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Mighty Mt. Qingce gently cradles this peaceful village, silently protecting the old, the young, and the abundant croplands within its embrace. The legend of the ancient threat subdued beneath the mountain has been consigned to legend along with those who know of it, never again to return.

A Home in the Hills

Qingce Village (Chinese: 轻策庄 Qīngcè Zhuāng) is a village located in Bishui Plain, Liyue. Due to the quietness, many people moved away in favor of other locations, leaving mostly elderly people watching over their grandchildren.


Buildings in Qingce Village have a simple architectural style, and most are made of wood with blue roofs. Qingce Village is home to a community center where Granny Ruoxin can be found, the mill owned by Ms. Bai, a tea shop owned by Pops Kai, and a market. The Qingce Village Bulletin Board is where advertisements and other postings by residents can be read.

The northwestern part of Qingce Village, located closer to the water, features a number of terraced fields of flowers. Glaze Lilies can be found there, as well as Slimes.


Notable Features


Item Specialty
Cor Lapis Cor Lapis
Glaze Lily Glaze Lily
Jueyun Chili Jueyun Chili
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot



Statue Puzzle

Located on the hill just slightly south of the Teleport Waypoint that is west of Qingce Village, this consists of several statues around the writing pedestal facing the cardinal directions

"Rex Lapis overcame the Chi, but the Chi could not perish in its entirety. Thus did Rex Lapis conquer each of its facets in turn: its spirit was bound in the north, its bones were pinned in the south-east, its flesh was incarcerated in the north-west, and its form was crushed in the south-west..."

To complete this puzzle, referencing the writing pedestal as the centerpoint of a compass and using your minimap plus character-facing arrow as a reference to which way is North, activate the statues in the exact sequence described: north, south-east, north-west, north-east, south-west, to gain a Chest.


The following soundtracks are played at Qingce Village.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
34 Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime)
Qingce Village (Day)
35 The Fading Stories (Qingce Night)
Qingce Village (Night)


  • The name "Qingce" is said to be an ancient name of the "Chi," the dragon-like monster that once lived in Qingce Village before being defeated by Morax.[1]

Change History

Released in Version 1.0