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Processing is a Crafting Method used to transform Cooking Ingredients into other desirable Cooking Ingredients.


Processing UI

Processing an ingredient requires a certain amount of materials and time to complete. Which materials, and how long, depends on the item(s) a player is trying to process. Each material can only have 99 processing each at the same time (for example, 99 Flour and 99 Cream). One should be cautious as once started, processing cannot be cancelled and thus the materials are unreturnable.

List of Processed Items

Processing can be used to create 13 Cooking Ingredients:

Icon Name Rarity Minutes to Process
Item Bacon.png Bacon 3 Stars 15
Item Butter.png Butter 2 Stars 5
Item Cheese.png Cheese 3 Stars 10
Item Crab Roe.png Crab Roe 3 Stars 20
Item Cream.png Cream 2 Stars 3
Item Fish.png Fish 1 Star 1 / 2 / 3
Item Flour.png Flour 1 Star 1
Item Ham.png Ham 2 Stars 5
Item Jam.png Jam 3 Stars 10
Item Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 1 Star 1
Item Sausage.png Sausage 3 Stars 20
Item Smoked Fowl.png Smoked Fowl 2 Stars 5
Item Sugar.png Sugar 2 Stars 3

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