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Qingzhou is an NPC located at Wangshu Inn, Liyue. He can be found on the ground floor, by the fence.



Qingzhou is a poet of some renown, as Linling brings him up while talking about famous poets in Liyue, while Baiwen comments that his reputation is well-earned. However, it appears that he is to inherit the family business in three years' time, one which does not involve his artistic pursuits. As such, he is taking the time to make a pilgrimage around Liyue for poetic inspiration.

Qingzhou also has a good memory, remembering most of the contents of Meadow of Gems word-for-word and transcribing it for the Traveler on short notice when they were unable to find a copy of it.



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Idle Quotes


Qingzhou: To fish, forever moor on the pampas sea... When will the next line come to me? *sigh* ...Oh, hello there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Qingzhou: My name is Qingzhou, my liege. I might add that I consider myself a poet, if I may be so bold.
Qingzhou: In a few years' time I shall have to inherit the family business. I gave my word to meet my father back home in three years' time.
Qingzhou: In the meantime, I am on something of a poetic pilgrimage in Liyue; I thought I would avail myself of the relative freedom one tends to be afforded in the years before fully fledged adulthood.
Qingzhou: I merely wish for the chance to spread my poetic wings and see how far they carry me... before I either crash or get shot down, that is. Hahahaha.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about your pilgrimage.
Qingzhou: I've been to all of the Lord of Geo's sacred sites, which has already given me some inspiration to work with.
Qingzhou: But all the true marvels to be beheld in terms of Liyue scenery take place in a semi-mystical realm. There is a saying about Liyue's name that captures this very idea: "As man hides Li in a box, so nature hides Yue between the clouds," Li being a precious ceramic ornament and Yue referring to the moon.
Qingzhou: The next thing for me to do is to seek guidance from the adepti.
Qingzhou: There are legends throughout Liyue of people becoming adepti and ascending to the celestial realm in broad daylight. They say that to take a single visit to the island in the clouds is to say goodbye to the world for many a year.
Qingzhou: In other words... Once you set off down this path, you'll get lost in the clouds — and then who knows when you'll come back down to earth...
Qingzhou: Hahahaha...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can you show me some of your work?
Qingzhou: "The sole survivor of an endless war, plagued by anguish for eons more."
Qingzhou: "His fleeting figure through Guyun soars, conquering demons in service of his Lord."
Qingzhou This one is about an adeptus. For some reason, it just seems so fitting reciting it here...
Qingzhou: Hah, listen to me, I must sound like such a fool.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Qingzhou: Fare thee well! Though I shan't be accompanying you, I will be with you in spirit.


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