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Proof of Guilt is the fifth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals.


  1. Go to Chinju Forest
  2. Find the helper the [sic] Yae Miko spoke of
  3. Go to Komore Teahouse
  4. Talk to Thoma
  5. Go and enlist Yoimiya's help
  6. Wait for midnight (00:00 – 05:00)
  7. Go to the designated location near the Tenryou Commission Headquarters
  8. Talk to Sayu
  9. Set off fireworks to distract the guards
  10. Flee the scene and return to Komore Teahouse
    • This is a timed challenge (60 seconds) involving Stealth. The timer does not stop while the game is paused.
    • Co-Op Mode is disabled during the challenge.
    • Teleportation is disabled during the challenge.
  11. Talk to Kamisato Ayaka


  • Elemental Sight is not very useful for finding Sayu, as she will be shown as part of the environment, not a colored object.
  • When fleeing after setting off the fireworks:
    • The regular Patrol Soldier NPCs will not move or have stealth gauges. However, there is no difference between getting caught by a new guard NPC or one of the regular guard NPCs.
    • There will be Anemo Rings for two paths. One leads immediately into the city, where there are more guards but plenty of buildings for cover. The other leads out to sea, where there is a large Wind Current with more Anemo Rings that lead back to the city and closer to Komore Teahouse but also almost immediately within sight of both regular and quest Patrol Officers if all Anemo Rings are used. The quickest and safest way to Komore Teahouse is to take the path out to sea, then take the left path and break out of it early to approach Komore Teahouse from the sea. There will only be one guard that will need to be avoided, or even no guards if reached quickly enough.
    • Interacting with an NPC or an object, such as a bulletin board, will render the Traveler invisible to the Patrol Guards.


Idle Quotes

Each Patrol Officer NPC that has a Stealth gauge has a special idle quote for this quest.


(Talk to ???)
Paimon: Ah! That toy tanuki just turned into a human!
Paimon: What's going on, Paimon's never seen one of these before!
Sayu: Not a tanuki... I'm a mujina... *snore*...
Sayu: I'm so tired... if I don't get enough sleep... it'll stunt my growth...
Paimon: Um, is this the "professional" you were talking about?
Paimon: Heh... She doesn't look very professional at all.
Yae Miko: Hehe... She is a member of the Shuumatsuban, a genuine, bona-fide ninja.
Paimon: Wow, a ninja! So was that one of those legendary ninja transformation techniques?
Paimon: Anyway, what's the Shuumatsuban?
Yae Miko: It belongs to the Yashiro Commission. A secret unit under Kamisato Ayato.
Yae Miko: Now, Kamisato Ayato and the Yashiro Commission are neutral parties, so I have no right to give orders to the Shuumatsuban.
Yae Miko: However, convincing their most chronically lazy member to help us is well within my abilities.
Sayu: Ah...
Yae Miko: Here's what I need you to do: Go into town and find evidence of the Tenryou Commission's betrayal.
Yae Miko: It would not be appropriate for me to be seen there myself.
Paimon: You make it sound so simple, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I have no idea what I'm looking for.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What exactly is the evidence?
Yae Miko: Hmm? Oh, I thought you would have figured it out by now. Alright then, I'll indulge you with a little more information.
Yae Miko: For a complete outsider, probing the inner workings of the Tenryou Commission is nigh on impossible.
Yae Miko: But since the three Commissions work together to serve the Shogun, they have a close relationship. Someone from one of the other Commissions might have an easier job of figuring out what they're up to...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Yashiro Commission!
Yae Miko: Hehe... Now you're following me.
Yae Miko: The Shogun's Army haven't given up on their search for you yet, but with the help of this Shuumatsuban ninja, I'm sure you'll be able to rendezvous with your friends.
Yae Miko: Don't forget we're on a tight schedule here. Be sure to bring back the evidence in good time.

