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The Prologue chapter of the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact takes place in Mondstadt.


Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

During their travels across the worlds, the Traveler and their twin sibling are confronted by an unknown entity as they were about to depart. In the ensuing battle, the unknown entity seals off the sibling, before doing the same to the Traveler, sealing their powers and putting both of them in Teyvat.

The Traveler eventually wakes up after an undisclosed amount of time and proceeds to wander across Teyvat, the Traveler is around Cape Oath when they fish out Paimon from a lake, thus saving her from drowning. Grateful for the rescue, Paimon becomes their travel companion and guide. She suggests they get in contact with The Seven in order to help the Traveler look for their lost sibling.

Making their way to Starfell Lake, the Traveler touches a Statue of Anemo, they spot a green dragon heading toward a distant forest.

Upon pursuing the dragon, the pair spot both the dragon and a stranger, the latter trying to calm the dragon down, but a reaction from the traveler's newfound powers leads to them alerting the dragon to their presence. The stranger also flees, leaving behind a crimson blood colored teardrop crystal which the Traveler takes.

Once Paimon and the Traveler leave the forest, the pair are halted by a scout, who introduces herself as the Outrider Knight of Favonius, Amber. Amber offers to escort them to Mondstadt, the City of Freedom, after she deals with a Hilichurl camp nearby, which the traveler and Paimon assist with.

Impressed by their actions at the camp, Amber gifts them a Wind Glider. But after a test drive, the dragon the Traveler and Paimon had previously sighted, dubbed "Stormterror" by the locals, starts rampaging throughout the region, unleashing multiple wind storms in the process. The Traveler, with the aid of the stranger (albeit unaware of his presence) is able to drive Stormterror off.

The confrontation between the Traveler and Stormterror catches the eye of the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya; thus he asks the Outlanders to meet the Acting Grandmaster, Jean, at their primary base of operations. Jean asks them to get a handle on the Ley Line disruptions powering Stormterror from three of the Four Winds' Temples, as prescribed by Lisa, the Knights' Librarian.

After dealing with the temples, Paimon suggests that they return to the knights' headquarters to see what they should do next.

Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears

After the Traveler dealt with the Temples, they come back to Mondstadt to report to Jean. They find a masked woman talking to Jean and suggests they kill the dragon to end the problem. Jean dismisses the woman, stating that she has no respect as she knows who Stormterror actually is; Dvalin, one of the Four Winds. Jean then spots the two and explains to them that the woman she spoke to is a Fatui diplomat.

Regarding the dragon situation, the Traveler remembered the gem they found at the forest earlier, hoping the Knights would know what it is. Lisa tries to study it, but it emits harmful energy towards Vision users, so the Traveler puts it back in their pockets. The Traveler knew the reason, but remains silent as Jean grants the title Honorary Knight to them.

Paimon knew there was another presence when they found the gem, and subconsciously identified the boy running in the streets as the same person. Tracking his footprints with their Elemental Sight, the stranger sings the song of "Stormterror", identified as Dvalin, and the reason of his rampage. The stranger, Venti recognizes the Traveler.

The Traveler takes out the gem, but to their surprise, it is purified. Venti then realizes that the Traveler's powers can assist in saving Dvalin but tells them to meet at the place of Mondstadt's Hero, which is the great tree in Windrise. The Traveler arrives at the great tree, but an Eye of the Storm appears and the Traveler is forced to dispatch it first. Venti then explains to the pair that Dvalin is suffering from degradation, which the Abyss Order is taking advantage of. He had tried to cure him earlier, but the Traveler's unexpected arrival ended up poisoning him, although he had recovered by then. Venti then tells them to meet him outside the Favonius Cathedral to get a certain "Holy Lyre der Himmel".

Entering the Cathedral, Venti asks Sister Gotelinde for the lyre, even revealing himself as his true identity Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, but Gotelinde is not amused and believes he is insane. Venti then suggests the Traveler ask for it, which they do, but Gotelinde tells them that they need papers signed from Jean and the Seneschal and Community Representative to do so, but because they don't have those papers, she does not allow them to take it either.

