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An ancient greatsword discovered in the Blackcliff Forge. It swings with such an immense force that one feels it could cut straight through reality itself.

Prototype Archaic (Chinese: 试作古华) is a Liyue claymore.

Ascensions and Stats

Level Base
2nd Stat
0✦ 1/20 44 6%
20/20 119 10.6%
Ascension Cost (0 → 1)
Item Mora.png 5,000 Mora
1✦ 20/40 144 10.6%
40/40 226 15.5%
Ascension Cost (1 → 2)
Item Mora.png 15,000 Mora
2✦ 40/50 252 15.5%
50/50 293 17.9%
Ascension Cost (2 → 3)
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
3✦ 50/60 319 17.9%
60/60 361 20.3%
Ascension Cost (3 → 4)
Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora
4✦ 60/70 387 20.3%
70/70 429 22.7%
Ascension Cost (4 → 5)
Item Mora.png 35,000 Mora
5✦ 70/80 455 22.7%
80/80 497 25.1%
Ascension Cost (5 → 6)
Item Mora.png 45,000 Mora
6✦ 80/90 523 25.1%
90/90 565 27.6%

Total Cost (0 → 6)

Item Mora.png 150,000 Mora


Icon_Forging_Small.pngForging for 10 seconds
  • Item Northlander Claymore Billet.png 1 Northlander Claymore Billet
  • Item Crystal Chunk.png 50 Crystal Chunk
  • Item White Iron Chunk.png 50 White Iron Chunk
  • Item Mora.png 500 Mora
  • Creates Prototype Archaic Prototype Archaic ×1



    An ancient prototype greatsword from Liyue's arsenal. The batch number has faded and no records exist to confirm the date of production.
    Weighing in at close to forty pounds, this weapon's hilt is made from a rare ore, while the blade is forged from the finest steel. All you will see when it is swung are blinding flashes of light, powerful enough to devour the clouds and blot out the moon.

    After the great disaster, the Yun family forge joined forces with the master craftsman Han Wu to find a way to push past the constraints of contemporary blade design and revolutionize their craft.
    Thus was born a new series of weapon models, simply named "the prototypes." The first greatsword built using the new design was unusually understated in its final appearance. The underwhelming sight of dull, blotchy gold masked the weapon's true strength. While not much to look at, any who cared to try it would discover that it was weighty but not unwieldy.

    Han Wu, the master craftsman who forged the weapon, traveled north through the night to hand the sword over to a martial artist who followed the chivalric code.
    The martial artist inspected the blade closely before trialing it. The blade howled like the wind and in an instant decimated the entire bamboo forest. It was a rare sight to behold.

    The martial artist said to Han Wu, "This blade is endowed with the elegance of antiquity. It is of equal value both as a weapon and an ornament."
    "Such a fine creation possessed of both scale and subtlety is worthy of a name like no other. May it be known as Archaic."[Note 1]
    Due to its unparalleled strength, this sword subsequently became the model for thousands of greatswords in Liyue.





    • The unnamed martial artist may be Guhua, the wielder of the claymore Rainslasher. Alternatively, either the sword or the person was named after the other.

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Prototype Archaic
    Shìzuò Gǔhuá
    Prototype Guhua
    Shìzuò Gǔhuá
    Japanese  さく
    Koka Shisaku
    Prototype Guhua
    Korean 고화 프로토타입
    Gohwa Peurototaip
    Prototype Guhua
    Spanish Prototipo ArcaicoPrototype Archaic
    French Espadon (prototype)Greatsword (Prototype)
    Russian Прототип: Архаичный
    Prototip: Arkhaichnyy
    Prototype: Archaic
    Thai Prototype Archaic
    Vietnamese Mẫu Cổ HoaPrototype Guhua
    German Guhua-PrototypGuhua Prototype
    Indonesian Prototype Archaic
    Portuguese Protótipo ArcaicoPrototype Archaic


    1. In Chinese, the martial artist dubs the sword "Gǔhuá" (Chinese: 古华 "Ancient Flower"), and the weapon's in-game name is "Prototype Gǔhuá" (Chinese: 试作古华).

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0
    Version 1.2
    • Prototype Aminus was renamed to Prototype Archaic.
      • The lore description was updated to match the rename. The old description was: "Such a fine creation possessed of both scale and subtlety is worthy of a name like no other. May it be known as Aminus of Guhua."

    Version 1.0

    • Prototype Aminus was available upon the game's initial release.