(Upon entering Komore Teahouse)
Paimon: Thoma! Thoma, you there?
Paimon: It's us, we're back!
(Upon finding Thoma)
Thoma: (Traveler), what brings you here?
Thoma: Did you meet with the resistance? How's the battle going? Is it safe for me to come out yet?
Paimon: Not just yet... we saw people patrolling on our way here.
Thoma: So it's still not over... I guess you came here because you have something to discuss?
Thoma: I'll get someone to call for Miss Kamisato, bear with me for one second.
You inform Ayaka and Thoma of the current situation...
Kamisato Ayaka: I see. You have been through a lot since we last met.
Kamisato Ayaka: I understand, you need evidence of the Tenryou Commission's betrayal. Let me think...
Kamisato Ayaka: Now that you mention it, there is one thing that has always concerned me. The Shogun's Army has been at war with the resistance for a long time now, but not once has the Shogun ever inquired about it.
Kamisato Ayaka: I used to think that she simply didn't care, but looking at it now, perhaps the problem all along has been with the Tenryou Commission's reports to the Shogun.
Paimon: What do you mean?
Kamisato Ayaka: The Tenryou Commission presides over domestic military affairs. If they ever had any intention of concealing information in their reports, we would have no way of knowing.
Kamisato Ayaka: Meanwhile, the Shogun would incorrectly conclude that the Vision Hunt Decree poses no threat, and would stick to her decision. If we had access to their reports, it would confirm everything.
Thoma: But as I recall, the only person authorized to access that kind of official documentation is Kujou Takayuki.
Thoma: It's heavily guarded too. Even with Sayu's help, swiping a document from under their noses is no easy task.
Kamisato Ayaka: If only there was a way we could distract the guards just for long enough.
Kamisato Ayaka: Hmm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A distraction, you say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We've done this before...
Thoma: Yoimiya's fireworks!
Kamisato Ayaka: That's a very Thoma-sounding suggestion...
Kamisato Ayaka: But it's a reasonable one. The Statue of the Omnipresent God is right by the Tenryou Commission. If someone set off fireworks near the statue, they certainly wouldn't ignore it.
Kamisato Ayaka: While they were preoccupied with that, Sayu could infiltrate the Tenryou Commission and take the report, as well as any other evidence she might find...
Thoma: Great! It feels like I'm getting closer and closer to being a free man again.
(Ayaka, Thoma, and the Traveler sit at a table with food)
Thoma: Ah... It feels like it's been an eternity since we last sat down and talked like this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's not been quite that long...
Thoma: Well, it certainly felt like it to me... I've been looking forward to seeing you again every day since I got here!
Thoma: This Teahouse used to be my favorite hiding place, but now... I've honestly lost track of how long it's been since I last set foot outside of here.
Thoma: Oh, man! I want to go to the hot springs so badly!
Paimon: Poor Thoma...
Kamisato Ayaka: Let's focus on the issue at hand. The sooner the Vision Hunt Decree is abolished, the sooner Thoma will be free.
Kamisato Ayaka: This was a reunion of sorts, but there's no time to catch up. We'll celebrate properly when it's all over.
Thoma: Oh, let's play the hot pot game again!
Paimon: You're still thinking about that!?
Kamisato Ayaka: The Tenryou Commission is heavily guarded. Be careful when you get near. Let's meet back here afterwards.
Paimon: Alright, (Traveler). First, let's go to Hanamizaka to find Yoimiya.
(Talk to Thoma again)
Thoma: *sigh* I really hope the plan works out...
(Talk to Kamisato Ayaka again)
Kamisato Ayaka: Fireworks are more visible at night... If possible, I suggest you wait till after dark to put your plan into action.

(Talk to Yoimiya)
Paimon: Yoimiya, we need an extra-large firework! The super, duper big kind!
Yoimiya: "Extra-large firework"?
Yoimiya: Hee-hee, you sure came to the right person.
Yoimiya: As it happens, I made this really souped-up one just a couple days ago.
Yoimiya: But it's so powerful that I haven't found anywhere I can test it out yet... may as well give it to you. Let me know how it turns out.
Yoimiya: Don't forget, move well away from it after you light the fuse, and try to avoid burning your clothes. Also, it's best that you cover your ears...
Paimon: Eh, why does Paimon feel so nervous all of a sudden...
Yoimiya: Hahaha, don't worry, it's just a firework, come on. What's the worst that could happen!
Paimon: We'll give it a try... Thanks, Yoimiya.
(Obtain Supersized Firework)
(If not between 00:00 and 05:00)
Paimon: Well, we've got our distraction. Now we just need to wait for nightfall.
(Talk to Yoimiya again)
Yoimiya: Hmm? Is there anything else you want?

