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A mimetic plant monster that attacks without warning and uses Pyro to hunt its prey.
The world of Teyvat plays host to plants infused with the elements. Having gained a measure of intellect, their "nutritional needs" have also greatly increased...

Pyro Whopperflowers are Common Enemies in the Mystical Beasts family.


Abilities and Attacks

All attacks inflict Pyro.

  • Burrow: The Whopperflower sinks into the ground and emerges nearby.
  • Melee AoE: With a player in melee range of the Whopperflower, it may do a quick animation spinning it's leaves and doing an AoE capable of hitting a maximum of three times.
  • Ranged Attack: If a player is not in melee range, the Whopperflower will instead shoot out ranged homing attacks.
  • Charged Attack: The Whopperflower will close its leaves, consuming one of the "crystals" orbiting around it. When a "crystal" is finished, it will create a Pyro shield, giving it ~10 seconds to charge up its attack. The protection can be broken to interrupt this process, stunning it for ~10 seconds. If allowed to fully charge up, it will launch a volley of about 15 fireballs in rapid succession at the player, each of which deals low AoE damage but can do massive damage if all are allowed to connect.
  • Recharge: Once all three "crystals" are consumed, the Whopperflower will plunge into the ground and restore all three, creating a visual AoE. This will not do any damage.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0