 Stars Shifting Earth and Lost Threads Come to Light
Dream Sakura Dream Sakura 4 Stars Radiant Sakura
Frostglaze Crystal Frostglaze Crystal 4 Stars Found in The Glowing Narrows after completing Valor's Afterglow
Garland Garland 4 Stars Festival Utsava
"Hello," "Thank You," and the Final "Goodbye"
Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori 4 Stars Wishes
Legend Player Badge Legend Player Badge 4 Stars Ascension Challenge IV
Lucky Omamori Lucky Omamori 4 Stars Thoma Hangout Event ending: Leisure Time
Naganohara Fireworks Note Naganohara Fireworks Note 4 Stars Together Under the Fireworks
Prince Qubad's Intaglio Prince Qubad's Intaglio 4 Stars All the World's a Stage
Dawn Winery's Top-Quality Grape Juice Dawn Winery's Top-Quality Grape Juice 3 Stars All's Well That Ends Well
Felix Felicium Felix Felicium 3 Stars A Job Well Done
Piping-Hot Bamboo Shoot Soup Piping-Hot Bamboo Shoot Soup 3 Stars A Single Harmony for an Irreplaceable Soul
"A New Life's Beginning" "A New Life's Beginning" Deluge of Wrathful Waters
A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits Mysterious Urban Legend
A Love Letter(?) A Love Letter(?) Ritou Escape Plan
Arataki Gang's Instant Ramen Arataki Gang's Instant Ramen Provisionally Perpetual Beetle Battle!
Autumn's Gift Autumn's Gift Leroy: Beautiful Friends
Collei's Windblume Collei's Windblume Joy Above the Clouds
Golden Rose Seeds Golden Rose Seeds Found in the Hypostyle Desert
Hidden Ledger Hidden Ledger Confessions of an Outlander
Komore Teahouse Invitation Letter Komore Teahouse Invitation Letter Confessions of an Outlander
Qingzhou's Signature Qingzhou's Signature Given during An Ode to Yonder City
Rinzou's Signet Rinzou's Signet Precious Chest at the end of Rinzou's Treasure
Sigil of Permission Sigil of Permission Rite of Descension
Insights of Drifting Dreams
Sun-Dried Sweet Flower Sun-Dried Sweet Flower Obtained as a gift from Hanayama Kaoru
Tadhla's Feather Tadhla's Feather The Fallen Falcon
Taliesin's Manuscript Taliesin's Manuscript Tell a Tale for Taliesin
The Crux Clash Champion Medal The Crux Clash Champion Medal Follow the Wind
The Miraculous Adventures of the Traveler The Miraculous Adventures of the Traveler Friendship in Writing
Travel Permit Travel Permit Chisato's Letter
Unattributed Ramen Voucher Unattributed Ramen Voucher The Beetle Battles Will Never End!
Wangshan Hall Backup Key Wangshan Hall Backup Key A Wangshan Walk to Remember
Withered Kusava Withered Kusava The Final Chapter

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