(Arrive at the designated location between 00:00 and 05:00)
Sayu: Mmm... pretty much how I thought...
Sayu: There are loads and loads of people... if one of them spots me, I'll get caught...
Sayu: We need to get rid of them, or I won't be able to sneak inside...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll just have to trust Yoimiya.
Sayu: After I get the document, let's meet back at Komore Teahouse, okay?
Sayu: Also, if I do get caught... please come rescue me...
Paimon: Is this really a good idea...?
Paimon: Uh, a—anyway, let's make our way to the statue! Careful does it, watch out for guards and don't get caught!

(After setting off the fireworks)
Paimon: What kind of firework is this!? By the look of it, Paimon's ears are gonna get blown off!
Paimon: Oh, Yoimiya... you are officially nuts...
Paimon: Uh-oh, they're all coming this way! (Traveler), quick, run!
(If you get caught - possible dialogue #1)
Patrol Officer: Stop! I have orders to search for a wanted criminal!
Paimon: Yikes! Hide — quick!
(If you get caught - possible dialogue #2)
Patrol Officer: You! The warrant is for your arrest! Freeze!
Paimon: Oh no — run!

(Talk to Kamisato Ayaka)
Kamisato Ayaka: Well, (Traveler)? How did it go?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm not sure...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We lit the firework and ran away...
Kamisato Ayaka: Well done. Let's wait for news from Sayu.
After some time...
Sayu: *panting*...
Sayu: I know exercise helps you grow, but this was a little too much exercise...
Sayu: I feel so dizzy... everyone is spinning...
Sayu: No, I can't sleep yet. There was something important I was supposed to do first... Oh, right, yeah. I got it!
Sayu: I didn't know how to find the document you guys were talking about, so I just swiped a whole bunch of stuff that looked suspicious.
Sayu: Here you go... I'm going to sleep now...
(Sayu leaves the room)
Thoma: Milady, what are we looking at?
Kamisato Ayaka: This sealed envelope must be an official report that the Tenryou Commission is preparing to present to the Shogun.
Kamisato Ayaka: In addition, we have... correspondence with the Fatui.
Kamisato Ayaka: It seems that Guuji Yae was right. They have been fomenting unrest behind the scenes.
Kamisato Ayaka: (Traveler), this should be ample evidence. Please take them to Guuji Yae. I trust she will have a plan for the next step.
Kamisato Ayaka: I will also gather some people to try and root out the rest of the Fatui in Inazuma.
Thoma: Still, mind yourself when you face the Shogun. I still get goosebumps just thinking about her drawing that blade...
Kamisato Ayaka: Again, we'll just have to trust Guuji Yae. She is close to the Shogun, so maybe she will have a way...
Paimon: If Paimon remembers correctly, it should be time for our meeting with Yae Miko soon.
Paimon: Let's pack up our things and get ready to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine.
(Obtain Official Tenryou Commission Document and Tenryou Commission Secret Letter)
(Talk to Kamisato Ayaka again)
Kamisato Ayaka: That Guuji Yae... she's such an enigma.
(Talk to Thoma again)
Thoma: Mind yourself against the Raiden Shogun!

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Proof of Guilt
Dìngzuì Gōngwén
Official Document of Conviction
Dìngzuì Gōngwén
Japanese 断罪公文
Danzai Koubun
Official Document of Conviction
Korean 정죄의 공문
Spanish Quantum probatorio
French Document incriminantIncriminating Document
Russian Доказательства вины
Dokazatel'stva viny
Thai ประกาศพิพากษา
Judgement Announcement
Vietnamese Công Văn Định TộiOfficial Document of Conviction
German SchuldbeweisProof of Guilt
Indonesian Bukti KesalahanProof of Guilt
Portuguese Documento IncriminatórioIncriminating Document

Change History

Released in Version 2.1