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The Pyro Hypostasis is a Normal Boss in Genshin Impact and one of the elemental Hypostases.

It can be found in northern Kujou Encampment, Kannazuka, in the Inazuma region. The burnt trees and grass surrounding it are a byproduct of its bad "temper".

When defeated, the player must consume 40 Original Resin to claim its drops, which consists of Artifacts and Character Ascension Material for Characters using the Pyro element. It takes 3 minutes for the Pyro Hypostasis to respawn.


Code Name: Ayin. A high-purity Pyro entity.
Elemental hypostases have the ability to often enter a sort of "emergency restart" phase when they are about to be destroyed and can revive themselves in this way.
Such rapid regeneration is not possessed even by most creatures for whom survival is the top priority.

in-game description from the Adventurer Handbook


Pyro Hypostasis offers the following Artifact Sets.

Item Adventurer's Flower.png2-3★ Set Adventurer
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker

Rewards and difficulty increase with Adventure Rank (AR).

Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
0 36 200 3,450 30 Smoldering PearlAgnidus Agate Sliver 1–2 2–3
1 37 200 3,450 30 1–2 2–3
2 41 200 3,650 30 Previous Rewards +
Agnidus Agate Fragment
1–2 2–3
3 50 200 3,850 35 3–4 0–1
4 62 200 4,125 35 Previous Rewards +
Agnidus Agate Chunk
3–4 0–1
5 72 200 4,450 40 2–3 1–2 0–1
6 83 200 4,725 40 Previous Rewards +
Agnidus Agate Gemstone
2–3 1–2 0–1
7 91 200 5,200 45 2–3 1–2 0–1
8 93 200 6,000 45 2–3 1–2 1

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team

Abilities and Attacks

Ignited State

In the ignited state, if its HP is less than 50%, it will regenerate 5% HP after every attack, including after reigniting.

  • Boar: Arranges itself as a molten boar that charges at the player before periodically surfacing above ground, then turns into a giant hand that leaps into the player's general location.
  • Surprise Bomb: Is a follow-up attack after "Boar", emerges at the player's general location and explodes. This explosion deals heavy AoE Pyro DMG. The Hypostasis will disappear momentarily after exploding.
  • Fire Ball: It forms itself into a giant ball that curves at the player's location, leaving a damaging Pyro trail behind it.
  • Molten Fist: When near player, it levitates high above ground, and plunges back down. This creates a Shockwave that does AoE Pyro DMG.
  • Fire Serpent: Arranges itself into a Pyro Serpent that fires 3 damaging fireballs at the player's general location.
  • Pyro Nuke: Forms a giant ball that cracks open slowly. After some amount of time, it causes a heavy explosion that does massive AoE Pyro DMG over the whole field.

Extinguished State

  • Missiles: Flies into the air and forms a rhombus with its shell pieces, firing them quickly from top to bottom. Move around to dodge (can be dodged without dashing). The core will be exposed during this attack.
  • Molten Pillars: Creates a barrier of sorts around itself, targeting random areas and sending a Pyro pillar at said locations, before recalling them, leaving a patch of fire in said area.
  • Fire Seeds: Spins around while taking on the form of a rocket, deploying three Fire Seeds to reignite itself. The amount of fuel regained is dependent on how many seeds were not extinguished, with a small amount restored if all seeds were extinguished.
  • Clap: Like all other Hypostases, it has a Clap Move. It quickly flies next to the player and forms a large wall, which folds in a "clapping" motion very quickly, dealing damage in an area in front of the wall. Dash sideways to dodge.


Upon initiating the fight, the Pyro Hypostasis starts in its Ignited State. In this state, the Pyro Hypostasis is protected by a Pyro shield that enhances its attacks, and it will not expose its core while in this state. The shield is most effectively removed by Hydro attacks, including damageless applications such as from Let the Show Begin♪'s Melody Loop and Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen's Rain Swords.

Hydro attacks will remove the shield in 14 applications; Electro in 28; and Cryo, Anemo, or Geo in 56. This makes Hydro the most efficient by far.

After the shield is removed, the Pyro Hypostasis turns into its Extinguished State. Like the other Hypostases, the boss is only vulnerable whenever the core is exposed from attacking. A status icon will appear beneath the right edge of the boss' health bar to indicate how close it is to reignition. The boss will frequently attempt to reignite itself by planting three Fire Seeds — this attack is indicated when the boss swirls around and forms a rocket-like appearance. If the Pyro Hypostasis reignites, it will allow it to regenerate health if below half health until extinguished once more.

The Fire Seeds are particularly weak to Hydro attacks, requiring only one application of Hydro each. It is important to destroy these Seeds as quickly as possible. While the boss will still gain Rage even if all three Seeds are destroyed, the rate it accumulates is significantly slowed.

Unlike the other Hypostases, the Pyro Hypostasis does not have a critical health mechanic of its own, instead regenerating HP while in its Ignited State.

Being an entity of pure Pyro energy, it is recommended to bring Hydro characters to take advantage of Vaporize reactions, as Hydro characters deal twice as much damage when applying Hydro onto Pyro. While Cryo characters may be used, it is slightly less effective than Hydro, only dealing 1.5 times as much damage as normal when applying Cryo onto Pyro.

Video Guide


Bellowing Blaze

The abnormally high temperatures in northern Kannazuka have long caused a burning crystal to take form.
Defeat the Pyro Hypostasis in northern Kannazuka and quench the wild flames.

Bellowing Blaze.png


  • Each of the Hypostases are named after one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, with Ayin being named after the sixteenth.
    • This is the first time it isn't named in sequential order; as the fifth Hebrew letter is Hei.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.1
  • Increases the time that the Pyro Hypostasis's core is exposed when it launches a Pyro pillar attack.
  • Increases the duration of the Pyro Hypostasis's re-ignition skill, and optimizes the character's lock-on experience of attacking the Fire Seeds during its re-ignition skill. When all the Fire Seeds are extinguished, the Pyro Hypostasis will end its re-ignition skill earlier.

Version 2.0

  • Pyro Hypostasis was released.