A small monster created by the sedimentation of Pyro dispersed throughout nature.
Its intelligence is very basic, but its uses are just as broad–well, for hilichurls, that is.

Pyro Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from concentrated Pyro energy. It is immune to Pyro damage, and is able to inflict others with Pyro, possibly causing Elemental Reactions.

Behavior and Attacks

Upon entering combat, they will be in their ignited state (they will be affected by Pyro) and will be aggressive, exhibiting normal small slime behavior:

They will first distance themselves from their target. After reaching the "safe distance" they will move closer to hit their target by jumping at it, dealing Pyro damage and inflicting it with Pyro. After successfully completing the attack, they will retreat again.

If defeated in this state it will explode after a short delay, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

If affected by Hydro, they will not only suffer Vaporize damage, but will also be extinguished and will no longer be affected by Pyro. This will cause them to withdraw. If defeated in this state, they will not explode.

If left alone, an extinguished Pyro slime will re-ignite.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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