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Qingyun Peak (Chinese: 庆云顶 Qìngyún Dǐng) is a subarea in Minlin, Liyue. It is the home of the adeptus Moon Carver.

Notably, the Dwelling in the Clouds — a small floating island high above this mountain — can be reached by completing a puzzle. It was created by Cloud Retainer at an unknown point in the past.


Three Cranes Puzzle

From Qingyun Peak's waypoint, walk up the stone steps to reach the monument at the top. The description reads:

Read: "The one who may ascend is the one who kowtows atop the three mountains. The sun, moon, and stars shall each shine, and auspicious signs shall be sent by the three divine birds."
Paimon: Ugh... It's a real headache trying to make sense of the adepti and all this other stuff in Liyue.
Paimon: This must mean we have to find three shining birds on top of three mountains right?
  1. If you "Observe Strange Light", light trails will appear, directing you to the crane statue. From the peak, the crane statues will also visibly sparkle.
    Paimon: Paimon can tell something happened here, but not sure what exactly... Let's make use of the great view here and look around.
  2. At each crane statue, "Rotate" them until they are facing the monument. When the statues are in their correct positions, a cutscene will occur.
  3. After all three cranes are correctly positioned, return to the monument and "Activate" it. This creates a wind current; jumping up reveals three plaustrite platform steps and another wind current, which then reveals another four steps before reaching the Dwelling in the Clouds.

Dwelling in the Clouds

Above the Qingyun Peak's waypoint, activated by the Three Cranes Puzzle, is a floating island on a nest of stone clouds. Reaching this island will give you the Wonders of the World achievement Overlooking View. The description of the island is as follows:

Read: "This place above the clouds is built on a foundation of Plaustrite, one of the marvels of the world. Its original purpose was to serve as my private sanctuary, somewhere where I could get away from the world and escape the highs and lows of normal life.
Read: Then the adepti took over the place as somewhere they could focus on seeking ultimate truth in seclusion. Now that Taishan Mansion is sealed off, they finally returned the place to me.
Read: It's great to have it back, but I'm over it now. I want to go back to the world for a bit — I'll probably start with Guili Plains. Fitting, really — a round trip to the Plains of Returning and Departing, as they're also known... Hover around for a while, then hover away on a hovering stone... Heh."

During the world quest An Adeptal Summons, Cloud Retainer reveals that she created this floating island. The "Dwelling in the Clouds" Blueprints will be found on the ground during the quest.


At the base of the steps leading up Qingyun Peak, where the Traveler meets Moon Carver during An Impromptu Change of Plan, a stone tablet reads:

Read: "Black clouds too shall pass, just as silver linings end. Come sun or rain, all seems the same from the heights of Jueyun Karst."

Another stone tablet can be found near the plaustrite steps leading up to the Three Cranes Puzzle. It reads:

Read: Moon Carver, disciple of Rex Lapis. The kindest adeptus amongst all, in the manifestation of a stag.

There are 3 chests on the island. Of these there is one precious chest and two luxurious chests.



The following soundtracks are played at Qingyun Peak.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
38 Idle Away From the Mountains
Qingyun Peak (Day)
40 Above the Sea of Clouds
Qingyun Peak (Night)
41 Adeptus' Retirement
Qingyun Peak (Day)
44 Freedom of Crane
Qingyun Peak (Day)
45 Rays of Sunlight
Qingyun Peak (Day)
53 Bird Call From Afar
Qingyun Peak (Night)

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