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Puppy-Paw Hash Brown is a special food item that the player has a chance to obtain by cooking Mondstadt Hash Brown with Razor. The recipe for Mondstadt Hash Brown is obtainable by completing the domain Temple of the Wolf after reaching Adventure Rank 15.

Puppy-Paw Hash Brown restores 40% of Max HP and an additional 2,350 HP to the target character. Like most foods, this cannot target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Pinecone.png 2 Pinecone
  • Item Potato.png 1 Potato
  • Item Jam.png 1 Jam
  • Creates Puppy-Paw Hash Brown Puppy-Paw Hash Brown ×1


    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Puppy-Paw Hash Brown
    Zhǎo-zhǎo Tǔdòu Bǐng
    Paw-paw Hash Brown
    Zhǎo-zhǎo Shǔbǐng
    Japanese ツメ型ハッシュドポテト
    Tsume-gata Hasshudo Poteto
    Claw-Shaped Hash Brown
    Korean 와구와구 감자전
    Waguwagu Gamjajeon
    Nom-Nom Gamja-jeon
    Spanish Tortilla de papas en forma de garraClaw-Shaped Potato Tortilla
    French Galette papattePaw Pancake[• 1]
    Russian Картофельные оладьи «Волчьи лапки»
    Kartofel'nyye olad'i "Volch'i lapki"
    Thai Puppy-Paw Hash Brown
    Vietnamese Bánh Khoai TâyPotato Pie
    German KratztoffelpufferScratch Hash Brown[• 2]
    Indonesian Puppy-Paw Hash Brown
    Portuguese Bolinho em Formato de Pata
    1. FR: papatte is the dimunitive form of patte "paw".
    2. DE: Portmanteau of Kratz (German: Kratzer "Scratch") and Kartoffelpuffer (German: Kartoffelpuffer "Hash Brown").

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0