The Traveler waits for the guards around the area to drop before sneaking into the vaults to take the lyre. Before they can do so, a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage warps in and takes the lyre, just as a guard enters and spots them. Venti is relaxing outside when he hears Paimon screaming, telling him that they've been busted and need to run. Venti creates wind currents that drop them off near the Angel's Share, where he enters and tells a red-haired man to give them their least conspicuous table. The man is curious but agrees to their request; shortly after, two Knights appear and ask Diluc if he knows where the suspects went; he puts them on a false direction.

With the Knights gone, Diluc then orders them down to ask what they were doing. Venti introduces the Traveler to Diluc, who recognizes them as the Honorary Knight, calling it a shame they joined. Venti gives a performance to explain the situation to Diluc, who agrees to help them by organizing his contacts and telling them to meet the following night.

The following night, the pair find that Diluc has contacted Jean; both groups are surprised, but Diluc explains that the Jean before them is just a normal Jean, and not the Acting Grand Master. Jean tells them that she is doing this in private because she has few options as the Acting Grand Master. Likewise, she believes their cause as she is aware of Dvalin's past. Diluc, having managed to interrogate some Fatui beforehand, tells them that the lyre is not in the Goth Grand Hotel, but in a stronghold outside the city premises.

The party manages to acquire the lyre after defeating several enemies, but not before a Fatui Agents threatens that Signora will end them. The lyre is in relatively poor shape however, so they acquire more Teardrop Crystals and purify them to fully restore the lyre. They then head to Starsnatch Cliff to summon Dvalin and purify him, but an Abyss Mage appears and convinces him otherwise, resulting in Dvalin flying away and the lyre being completely broken.

Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom

Diluc brings some information regarding the Abyss Order to the group, having encountered and slain one of their operatives before. Venti explains that although he is one of The Seven, his long absences have led him to become the weakest of the group, hence why he needs to rely on his people's help.

Diluc informs the group that his people have tracked the mage down at the winery. After killing it, they note that it dissipated some special energy in the process. Venti realizes that this energy was what had been severing his connection to Dvalin, who has since resided in some ancient ruins. The energy also allowed him to understand the magic powering the barrier sealing the ruins, and he can dispel it. Jean believes that they will need to kill Dvalin in order to bring peace, but Venti states that they can still achieve their original goal due to the Traveler's ability to purify the Teardrop Crystal.

Arriving outside Stormterror's Lair, they are attacked by a group of Hilichurls. They manage to repel their attackers, with Jean and Venti noting that hilichurls generally avoid elemental areas. Diluc states that the Abyss Order is manipulating them in an attempt to stall, but it will not be enough as Venti dispels the barrier.

As they navigate the lair and reach the top, Venti realizes they can't get any further, as the ruins are actually part of old Mondstadt, when the Anemo Archon at the time was a tyrant. He refuses to divulge more on the story for the time being. The group note that there is a light actuator and activate it after some struggle. Venti hopes that they can bring Dvalin back to his senses, as he has the freedom to choose whether or not to protect Mondstadt, and that its people never betrayed him in the first place. He then uses his powers to imbue the power with Anemo energy.

The Traveler catches up to Dvalin and manages to purge him of the corrupted energy placed by the Abyss Order. Dvalin saves the group, asking Venti why he did not ask him for his protection. Venti states that while he didn't want him to listen to the Abyss Order, he did not necessarily want him to obey Venti, either, and that if he had ordered him to act free, it wouldn't be true freedom. Dvalin then flies off, reassured that no one is after him. Meanwhile, Jean clears the misunderstanding between the people and Dvalin, who they believed came out of nowhere to attack and disappeared just as quickly.

