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This is the Qingce Village Bulletin Board. You can find local news and notes from villagers posted here.

The Qingce Village Bulletin Board is a bulletin board located in Qingce Village. The messages randomly cycle through every time you interact with it.


About Amber's Grandfather

Message: "An old friend came back to the village yesterday. We hadn't seen each other in 40... no, 50 years... but when I saw the way he flew with his wind glider, I knew it had to be him."
Message: "When we were young, we worked as hired muscle on board. He later went to Mondstadt to become some kind of knight... but now he's come back in his old age without even a word. I see him skulking around, but have no idea where he lives or what he does for a living now..."
Message: "After all these years, I still don't understand him..."
Another Note: "You can still clearly remember something from 40 or 50 years ago, but I can't even remember the dream I had last night."

About Bubu Pharmacy

Message: "Medicinal ingredients for sale at fair prices! Buy individually or in bulk"
Message: "Come to the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor to learn more."

About Chongyun

Message: "While collecting herbs in Jueyun Karst, I slipped and was about to fall into an abyss when I was miraculously saved by a young exorcist dressed in white. Sadly, he left in a hurry before I even had time to ask his name."
Message: "Here I would like to leave a message for my saviour: No matter if you are an adeptus or knight, if you happen to pass through Qingce Village and read this, please tell me."
Message: "It would be an honor to meet you. —Zhi"
Another Note: "Young people these days are so careless! When I was your age, my legs were steady on even the steepest slopes!"

About Yun Jin

Message: "A few days ago on my way to my son-in-law's home, I stopped by the Heyu Tea House to watch a performance by Yun Jin."
Message: "Yun Jin is a talented young woman, able to lead this Tea House in both business and on the stage! Her dancing, her singing... able to attain perfection already at such a young age, who knows what greater heights she will reach in the future!"
Another Note: "Young people are getting more and more impressive these days. Granny Ruoxin, how do you think Yun Jin compares to you when you were young?"
Reply: "You're the village chief. In regards to opera singing, what you say goes!"

About Xingqiu

Message: "Today that urbane swordsman brought us a few more books. They also had his notes in them."
Message: "But I couldn't read what he wrote, so I showed them to Granny Ruoxin. She said they looked like some kind of exorcist symbols, but they were simply too sloppy to be sure."
Message: "Very impressive, swordsman! So this is what people learn in books?"

Chang the Ninth's Message

Message: "I've been in this cage for so long, oh how I long for freedom! Qingce Village has never been the place I will settle down, someday I will return to Liyue Harbor and restore my family name!"
Another Note: "Dear Chang the Ninth we have some leftover rice and tofu to come give you. We old folks can't finish it all."
Reply: "They say 'A real man doesn't accept handouts.' Leave it in the pavillion, I'll go get it myself."

Dongdong's Message

Message: "To my Dad, the hero of the Crux Fleet:"
Message: "While you're out adventuring on the open sea. I'm also looking for treasure! We said one day we would live in a big house in Liyue Harbor — I have to do my part, too!"
Message: "I found a lot of interesting rocks in the river, carefully picking the very best ones very and collecting them in a bottle. Granny Ruoxin says it's the best treasure I could give you."
Message: "I met a really awesome big-sister in the Bamboo Forest. She gave me a few shiny rocks that were even cooler-looking than mine!"
Message: "I gave all the rocks to Granny Ruoxin for safe-keeping. When you get back I'll show them to you!"
Message: "—Dongdong"

Granny Ruoxin's Message

Message: "Jiangcheng has lived alone for years and his mind is starting to go... I hope as friends and neighbors we can help him with fieldwork and send him food occasionally."
Message: "Since time immemorial, we have had the pleasure of living together in this mountain village. We are like a big family and treat each other as such, providing sympathy and financial help for each other when in need."
Message: "For the past and future of Qingce Village, I thank everyone for their sincerity and kindness. —Granny Ruoxin"

Hanfeng's Message

Message: "Dating Ad"
Message: "My son Zhang is a sturdy young man with a gentle personality, adept both in company and the kitchen. He has a home in Liyue Harbor where he runs an honest family business making weapons, some of the finest you will see."
Message: "He's also humorous, warm-hearted, and — most importantly — handsome! If you're looking for a happy marriage, don't miss out! Come to Hanfeng's Ironmongers at Chihu Rock in Liyue Harbor to discuss now!"
Message: "I am already an old man and would love to have a grandchild. Please help..."

Little Xing's Message

Message: "Oh Lord of Geo, if you come to Qingce Village, please give Little Liu a vision."
Message: "With a Vision, she will get rich. If she gets rich, her father won't need to work so hard to make money with the Millelith."
Message: "If her father doesn't work so hard, she will be happy."
Message: "If she's happy, I will be happy."

Master Lu's Message

Message: "The exquisite craftsmanship of Fanmu Carpenter's is second to none. Unfortunately, without someone to carry on the legacy, this carpentry's treasured craft is at risk of disappearing into the sands of time. We are looking for a young apprentice eager to learn the craft. Meals and lodging provided!
Message: "Anyone interested can talk to Master Lu... There's free tea!"

Random Message #1

Message: "Qiang! Li! We're going to the city tomorrow to make some BIG money! In a few days I'll treat you both to a drink at the wharf!"
Another Note: "After a year back, we're heading out to sea again with the fleet. Who knows when our next chance to drink together will be?"

Uncle Ghast's Ghost Ad

Message: "Ms. Bai is afraid her handwriting is too ugly, so she asked me, Uncle Ghast, to write this on behalf of her mill... Everyone come try the new seasonal delight — Almond Tofu!"
Message: "Since Ms. Bai took her father's place to run the mill, the Almond Tofu of Qingce Village has become even more sweet and tender..."
Message: "...But every night a strange creaking sound can be heard from the mill — the millstone is still spinning by itself! How can this be, you ask? Come talk to Uncle Ghast to learn about this profound mystery of the night."
Another Note: "Please don't promote your own ghost stories here. You'll scare away the guests!"


  • The message regarding the old friend who came back to the village is implied to be Amber's Grandfather, as he was the leader of a mercenary group before joining the Knights of Favonius in the same time frame as listed in the message.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0