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The Primo Geovishap is a Normal Boss in Genshin Impact and a larger version of the mature Geovishap.

It can be found in Tianqiu Valley, Liyue. It can absorb different kinds of elemental power to unleash a Primordial Shower infused with either Hydro, Pyro, Cryo or Electro.

When defeated, the player must consume 40 Original Resin to claim its drops, which consists of Artifacts and Character Ascension Material for various Liyue-affiliated Characters.


After many years, the awesomely powerful Ancient Geovishaps grow accustomed to changes in their elemental environment.
Folktales hold that after the great "draconic calamity that led to the ruination of Tianqiu Valley, the overlord of the Geovishaps and Primo Geovishaps was imprisoned deep beneath the earth, and so too did they burrow into deep and unseen places, awaiting their chance to rise once more...

Version 1.3 Special Program


Other than Prithiva Topaz Geo, the possible Ascension Gems obtained depend on the Element the Primo Geovishap is infused with. Primo Geovishap offers the following Artifact Sets.

Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

Rewards and difficulty increase with Adventure Rank (AR).

Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
0 36 200 3,450 30 Juvenile JadePrithiva Topaz SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverShivada Jade SliverAgnidus Agate SliverVarunada Lazurite Sliver 2–3
1 37 200 3,450 30 2–3
2 41 200 3,650 30 Previous Rewards +
Prithiva Topaz FragmentVajrada Amethyst FragmentShivada Jade FragmentAgnidus Agate FragmentVarunada Lazurite Fragment
3 50 200 3,850 35 3–4 0–1
4 62 200 4,125 35 Previous Rewards +
Prithiva Topaz ChunkVajrada Amethyst ChunkShivada Jade ChunkAgnidus Agate ChunkVarunada Lazurite Chunk
3–4 0–1
5 72 200 4,450 40 2–3 1–2 0–1
6 83 200 4,725 40 Previous Rewards +
Prithiva Topaz GemstoneVajrada Amethyst GemstoneShivada Jade GemstoneAgnidus Agate GemstoneVarunada Lazurite Gemstone
2–3 1–2 0–1
7 91 200 5,200 45 2–3 1–2 0–1
8 93 200 6,000 45 2–3 1–2 1

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team

Abilities and Attacks

The Primo Geovishap is always encountered in an idle state in one of the four elements; Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro. This additional element is indicated by the color of the scales on it.

Elemental-Infused Stones: Certain attacks will produce stones that detonate after a few seconds delay, dealing elemental damage of the currently infused element. Although the stones themselves, when created, deal no damage, the explosion(s) that occur do deal damage. Each element has different effects on the stones:

  • Pyro-Infused Stones: Leaves a large pool of lava in its wake for a while, dealing continuous Pyro damage to characters in the affected area.
  • Hydro-Infused Stones: Cause seven small eruptions that deal Hydro damage. Each eruption occurs close to the stone's original position.
  • Cryo-Infused Stones: Generates a ring of ice spikes that start from the center of the stone and propagate (up to 3 times) outward, dealing Cryo damage within a moderate area.
  • Electro-Infused Stones: Explodes in an X-like pattern, dealing Electro damage.

Punch: Quickly punches at the player.

Whirlwind: Looks behind itself, then performs a quick spinning attack. This attack is heavily prioritized if any players are behind the Primo Geovishap.

Slash: Claws in front of itself once.

Combo Slash: Attack forward twice, and ends with a slam towards the player.

Burrow: Targets outside Primo Geovishap's melee reach will cause it to submerge underground and dig towards the enemy, creating Elemental-Infused Stones as it travels. It will also damage characters on contact as it bores through the ground. Upon reaching its destination, it resurfaces and performs a slam.

Scattered Rocks: Raises up its tail and scatter a number of rune-covered rocks around the arena that will explode after a short while, dealing the current type of infused elemental. The attack itself does no damage.

Elemental Breath: Unleash a breath of pure elemental power, whilst arcing the attack in a cone-like area in front of itself, dealing heavy elemental damage of the currently infused element.

Primeval Spring: Spawns a barrage of Elemental-Infused stones around itself. The attack itself deals no damage and can only be used once Primo Geovishap reaches critical health (Approximately less than 10% Max HP).

Primordial Shower: Unleashes a blast of pure elemental power in a huge AoE around it, dealing immense elemental damage of the currently infused element. Primordial Shower will not be performed once Primo Geovishap reaches critical health (Approximately less than 10% Max HP) and will instead perform Primeval Spring.


When entering the Primo Geovishap's arena, it will be asleep. The Geovishap is also automatically imbued with one of the four elements - Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro, which is marked on its scales and various lines on its body. It will take reduced damage when it detects the player or is attacked first, which is lifted once it finishes its waking animation. Before fighting the boss, it is recommended to bring a character who can generate Shields, although Geo shielders like Noelle and Zhongli are encouraged since Geo shields can absorb all of the Primordial Shower attack variants with ease.

While the Primo Geovishap has four times as much health compared to a Regisvine or Hypostasis, this is mostly obsolete due to its Primoridal Shower attack, which removes large chunks of health when blocked. The Primo Geovishap deals two types of elemental damage — Geo as its standard attacks, and the other element as its elemental attacks.

The Primo Geovishap has a variety of attacks at its disposal that is used based on the player's distance and position from it. As players will be fighting the boss up close, it will only perform an array of melee attacks, most of which can be taken with a shield or easily dashed.

When the Primo Geovishap performs its Primordial Shower attack, the game will advise the player to quickly generate a shield to block the incoming attack. When the attack connects with the shield, it will rebound a massive amount of damage back onto the Primo Geovishap. Once it falls below 10% health however, it will replace it for the Primeval Spring attack; however, this attack can be ignored since the shots are fired erratically and have very low AoE.

Farming Strategy: The Primo Geovishap drops ascension stones of its elemental infusion, as well as Geo stones, so if you want a particular ascension stone element, you can wait for the boss's element to be the right one.

  • The Boss's element will change at server reset, or when it respawns after being defeated, so you can kill the boss without collecting rewards and repeat until it has the desired infusion.

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Change History

Released in Version 1.3