Returning to the city, they are greeted by Amber, who reveals that while they were dealing with Dvalin, she and the other knights repelled a coordinated hilichurl attack on the city. She wondered where Kaeya had gone during the attack, and she tells them to meet up with her at Good Hunter. At the tavern, they find Kaeya, who tells them that he was suspicious of the attack and remained in the city while everyone else was fighting, intercepting a group of Abyss Order infiltrators and bested them. He learned from them that they are united under a single leader. Spotting Amber arriving, he takes his leave, aware that she is still angry at him for apparently abandoning the knights for a drink.

Amber is upset at Kaeya's supposed lack of work ethics, before asking the Traveler what they intend to do. Paimon tells her that they'll be travelling to meet The Seven, so Amber wishes them luck on their journey, as they will always be welcome in Mondstadt. After eating, she remembers that Jean asked for their presence at the Cathedral regarding the Holy Lyre der Himmel.

Making their way to the Cathedral, they find Venti and Jean waiting for them. Jean introduces them to Barbara, the deaconess of the church, who asks for the lyre. The Traveler gives her a damaged lyre, much to her panic. Venti sighs and repairs the lyre, before Barbara takes it and runs off, intending to never let it out of her sights again. Venti chuckles and states that he simply used some magic to make it look as if it was fixed and runs off. The Traveler pursues him outside, upon which a gust of cold air freezes Venti and Paimon, sending the latter flying away.

Two Fatui Agents appear and restrain the Traveler, while a lady and two Fatui Cicin Electro Mages walk in on the scene. The woman calls Venti a "rodent ruler" and continues to taunt Venti; he in turn returns the favor, enraging her and she plunges her arm into his chest, ripping out his Gnosis. Signora then orders her subordinates to quickly flee the scene before the Knights can arrive; one of the two agents backhands the Traveler, knocking them out cold.

The Traveler comes to sometime later, where Barbara had found the two. Venti came to first, but her healing had no effect on him, and he abruptly left. Jean appears to understand his intentions, but the Traveler decides to keep quiet for her sake. Arriving at Windrise, the pair find Venti at the great tree and inquire about the Gnosis. Venti, albeit reluctant, explains to them what the Gnosis is. He also explains that the lady that attacked them is Signora, eighth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, people who have been given greater powers by the Tsaritsa. Paimon realizes that the Tsaritsa is also one of The Seven who the Traveler is looking for.

Venti then explains about the Tsaritsa, stating that although current Seven usually don't get along well, they had still respected each other. He is still surprised by the Tsaritsa's actions, but remarks that a "certain catastrophe" five hundred years ago severed their relationships completely. Venti suggests that they head to Liyue to speak with the Geo Archon, stating that he comes down once every year during the Rite of Descension to determine how the nation will progress. He urges them to head there immediately or they will have to wait another year for the next rite if they miss the Geo Archon.


32 Characters appear (or are mentioned) in this Chapter:

Total Rewards

Item Mora.png 187,000 Mora


  • The first Closed Beta Test had some major differences in the Prologue, which were revised for the second Closed Beta Test:
    • The cataclysm occurred 100 years ago rather than 500 years ago. This difference was not adjusted for the citation at the bottom of Breeze Amidst the Forest Supplement: The Dragon Tome, which was written after Dvalin's awakening several months before the Prologue.
    • The Fatui's involvement in the Prologue was largely nonexistent and they are only mentioned by other characters.
      • At the start of Act II, the Traveler goes directly to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters to meet up with Jean, Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber, and learns about the Fatui delegation putting pressure about the Stormterror situation. This section was rewritten to have the Traveler encounter Jean in the middle of a terse discussion with a Fatui diplomat, before returning to the Knights' Headquarters to talk to Jean and Lisa.
      • The Fatui do not steal the Holy Lyre der Himmel. After the Traveler is forced to flee after being caught trying to steal the Lyre, Jean helps the party borrow it with official permission, with Barbara as the intermediary for the Church.
      • Act III ends with Venti and the Traveler running out of the Church; Signora's ambush and the events following it do not occur.
    • When confronting Dvalin at the end of Act II, while the cutscene pans out the same way as it does in the final version, the conversation itself is different.


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