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A Fatui soldier who wields a flaming gun.
Skirmisher weapons can control the elements to a certain extent, and their combat tactics utilize elemental reactions.
Their ordnance and knowledge of squad-based combat thus constitute no small threat in battle.

Pyroslinger Bracers are Fatui Skirmishers that use ranged rifle attacks. In combat, they can generate Pyro shields, granting them massive damage reduction.


Item Mora.pngMora

Abilities and Attacks

  • Rifle Shot: Shoots a bullet from their rifle, dealing Pyro DMG.
    • Enhanced: While their Pyro Armor is active, shoots 3 bullets in quick succession in the same direction.
  • Dodge: Jumps backwards if the player is too close.
    • Enhanced: While their Pyro Armor is active, follows up with a single Rifle Shot immediately after jumping back.
  • Pyro Armor: Generates a Pyro shield, granting them massive damage reduction and enhancing their attacks. The shield is weakest to Hydro. Breaking the shield will leave them stunned and vulnerable to attack.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Fatui Skirmisher - Pyroslinger Bracer
Japanese ファデュイせんけんたいゆうげきへいほのうじゅう
Fadyui Senkentai・Yuugekihei・Honoo Juu
Fatui Skirmisher: Squadron – Flame Gun
Korean 우인단 선발대・화승총 유격대
U'indan Seonbaldae - Hwaseungchong Yugyeokdae
Fatui Advance Party - Matchlock Guerrilla Unit
Spanish Soldado Fatui - Guerrillero con Cañón Pyro
French Tirailleur Fatui - Mercenaire PyroFatui Skirmisher - Pyro Mercenary
Russian Застрельщик Фатуи: Пиро мушкетёр
Zastrel'shchik Fatui: Piro mushketyor
Fatui Skirmisher: Pyro Musketeer
Thai Fatui Skirmisher - Pyroslinger Bracer
Vietnamese Đội tiên phong Fatui - Quân du kích Hỏa
German Fatui-Plänkler – Pyro-Kanonen-FreischärlerFatui Skirmisher - Pyro Cannon Franctireur
Indonesian Fatui Skirmisher - Pyroslinger Bracer
Portuguese Soldado dos Fatui - Guerrilheiro de Canhão Pyro

Change History

Released in Version 1.0